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“You can cook?”Alison asked in amazement ad she watched Dennis preparing what she hoped will be extremely magnificent


And delicious too


She had been discharged from the hospital the day before and Dennis refused to let her out of hissight even for amoment


He had insisted on taking her home and nursing her to proper health to which her family and her included gave their wholehearted approval Although she wasn’t used to being treated like a queen,Alison enjoyed herself immensely when Dennis massaged her hands,fed her,took her shopping and made sure she did nothing


There were maids around the house which itself


could have been described as theBuckingham palace but Dennis did everything himself tothe delight ofAlison


Now they were both alone in the kitchen while she watched him prepare what he insisted would be good for her in her condition


It made her want to be pregnant forever


“Yes I cook”Dennis said to answer her earlier question as he stirred a mix of vegetables andmeat on the fire”when I stayed in Italy for a year,there was practically nothing I love more than cooking and learning how tocook”


“You stayed in italy?”


“My grandparents came from there”Dennis replied “Cool”Alison said”well,I can cook but nothing spectacular, just the basics”








“You thankful you met a great man like me”Dennis said,winking at her


“PFF..what great m…”she stopped and gasped


suddenly making Dennis rush to her


“Are you OK?”he asked worriedly and watched as her face widened in a huge grin


“The baby kicked”she said,smiling widely”the baby kicked,Dennis, can you believe it?!”


Dennis nodded,although the mere thought was making him lightheaded with joy


Knowing his child was growing in Alison was the best thing that ever happened to him


He held the slightly protruded stomach and kissed it


to the delight of Alison “Yes,I can believe it”


A while later,after the meal,which was as expected, delicious,Alison walked into the bedroom and was surprised to see it empty


Where was he?


She walked to his study and saw him fiddling with something




He turned sharply and she saw he had something in his hands


“Oh shit”he said quietly and smiled as he saw her face register with surprise when she saw the ring in his hand


“Dennis?”she called again tentatively this time and Dennis stretched his hand and drew her to him Carefully he sat her down on his lap as he took his seat also








She was still staring at the ring which was lying on black velvet and there were markings on the side of the little box


“It was my grandmother’s”David was explaining as he took the little gold ring with a huge diamond at the tip”she was one of the most beautiful woman I knew and I’m sure she would want a beautiful woman to wear her ring too”




Dennis was going to propose to her


“Do you,Alison kent,run away bride,stealer of this Playboy’s heart…”


Alison laughed lightly inspire of the tears filling her




“Take Dennis overton,playboy turned father,lover of this beautiful mother of his child,as her lovely wedded husband?”


Alison gulped back her tears and answered “I do”


Dennis slowly slipped the ring on her finger and


kissed it


“Good”he continued”and if the reverend asks the same question,what will be your answer?”


Alison laughed joyfully as Dennis picked her up in his arms effortlessly and she knew that’s exactly where she ought to be


“I do” TBC


I can hear the wedding bells can you? Our baby mama is getting married How do you like this chapter guys?

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