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“Yes,she’s perfectly healthy but needs to be watched for now”the doctor continued saying buthe might as well have been talking to thin air because none of the people he was talking to was listening tohim

Everyone one watching the tiny infant in the incubator had tears glistening in their eyes Finally,she was here at seven months



Although, they longed to hold her,caress,and give her all the love that the as due to her but not yet Sarah Madeline overton had come into the world a bit too early and need to be watched

Alison sagged against Dennis as they all went out

of the room where the incubator was kept

She was very weak from the operation,coupledwith the worry and stress from worrying about Sarah She seriously regretted her carelessness by not checking her car but all the same, she was grateful her daughter’s life wassaved

Dennis had not told her someone deliberately cut her brakes

He was afraid she would not be able to take it and indeed she would

The thought of anyone trying to kill her was enough to make her go into hiding

But he wasn’t afraid

The thought alone merely increased his anger and his determination to catch the bastard

Matt and the PI had taken cautious steps to catch the criminal and they were very sure it was someone close to Alison

Perhaps a friend turned enemy

Whoever it was will surely dance to the same music His phone rang and the door to Alison’s room opened at the same time

He was grateful for the doctor who came on to give Alison her shots because he can them evacuate the room and take the call which was from Matt



“I’ll give her some shots now”the doctor said,his voice muffled by the mask he wore over his face”it will help you relax,miss kent”

Dennis wondered at the mask but he was anxious to pick the call and left the room

“Yes”he said when he had gotten to a considerable distance

“We got the footage from the CCTV in Alison’s

driveway”mart answered” and man…its very bad but the investigator thinks we can get the person in two hours”

“Alright, do whatever you can”he said”and get back to me anytime you get the chance”

He ended the call and went back to the room only to find it empty

In horror and fear,he rushed into the room and scrutinized every inch of it


Then it clicked The mask

The strange voice Then the shots

“Shit!”he swore violently

His fiancee had been kidnapped right under his nose


Josh was watching from the rearview mirror and when the man wearing a white coat like a doctor’s and a face mask came out of the hospital rolling a wheelchair in front of him with an obviously unconscious Alison he came out of the car and



helped the man put Alison in it,calmly,like it was their everyday job

They entered and drove away

Immediately the henchman took off his coat and mask

“Damn”he said,grinning”that was not so bad” “Yes who would have thought it would be soeasy to kidnap someone”josh said as he glanced at Alison’s face”are you Sure you got the dosage right?”

“Yep”the henchman replied”I gave her two shots.that will knock her out for 24hoursstraight” Josh nodded in satisfaction and picked up his phone

Need to tell Mitchell the good news.she picked on

the third ring “What?”she snarled

What a royal bitch,josh mused

“Got the job done”he said”Alison’s with us now” “Oh is that so?”Mitchell said,her tone taking on a sweet tone which made josh rolled his eyes “Yes”he continued”would you have the honour of finishing the job?”

“With pleasure”Mitchell answered delightedly”let’s meet at the arranged place and josh dear?” “What?”

” I hope I won’t be disappointed” Josh smiled as he hung up

Of course you won’t be disappointed, he thought TBC


Our lady has been kidnapped



A bit of carelessness on our boy,Dennis’s, part Anyway what happens next?

Find out in the next episode

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