Tue. Feb 13th, 2024


Alison smiled as she drove to her office after stopping at the hospital

She had to admit,having a baby was really going to

cut into her schedule but at least she was happy doing it

She walked into her office, psst a grinning Tonia

then stopped when she saw the bouquet of roses on her table

She walked slowly over to it,then smiled as she saw the name card


“Lovely,isn’t it?”Tonia said from behind her”it was sent in this morning”

Alison wasn’t surprised dennis was sending her flowers

She was really perfectly willing for him to court her

Well who wouldn’t?

“He brought something else”Tonia said looking a trifle guilty”but I’m afraid that’s all gone”

“What is it?”


“No.. It can’t be…”alison whispered in mock terror”my chocolates!”

Tonia nodded sheepishly then bolted as alison

began chasing her round the office



“Ally,that’s enough”she giggled”you are pregnant!” “So?”alison answered”I think my baby wants a little exercise.Don’t you,you little see monster?”

She cooed while holding her stomach and tonia watched her in amazement,puzzled at the brightness in her eyes

She was really happy

“Well,in truth,I was actually talking about this”Tonia said producing a beautifully decorated card with a flourish and gave it to alison

Alison opened the card and read the message on it,tonia doing the same over her shoulder “Ohmigod”they both whispered in wonder

She had been invited to the overton enterprises mid year gala which holds as a result of the successes the company underwent for half a year

It was a huge and glamorous ceremony and you had to be invited specially to attend

The presence of the governor,aristocrats and more distinguished personnels usually graced the occasion

Alison couldn’t believe she had been invited “Oh alison,you are so lucky”tonia cooed”can I come?”

“Of course”alison said”or I’m not going” This was too unreal

She just hope nothing happens to mar her happiness

She would go and see whatever dennis is planning to do.

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