Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


Alison ran out of the church to the car park,her wedding dress trailing after her

She headed straight for her car,ignoring her mom and sister,who was trying to catch up with her

She stared in disgust at the decorations on the car

and proceeded to tear everything off Her mom caught her hand

“That’s enough,dear”she said”he’s not worth it” “Let go of me mom”Alison said,her voice breaking as he jerked her arm off and started the car

Her mom and sister watched her go



“She’ll be fine”Julie said as she gently ushered mrs Kent inside

Alison drove like a mad woman,nearly blinded by

her tears.

She didn’t know where she was going but she still plodded on


4years of love and devotion to josh Emerson,but he took her heart and smashed it to pieces with a few measly words.

“Alison,it was fun.Now I gotta run with a real woman”

He had been cheating on her all over,with her best

friend,Mitchelle sanders.

She wished they both rot in hell

It was nightfall when she stopped outside the twilight bar,her makeup running down in streakson herface

She watched people,breezed in and out of the bar,then got off and went inside,her dresstrailing afterher

She slipped on a stool and the bartender stared in astonishment

“I’ll have bloody Mary”she said, “a bottle”

Alison had never drank anything stronger thantea but she figured the occasion called forit

Within minutes she was drunk as a skunk and started dancing wantonly to the music played atthe bar as the patrons stared inamazement

A bride dancing in a bar



“Yea!”she yelled as she twirled,missed her footand stumbled into a hard surface which happened to be someone’slap

She rested contentedly on muscled chest because everything felt right.Slowly her face was raised and she raised her drunken eyes to meet whiskey coloured eyes,hair black as sin and a slow grin forming at the mouth

She was mesmerized and said the first words that came to her mind

“You are sΒ£xy” TBC

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