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Alison woke up to the smell of antiseptic. She felt her stomach turn but was too weak to even get up and throw up

Instead she moaned softly and someone turned toward her

“Alison,thank God”Tonia said as she rushed to the door”Doctor!”

A few minute later,a nurse appeared,followed by

her parents and sister

What’s going on?Why was she in a hospital? “Alright miss Kent,how are you feeling?”the doctor asked”still feeling any pain?”

Alison swallowed and shook he head



Suddenly she remembered.she had fainted because she had seen him

The thought made her groan aloud,making

everyone look at her

How could the supposed bum whom she slept with be the director of overton enterprises?

Or perhaps…

It was a mistake.

It had to be

“Now are you absolutely sure you are fine?”the doctor asked,frowning concernedly”you ought to be”

“Girl we were so worried about you”julie put in “And this is all because you work too much”tonia said reprimandingly as her mom sighed clearly agitated

“I’m ok”alison said weakly”but I still feel nauseated.i want to throw up”

“Yes that’s usual for women in your condition”he said”its nothing to worry about”

“My condition?”alison frowned

“What do you mean,doctor”?her mom asked”is my child dying?”

“No,mrs Kent”the doctor replied”but she ought to take care of herself. Its also usual for women in her condition to be very careful especially in this early stage”

“What early stage?”Julie asked confused”what are

you talking about?”

“Well,she’s 9weeks pregnant!”the doctor said exasperated”any woman in her right sense would take good care of herself”



He looked round and suddenly realized the room had gone silent with everyone staring at him in stupefied amazement

“Didn’t you know?”the doctor asked”why,she’s pregnant and very lucky she didn’t lose the baby” “W..who is p..pregnant?”Alison stammered in a whisper

“You,my young lady”he replied,then paused for effect”congratulations”

Alison quietly slid down her bed and she fainted

again TBC

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