Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


Josh strolled around his home in joy to the anger of Mitchell

She could not believe what she just heard Alison was pregnant with josh’s baby and the

bastard was planning to leave her and go back to


After all she had done for him

“Babe can you believe it?”josh asked gleefully and made to hug her but she gave him a deafening slap “You bastard”she spat out”after everything I’ve done for you,you still want to dump me?”

Josh rubbed his face and smiled slowly

“Yes,Mitchell, I do”he said”face it,you were just a pastime,a slut who stole her best friend’s fiance. Now I’m going back to her because i can’t do without her”

Mitchell gasped

“Yes dear”josh sneered”now that you know all this,leave my house.I enjoyed our time together,now I’m tired off your sorry ass”

Tears welled up in Mitchell’s eyes and she madeto slap him again but he caught her hand and pushed her awayroughly

Mitchell landed on the floor with a sharp cry



She turned to watch in disbelief as josh left the room

My God.

She had betrayed her best friend,ruined her reputation by eloping with another woman’s fiance only to be treated like trash

She blinked rapidly and tears fell in torrents She had given her all and brought down to the earth like this all because of love

This was all that bitch,Alison’s fault

She thought with bitterness of Alison having Dennis all to herself and now josh was going back to her She had to go and get pregnant and now josh was leaving her

The slut

What if the baby wasn’t josh’s? What if it was Dennis overton’s?

Something clicked in her mind


That was it.

She could very well prove the baby wasn’t josh’s, then get josh back

If she couldn’t she would take drastic measures

and get rid of them all at once She would not go down alone

If she had to,Alison was going down with her

With such determined thoughts of vengeance, Mitchell sanders packed her bags and left josh’s house

She would show them all

That Mitchell Sanders was not to be trifled with TBC

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