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“I’m really sorry,Mr overton”the doctor repeated again”there really isn’t much we can do except that.we’ve got no time and she’s not awake yet” Dennis ran his hand through his hair which was already sticking up in several places for the millionth time

He looked gaunt and his eyes were dark rimmed He hasn’t had a good sleep or meal since the day he received the call from the paramedic that Alison had had an accident

“We’ve to do this Dennis”Mrs kent said”I can’t lose my daughter and grandchild at the same time” “Yes,if we continue to waste time,both the babyand the mother’s life would be indanger”

“Fine”Dennis said raspily”do theoperation” His beautiful baby was going to be born prematurely now in order for it tolive



Dennis turned and rammed he fist into the wall behind him as he watch the doctor hurry to carry out his duty

He looked at the others at the hospital Tonia,Julie and Mrs lent were huddled together, praying and comforting

Why on earth did she have an accident now? Dennis was scared out of his wits when the call came through that Alison’s car had been found in aditch and Alison herself unconscious and bleeding “Mr overton?”

He turned sharply and came face to face with the PI(private investigator)he had hired

He quietly ushered the man from the reception room to avoid the family hearing them,and into the cafeteria

“Go on”he ordered

“Well,its very strange,Mr overton”the man continued”but I must say its very’s the report from the mechanic who inspected your fiancee’s car”

Dennis was silent as he read the report It was just as he suspected

“That car was tampered with,sir”the PI continued”and the person did a very bad job,left a lot of tracks”

“Tracks that will lead to his downfall”Dennissaid through grittedteeth

Someone wanted to kill his Alison Deliberately messed with thebrakes,with murderousintention

But who?



Doesn’t matter who,Dennis thought,whomever it was would be served with the same punishment


Twang!, twang!!

Twin slaps landed on josh’s face,singing both sides of his face then numbing them

“She’s still alive?!!”Mitchell screamed in outrage”she was supposed to be completely annihilated, she and the bastard in her stomach,but SHE’S STILL ALIVE?!!”

Josh was still quiet but he was boiling with rage inside

How on earth did he Get in this situation?

He knew how

Somehow,Mitchell had gotten wind of the slush find had created while working for overton enterprises and it using it to threaten him

He had no choice but to do as she wants unless he’s ruined

He watched as Mitchell stormed round the

apartment with narrowed eyes

He had underestimated her bit he was not a man to be trifled with too

Mitchell stopped pacing and glared at him

Slowly the frown on her face turned to a smile,but malicious anger still glittered in her eye

“Now dear,why do you make me do this to you?”she asked”I try to overlook your stupidity but it’s really not working”

Josh kept quiet



He had been doing that for some time now,just being quiet, not saying a word to the delight of Mitchell who wanted someone she could control “Now our dear Alison is in the hospital,not dead as we hoped,thanks to you”she continued”now how about we correct your little error and make her dead”

Josh was still silent

Mitchell walked up to him and held his hand affectionately

Suddenly she kicked his balls which made josh cry out in pain


“Good,I’ll take that as answer”Mitchell said as she grabbed her purse and jacket”and use someone with brains this time,since you’ve apparently got none”

With that she walked out leaving josh in agony TBC


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