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Alison stirred slowly on the bed


It was narrow and she immediately realized she wasn’t in her bedroom.she cast her eyes round and sighting the long transparent tube that disappeared into her arm,concluded she was in QN hospital How?


The last thing she remembered…..


A great sadness welled in her as she remembered why she was so depressed in the first place


She started crying,softly,with her eyes closed What had she done to deserve all this?


She had never felt so miserable in her entire life,not even when josh left her


She continief crying softly even though no one was


in the room with her








Or so she thought Something brushed her face


A hand,wiping her tears away.


Alison slowly opened her eyes and waited for the teary film surrounding her eyes to fade




She stared in shock at the person sitting across from her for a long time,not really believing it butat the same time hoping with all her heart that it was real




He looked the worse for wear and there weardark circles under his eyes but it did nothing to mar his beauty


Alison had never seen anything do beautiful


She tried to speak,to apologize all over again,to tell him how much she loved him and would never hurt him again if he could just take her back but somehow she couldn’t


Dennis saw her straining and gently placed a finger


on her lips


“I’m sorry”he said and Alison was shocked at the sadness on his face


What was he sorry for?


She was the liar here,the devil,the one who could not be trusted but here was Dennis apologizing


“I never should have left you,ally,I see that now”he was still saying”I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to you or the baby.” Join Newtons Library story group for exciting stories. Chat with me on +2348089122029 to be added


A pause








“Our baby” Our baby


That was what he said


A great joy welled up in Alison an she struggledto seat up despite the silent protest from Dennis,and hugged himtight


“Oh Dennis”she gasped breathlessly, wondering why she was so weak


Well,how could she not be weak when she had not tasted anything edible for the past few days coupled with the medication she had been underall day


“I’ll never hurt you,I promise”she said weakly and dennis slowly laid her back on the bed”I…I..will always love you and our child.forgive me please”


Dennis eyes shone with unshed tears


“You mean we’ll never hurt each other again”he said”and we’ll love our child together,because my love,I’ll always be at your side”


Alison smiled joyfully but weakly


Happily she allowed her eyes lids to drift close in sweet sleep,Dennis clutching her hand by her side God,please don’t take away this happiness from her




Mitchell slowly closed the door to room 2b where Alison was hospitalized


So that was it ehh?


The baby was actually Dennis’s just like she predicted


That stupid fool,josh was wrong after all and after


seeing and hearing all those conversations of love








between Dennis and Alison,her plans would have to change.


Mitchell couldn’t see why she should bother herself


with josh anymore


The stupid fool was drowning himself in alchohol and that was fitting for him


She wanted Dennis now


She wanted that man with such unwavering loyalty and love


If Alison can get him with such drab looks,she


doesn’t see why she can’t, queen of seduction that she is


And of she doesn’t get him,she’d destroy him and


everything he loves


Her fingers and toes tingled as she felt her old powers returning


Powers of seduction


It was going to be so much fun hurting Alison again and after all,she had nothing to lose




*** Phew


My people,Im here again too


Seems like another mad person is on the lose again


Someone should help us bring rope so we can tie



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