Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


‘This was no time to be tardy’alison thought as she hurriedly packed her files and grabbed her car keys ready to sail out the door

She had been very busy during the past week ever since she accepted the contract,visiting the new site choosen to build the new factory and all other stuff but that was no reason for Dennis to slacken their romance

The petting and spoiling still continued and seemed to increase as soon as he realized she was now pregnant

She waited for the day she would spill the news to him that the child was actually his and she’shoping he will like thenews

She has no doubt that he would be a greatfather and a loving onetoo

Look how he offered to raise josh’s child as his even if his assumption was wrong

The only cloud on her bright days was Josh Brandon

The idiot obstinately refused to believe the baby

wasn’t his and even went as far as threatening to sue

He was becoming strange, and scared as she was

to admit it,he’s started stalking her too

He seemed to have gone off the deep end after been fired suddenly the day after he harassed alison

Dennis doesn’t know about the stalking.if he had he would have done more than firing josh brandon



She parked her car hurriedly,ready to run in to her office and dump the heavy files on her hand and give Tonia and the rest of her staff some last minute instructions before heading out,then stopped in mid stride as she viewed the scene before her

“Oh for God’s sake!”she spat out in disgust as she saw the tired form of josh Brandon in the visiting area

Josh’s eyes were bloodshot and he looked worse for wear but right now Alison doesn’t give a damn Tonia stood,arms akimbo like a guard dog asshe viewed josh withdisgust

She hated the sight of him after daring to dump her best friend at the altar

“Its OK,Toni,I can handle this”Alison said

“Not a bad idea”Tonia said”but I’ll be glad to help” She smacked her hands together like they were planning to beat him up which made ally smile


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