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Chapter 22


By Authoress Promise




Ivan Mario


The cops took me to their station, they forbid Adrianne for doming along with me. Adrianne kept on crying when the cops we’re m taking me away, and that hurts me. I hope she isn’t in love with me. She shouldn’t, if not her life will be ruined.

How can we be together when am behind bars.


I confess everything to the inspector, deliberately not disclosing the rest gang.


How long have you been into this crime ” the inspector enquired looking at me with blankexpression.


For as long as I can remember, eleven years of robbery ” I admitted soberly and he jotted the words on hisnote.


How many of you are into this coz one ma’ can’t commit a robbery crime ” he said looking into myeyes.


Am doing this alone, I’ve no one. Eleven years ago, I was with team. I was fifteen back then, but he died when I was nineteen and before his death, he made me the leader of the rest gang, but the rest gang were not okay with it, so they cast me away from the group. I struggle on my own to, live under abandon places and I could gather any teams, so I just rob alone and I was clever, that why I didn’t get caught ” I said, I cook up some part in other for him not to suspect I’ve agang.


He sighed as he jotted down the last words.


Mr Ivan Mario, though I sympathize for the pathetic life you lived because of Mr Albert Eduardo, I have no choice than arrest you because, you’ve been committing crimes, going against the law. Only the court can have mercy on you and made you face lesser punishment that is if you’ve a good lawyer ” hesaid


Am ready for anything ” I said , he brought at the handcuff and stood up, I stood up and stretch my handsforward.


He was about opening the door of his office got opened and a cop emerging. ” Sir Mr Alexis Markus request to see you ” he announce.

Let him in ” hereplied.


He handcuffed me and waited for the man to come in.


Hello inspector Bryan ” the man said from behind me. I twirled and saw him,my brother, our eyesmet.


Mr Alexis what brought you here ” the cops said. ” Ivan, it really you ” he rushed to hugme.

Oscar ” I mutter, holding backtears.


Yeah, is me ” he sob, cupping my face in hisarm.


whoa, You two know each other ” the inspector exclaimed insurprise.


Yeah, he’s my brother, that I just set my eyes on after eleven years. I just sawhim in the news and rushed here ” he saidwoefully.


What did he do, why are you handcuffing him” he ask and I bow my head, forthe first time am feelingashamed.


This is so disheartening, but Mr Alexis, in as much am a friend to you the ball isn’t in my hands, I wish I can help your brother, but the judgment is not in my hands. Your brother have commit crimes. Only the court will save him. I’ll “the cop replied.


. Alexis


I wonder what crime Ivan as commit. Hope he wasn’t involve in homicide like the son of a bitch. If so, it won’t make any difference. I waited curiously and anxiously for the inspector to spill it all out.


Your brother is involve in robbery crime ” heinform.


oh Ivan, I don’t blame you for this, some of this is my fault, I couldn’t even search for you before living for England ” I lamented diverting my gaze back tohim.


brother, please don’t blame yourself. I choose this part, just because I wantget revenge. But to defend it all, I had no choice than to take it. No one to turn to,I


was broken and couldn’t never been fix. I carried this burden for years ” I said my voice was being to quaked.


I can’t cry am not a man of tears . But Oscar is the opposite, he let his pain consume him and the tears just follow freely.


I’ll make sure you get a good lawyer, that I promise you” he sworn. I just manage to flick asmile.

At least brother, we have seen each other am happy about that, I’ve defected the man who destroy our lives ” Isaid.


Yeah, Ivan that what I was going to do. I had plans before to ruin the vilebastard

. But you did a great job ” i replied solemnly.


But brother why do you go with name Alexis Markus ” I enquired. The inspector made a coughingsounds.

You both can catch up later, but now I need to do my job ” the inspectorinform.


I’ll explain to you later ” i said and embrace him once more before they tookhim away.




Your brothes are alive” Adrianne saidsurprisedly.


Adrianne came to visit me, one hour before Oscar left. I was taking to a room to see her.


Yeah, Osacr is alive, don’t know of Leonrdo yet ” Ireplied. “I knew ever since, before all this mess came” I blurtedout.


Why didn’t you tell me” she said staring at my eye balls. Okay that eyes sent some quiver than myspine.


Was I suppose to ” I said slowly without diverting my gaze from her enchanting eyes.


no, not that, guess no time ” shestuttered.




