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The smile dissipated immediately she turnedto facejosh

“Leave”she ordered”now”

“I would do that”the obnoxious man said andbegan to straighten his suit jacket”right after I drop this” He placed a filed document on Tonia’s desk which earned him a glare fromher

Alison reluctantly took the document from the desk and read the contents in growing disbelief



“You are suing for your paternity rights?!”sheasked incredulously”I told you the baby isn’t yours!” “Prove it”josh smirked”if its not mine then whose child is it?I don’t think you are that much of a slut to sleep around right after we broke up,are you ally?” “Who I sleep with is none of your business”ally said,her anger increasing by the minute”the baby isn’t yours period.leave my office atonce!”

Josh smiled and Tonia’s fingers itched to slap him “Girl,let’s just shove him out”she offered and Alison was tempted to agree with her

Josh had gone too far

“Not without telling me who the father of yourchild is apart from me”he said,in a goading tone”whose isit,ally?Dennis?”

“Alison fought her anger and lost The next minute she was yelling

“Yes!Dennis is the father of my child!”she

yelled”and he’s a much better man than you!” She heard Tonia gasp loudly and she saw josh’s face turn white with shock and anger

Well,she had expected that

But what she hadn’t expected was Dennis’s voice behind her

“I beg your pardon?”

Alison froze with shock,her legs incapable of moving as she wished with all her heart she could take back the words but nope,the deed was done She turned slowly to face him and her heart shattered



A whole range of expressions crossed his face at intervals and Alison was afraid he was going to faint

She tried to reach for him but he stepped back quickly

“Stay away from me”

“Dennis listen..”she swallowed as her voice cracked on the next words”I…I really meant to tell you..”

“You meant to tell me?!”Dennisthundered”that’s my child and you kept it a secret from me?!” “I’msorry ”

Without another word,Dennis turned on his heel and was gone

A minute later,the sound of his engine filled the

air,and the car was gone too

Alison stood,in shock,as the sound of the engine faded into thin air

He had not been happy

He was not pleased with the child

He thought of her as a deceptive woman who was also ungrateful

All he dreams of them together has been shattered

He was would never want her now

She crumpled to the floor and dissolved in a pool of tears




finally it had happened and Dennis isn’t pleased I feel so sad for Alison don’t you?

Well,she should have told him sooner



What happens next? Let’s find out together Keep your seatbelts

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