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Chapter 27


By Authoress Promise








” Mum ,am gonna inform Mrs Maureen and Fernando about this” I thought frightfully.


That might be dangerous,what of he gets into trouble,just stay put, he toldyou not to ” mum repliedtensely.


“I won’t sit here and watch everything happen, yes he told me to stay put, but I need to go against is will coz lives are involve here, mum” I pointed out warily.


Maybe they will Know what to do” i assured herthoughtfully.


She nodded in affirmation. She as to agree to this I can’t wait here and watch the whole dilemma unfolding, Adrianne and Ivan are in great danger.


I’d try calling them, but Fernando’s line was switch off and Adrianne’s mum’s wasn’t answering.


So I decided to drive down to Adrianne’s home. I got there and alighted hurriedly.



Oh my God, not again my daughter as been abducted again ” Adrianne’s mum said sobbingly and flung down to thefloor.


Thank God, i met Adrianne’s mum and Fernando in the house. I told them everything.


I need to inform the cops and Mr Oscar, so we can track them together ” Fernando suggest and rushed to upstairs to get his phone, Iassumed.


I squat down to meet Mrs Maureen level. I soothing her, I was holding back tears of mine.


I heard Fernando talking on the phone as he descend the stairs. We was inform the cops.





I’d inform the cops and called Oscarimmediately.


I’d move forward to meet mum and urge her to get up. She refuse and waswailing. I know this is hard for her, but she as to bestrong.


Mum, I’ve inform the cops and they will be here very soon and I have also inform Oscar” I saidcoolly.


A smile flick my lip.


Mum, we will surely find Adrianne and Ivan coz I stuck a track device in Ivan’s car ” Isaid.


She lifted her brow in surprise as well as Lorna. They gave me a questionable look.


Not just Ivan’s car, I stuck it in Adrianne’s own, yours as well mum. I did that three days ago. Something in me told me to do that, maybe anything might happen, since dad is unleash. One of us might get missing, so the tracking device might be able to save us from trouble ” Iexplained.


Fern you are such a genius ” Lornaremarked.


Save that for later, for now Adrianne and Ivan are still in danger. Will needOscar and the cops here immediately” I pointed outfirmly.






I got to the Ian’s hospital and alighted with rage still simmered in my vein. I just wanna have this bastard kill.


If it’s the wealth he needs, I’ll give it to him. I’ll get him later. I don’t know how to do that, but that is a big promise to him.


Two men dress as thug came to me, one of them too the transfer paper from me, they directed me in to the hospital.


Welcome Ivan, son of Salvador Mario’s ” Albertgloat.


I had a clenched fist and a clenched jaw. I was fill with rage.


A did both of you search him before letting him in ” he ask the two thugs beside me.


No sir “theyreplied.


Fools, search him if he came with any weapon ” he barked atthem.


no need for that Mr Albert Eduardo, I did not came with weapon, my barehands are enough weapon for me, I’ll strangle you with them ” I grin , showing him my clenchedfists.


He smirked.


Welcome Ivan Mario” I heard a mansay.


I turn to the direction of the voice and saw a man the same age with Albert.


I furrow my brow trying to recall where I knew this man, he looks familiar to me. It was when it hit me , I’ve once saw him with Albert Eduardo years ago, Albert as introduce him to my father in one of our family dinner. But I couldn’t remember his name.


You ” I said, almost in a yellingtone.


Yes me, Pablo Roderick, is my pleasure ” hesmiled.


I should’ve know better. Both of you are into this ” Ifrowned.



Yeah, boy ” he replied with a grin.


Handle over the document boys” Albert said to his men. The one with thepaper went to him and handle over thedocument.


He smiled at the paper.


Can I see Adrianne now ” Iyelled.


Bring the girl ” Albert commanded one of his men. ” The girl ” I wonder in mymind.

He is shameless to call his daughter that, what will I expect from a devil


The men brought Adrianne forward she was tied up. Her eyes, mouth and hands. ” Untie her now ” I order.

They’re my men, I will tell them what and what to do ” Albert fired atme.


He turn to the men who had her and signal to him. He understood and remove the cloth from her eyes first and then her mouth before her legs.


Ivan ” she called with atear.


She rushed to me and we both hug each other. I was almost tempted to rain kisses over her face, but I must be reminded am in a dangerpremises.


Display your love as much as both of you can, coz they will be no more romance when you’re done” Albertstated.


Meaning ” I ask, Adrianne find comfort in my arms. She clutched to myside. ” Meaning am gonna kill both of you ” he explainsinisterly.


You bastard, you got what you f**king want ” Iroared.


Do you think, I’ll let you go, after what all you guys did. Never am not that stupid ” Isaid.


Boys don’t let them pass ” he order hismen.


Now, you wanna kill your own daughter Albert” Pablo ask him insurprise.


Of what use is her to me. She’s useless. Can’t you see, I’ll make other children, am not that old to produce more offspring ” he said to him, more in a whisper, but it was atloud.


You see, even your own accomplice is shock by what you said just now.How could a father want to kill his own child ” I spatout.


Only if the child of mine is useless as her mum and brother. I doubt if she’s even my blood ” he shrug.


Damn it dad, you’re so evil. I hate you very much, hate you and myself for been your daughter. In all my life I’ve tried to please you, but you never see my worth.I never even knew my father was this evil back then. I wish you rot in hell ” Adrianne yelled athim.


That doesn’t make any difference, you’re as still useless, why conspiring with my enemy to bring me down, then you think you’re worth been my daughter ” he said and I stare it with grimaceexpression.


Yes she is not worth being your daughter coz you don’t deserve a daughter like her, you only deserve death. In my life, I’ve never met a vile man like you. You shouldn’t have been born” I spat out disgustedly.


No it you that shouldn’t have been alive. If I had succeeded in killing you and that damn brother of yours eleven years ago. You would’ve been up against me ” he smirked, coming closer with a gun in hishand.


Am gonna kill both of you ” he said, pointing a gun on myhead.



Take her away from him. I’ll kill him first before her ” he order one of his men. Albert was putting on a killerface.


They took Adrianne away for him. He was staring at him as he took Adrianne away and then I need to act fast.


I snatch the gun away from him and pointed it at him. I smiled as he flinched.

Don’t play games with who has been on the game before ” Ismirked.




Ivan snatch the gun away from him. I was happy now, but it faded away when I saw the other man pointing a gun at Ivan, and Ivan don’t notices.


I struggled with the man who held me by biting his hand. He release me and I ran as he fired the bullet. The bullet hit me instead.




Adrianne!!!!! ” I cried as I saw the woman I love been shot. She plunge to the ground , I threw the gun down absentmindedly. I rush to her and pick her in my laps.



Will Adrianne survive,find in the finals.





Love Conquers

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