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Dennis stared in irritation at the man across from him

Josh Brandon had walked into his office that

morning with a smile and a smugness that irritated the hell outta him and continued to

“Forgive my misbehavior the other night,Mr overton”Josh said”I must say I was overwhelmed then.I’m perfectly eager to work with miss Kent on this project”

“She doesn’t wantto”

“Well miss Kent accepted the contract thismorning Mr overton”Josh continued”are you unaware?” Dennis sworesilently

Why the bloody hell did she go ahead and accept the contract after refusing to?

He glanced at the other man who was still talking “I’m sure you must know about us”he was saying”alison was well…she was my fiancée”

He waited for this information go sink then continued as there seem to be no response from his opponent

“I loved her but we kinda had a falling out recently”he said”but I’m willing for to get back with her”

“oh really?”Dennis asked skeptically

“Yes”josh affirmed”so I really wish to work with her on this project and perhaps win her back”

This was all the more reason why he didn’t want

them to work together, dennis thought as he glared at Josh wishing he could transfer him to space Suddenly He started laughing



“Alright,Mr Brandon”he said coldly”you may work with her but keep in mind I also have a vested interest in miss Kent as we speak.Are you willing to compete with me?”

Josh flinched

“Alison is my fiancée”

“Not anymore”dennis uttered”She’s mine now and I do not really like sharing my belongings”

Josh throat worked as he stood up and straightened his suit

“I believe I won’t be seeing you at the gala tonight”dennis voice stopped him and josh smirked Now here was something he could use

“Of course Mr overton”he said sarcastically before walking out the door

Dennis may think Alison loves him but in reality she loves him more

He couldn’t wait to see the arrogant bastard choke

on his words when he claims Alison in front of the entire town tonight


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