I want him to know how I feel about him. I also feel the same. Am in love with him. I just realize that today, when the cops took him away.


“Ivan there is something I wanna tell you ” I said, my voice was like a whisper now.


Yeah, go on ” he said. ” I……..

Time up ” a cop came toinform.


I just sadden my face and rush to embrace him. ” It okay, Adrianne ” he patted my back.

I stood there with my quaking heart, watching the cop taking him away.






The court hearing will be at same day with Albert Eduardo that is tomorrow.. I’ve to arrange a good lawyer as soon as possible, well it not hard, I knew many lawyers, but none is good as attorney Miguel.


I meet Attorney Miguel today, a reliable and good attorney who’s best at what he does, he had won many cases here in mexico. He agreed to take the case , not because of the money I offer to pay, but because he was touched by the ordeals.








Someone is here to see you ” a cops came to inform me as he open the lockcells.


I wonder who want to see me. Is it my wife,or that bastard Ivan , maybe the useless daughter, but what of if it Alexis. I hope he is the one, so I can make him arrange on how I will get out of here.


The cop lead me to the room and I was surprise to see a strange man, who is he. I pore harder and my face went white. Is he Osacr Mario, no it can’t be. I had him killed along with his brother Leonardo eleven years ago.




Hello Albert, guess you’re shock to see me here. And I hope you recognizeme with my real identity ” he said, chuckling softly.


I was confused, what real identity is he talking about.


Guess your brain can’t figure out anything bastard, I’m Alexis Markus, your partner ” istern.


Ho… how, how ” hestuttered.


I chuckled softly and look at him mockingly.


It possible because of Face Mask, making a duplicate mask of another human face and wearing it, that what I did , son of a bitch. I came to you alwayswearing


mask, so you can never recognize me. I came back for revenge. I was glad that our company merge and that was when I start planning to get you down” I boosted.


So that fraud company was forge by you. Now I get it ” hesaid.


yeah, but your least worry should be on how many years will you spend here in jail coz the evil you did in that past as gone viral. How long do you think, youwill enjoy my father’s wealth after you destroy is home. Bastard I feel like strangling you. But the law isn’t in my hands. I hope you get a life sentence for the evil you commit” I blurted out, feelingenrage.


Albert Eduardo laugh out, showing his crooked teeth and he gave me a sinister look.


It’s not over yet ” heretorted.


We’ll see about that ” I fired, with a grimaceexpression.








The court as commence, Adrianne, her mum, my brother and all my gangs too. I was suprsie to see them. I hope they won’t feel pitiful for me and try disclose their identities, I wanna face this alone.


So much the evidence is been represented, this procedure of Mr Albert Edaurdo will not take long, I’ll give my judgment immediately ” the judgedeclared.


Mr Albert Eduardo, you’ve involve in a homicide crime, and you will sure be prosecuted ” the judgestated.


Mr Albert Eduardo, the video evidence presented to the court proves you’re gulit, I hereby sentence you to sixty_years in prison, with hard labour and a documentof


transfer of property will be given to you and you’re going to transfer all the properties you’ve stolen to the Mario’s ” the judge declared.


Well, it’s easy and not hard as I thought, every evidence was in the court now.


It was my turn


Attorney miguel you can now start ” the judge said to him. I stood at thestand.

So Mr Ivan Mario, tell us how you became a robber ” hedemanded


I sighed deeply and started narrated from how Albert Eduardo boosted about killing my father and how I ran away, the part I joined my first gang, and how my boss died and how they threw me away, and i lied about been a single gang and how I had abducted Adrianne coz of my revenge.


Sir you listen to this, how Mr Albert Eduardo ruined my client’s life, making him have no choice to become a thug. ” the attorney said to thejudge.


objection my lord” the other attorneyinterrupted.


Yes Attorney Raul, you can speak ” the judgesaid.


He as rob many places for the past eleven years, it can’t justify the crimeshe committed, he should be punished ” hesaid.


Objection my lord ” attorney Miguel chippedin.




Because you confessed to all your deeds and your life was ruined, the law will show mercy on you, but you will face trials ” the judgesaid.


I averted my gaze at Adrianne who look like she will soon jump out of her chair and then I diverted my gaze to my gang. Juan had a sad expression, Marina was


almost crying. Aimee with tears in her eyes cuddle Marco and his expression was blank, Diego had is head bow down.


I sighed.


“Ivan Mario, for the crime you commit, you’re sentence to……..




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