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Episode 9

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]






β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

Its real. Its really real.


I have a family.





I really do.

I came down from Rico’s car and the first person

my eyes landed on was someone that looks exactly like me.


What the f**k? What am I doing in that boy’s body?

Or are we siblings?


We look alike too much.


Mom! Dad! He yelled and they came running out.

“Its my baby” I heard the woman yell as she ran to

embrace me but I moved back.


How will I allow her hug me?


I mean not too soon because we really don’t no

each other.


I need to understand their reasons first.

Their reasons for abandoning me till am old enough to make my own decisions.

She looked a bit annoyed that I didn’t let her hug

me but dismissed the feelings immediately.

“Kendra” she called and took her hand to my hair.





“You’re here” i heard the man say as he

approached us.

I kept mute and the boy that looks like me kept

starring at me.


“Let’s go in dear” he added with a smile and started climbing the stairs up to the house.

I was reluctant to follow them but Rico held my

hand and pulled me along.

I gave him a ‘are you sure look’ and he nodded



We got into the sitting room which was really


Everything was beautiful arranged with a big flat TV



So my supposed parents are rich and I had to

suffer all those years alone.


Rico and I sat down together in a two sitters couch and I refused to let go of his hand.

He made to leave me but I didn’t let him.

Gosh he can’t leave me alone.





“So kendra, how have you been doing?” The man

asked sitting in an opposite couch.

“I’m..I’m…fine” I stuttered not knowing the reason

why I did.

The boy that looks like me got in and sat in on a

couch at our right hand.

“You’re looking really pretty baby” the woman said

flashing me a smile.


“Um..ken, you might be surprised to see your look

alike but you two are actually twins” the man said

and I took my eyes to the boy.

Truth. I see no lie in it.


So I’m actually a twin born?

But, why was I the one abandoned?

Rico freed his hand from mine and stood up.

“Huh! Rico” I called also standing up.

“I don’t belong here. This is your family face them

alright” he cooed and I shook my head negatively.

“Please don’t leave me alone” I pleaded.

I just couldn’t face them alone.







“I’m not leaving you, I’ll be in the car so whatever

decisions you make you’ll come tell me alright” he

added and pecked my forehead then left.

I stood fazed starring at his fading image.

This is gonna get tougher.


“So baby” the woman giggled like a new born and

came to me on the couch.


Its like she was waiting for Rico to do what he just


She made me sit beside her and she took my

hands in hers.

“You must be thinking we abandoned you but we didn’t, things moved the wrong way and you ended up an orphanage.”


“We are so sorry, I was the only one that know that you were alive.”


“Your father and big brother didn’t no until few days back. Immediately your father heard of you he

decided we come look for you immediately tho I’ve been looking for you secretly” she rushed her






“Please baby, forgive us. Forgive us for all the

unimaginable pains you suffered please” she

pleaded while looking straight into my eyes.

“Give her a break Victoria. She’s still confused,

leave her” the man who is supposedly my father

chipped in.


“I wish we can stay like this together.”


“With me starring into your eyes. This pretty eyes of

yours” she beamed and took her hand to my



“Victoria” I heard him say again but the woman

wasn’t listening to him.


“Lemme go get you the meal I cooked. I don’t no what you like so I prepared a whole lot” she smiled then stood up and disappeared.

My gaze returned to my supposed father.

“I’m sorry kid, your mother is just too happy for your return.”


“You were taken away from us the day she gave

birth to you and your brother here” he said and

pointed to the boy.





“We thought you died tho because in our hearts we mourned you but Victoria your mother explained to me few days back that you were still alive.”

“So, without much wasting of time we decided to

come get you” he explained in the calmest voice



“I no it’ll take a lot of time and effort to accept us but I hope you do ken.”

“Now, let’s go to the dinning, your mom is setting

the table” he explained standing up.

He started heading the the dinning leaving the boy and I.

“Hey” he cooed coming closer to me.

“Hey” I replied my gaze on him.

He got to me and squatted to my size cause I was

still sitting down.

“Welcome home” he said warmly and smiled.

“I never imagined I’ll be with my twins sister today

cause I was made to believe you died.”

“But, thank goodness you’re alive and well.”





“Mom and dad has been really worried about you

especially mom.”


“We love you a lot because you’re our blood and

family. But I no it’ll take time for you to accept us

but think about while in the dinning” he said and

patted my hair.

He took my hand in his and stood up making me

stand too.

“Let’s us, they’ll be waiting for us now” he cooed

and I nodded and started following him.

We got to the dinning area and I saw different

dishes on the table.

It’s as if the meals were prepared to welcome the

president cause they are too much.

“Here baby” the woman – my mom beckoned on me to sit next to her.

Dad sat at the beginning of the table mom sat next to him while my twin brother sat facing mom and I.


“So which one? Do you like this one” the woman

asked bringing out a dish filled with grilled fish.

“Or this?” She brought out meats and vegetables.





She kept bringing out different dishes to my front

while I noticed the boy – my twin smiling.

He is probably smiling at the way she’s behaving.

“Victoria, let her choose” dad chipped in as he was also starring at us.


“Oh please Charles” she retorted ignoring what he



“I’ll take this one” I finally spoke for the first time to

her and she placed her hand on her chest starring

at me.

“You finally talked to me sweetheart” She smiled

and rubbed my cheek.

“So this one?” She said bringing forward the meal I pointed to.

“Um..yes” I replied and she kept it in my front

pushing other dishes aside.

She didn’t eat but watched me eat.

It was kind of weird but I guess I’ll have to accept it.

They are my family anyways.


“Oh my! We didn’t call your boyfriend to eat” she

suddenly exclaimed making all of us look at her.








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