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“Can you believe it?”Josh shrieked to Mitchell as the latter ate her potato chips,unconcerned

That was until she heard alison had dinner with the head of overton enterprises

She really didn’t see why josh was shouting until she heard the full story

So Alison’s back and running

“I can’t believe I have to see my exe fiancΓ©e everyday and also get to work with her”Josh railed as he flung his suit in the ground

“You just said she didnt want to work with you!”Mitchell retorted

“Yes but who knows what that bitch cando?”josh snapped”she might just demand to work with me just so she can torture meeveryday”



A minute silence ensued as they both tried to get their bearings


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“How do they know each other?”Mitchell asked and Josh cast her a hateful glare which made her angry “Don’t look at me like that,josh Brandon”she retorted*it’s just a simple question, his the bloody hell do they know each other?”

Josh ignored her completely then walked to his room,making sure to.lock the Door because sure enough,Mitchell followed him and tried to open it “Open the damn door”she elked kicking it hard”josh”

Josh was lost in thoughts

He remembered his boss’s gave and how he looked at Alison and the mere thought if anything transpiring between them made his blood boil This was not how it was supposed to be

He thought she would still be floundering in tearsby now because he knew how much she loved him Yes

She loved him,not like that bitch Mitchell but true love and a bastard like dennis overton wasn’t going to get between them

He chuckled to himself

Dear alison,she must have loved him so much to hook up with a guy just few months after their breakup



Well he was going to get her back and she could just gobon loving him

He would make sure of it


Who else thinks Josh is going mad?

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