Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


A single push from Dennis made josh to drop his hand from Alison’s arm

He laughed harshly as Dennis placed an arm

protectively around her

“You are barking up the wrong tree,overton”he said”the woman’s taking and you re a sore loser.That bitch ain’t gonna get away with this too” “That does it”Dennis said calmly and he drove his fist into Josh’s stomach and the man crumpled like paper

“Stop!”Alison screamed as she grabbed dennis arm Dennis remained silent as he took her hand andled her our of the garden straight to thecar

Celebration be damned,he wanted to get heraway from josh as quick aspossible

Alison glanced worriedly at dennis from time to time

as they drove to her home,



He seemed really angry and it was all her fault Of course Dennis must have heard their conversation and Knew she was pregnant Why didn’t she tell him about the pregnancy sooner?

And now it all came to light in a very unpleasant way

They stopped outside her house and alison quickly

came out herself before Denni could get round to her side of the car

“Listen dennis”she began hurriedly”I’m so sorry…” “Why didn’t you tell me alison?”he said with a pained look in his eyes and Alison wanted to cry “I..I…”she stuttered”I was all happened so suddenly…”

“That’s still no reason to not tell me you are carrying Josh Brandon’s child!”


Alison stared at Dennis’s concerned face and realized to her horror what was happening Ohmigod

He thought the baby was Josh’s own

She stared at him in disbelief as he continued talking

“I don’t know if there’s still a chance for me but alison”he said”I would rather die than see you go back to him”

“Me too”Alison said”listen dennis,you got it all wrong..”

“No I dont”dennis interrupted”whatever happens, I’ll be by your side ally.We’ll both take care of thebaby and I’ll treat it likemine”




Alison couldn’t believe this was happening

She made to talk again but she couldn’t because he kissed her


Phew again!

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