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Episode 12

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]





(I liked her)

蕾Cole’s POV 蕾

I walked into the living room looking tipsy and saw

Nick there.


“Hey cole” he beamed and turned to look at me.

“Oh my! What happened to you?”







“Have you been drinking?” He asked walking up to me but I ignored him.

“Hey bro, am talking to you” he said touching my


“Mind your f**k*ng business” I groaned and

continued on my way.

“Its Kendra right? She did something to hurt you,

didn’t she?”


“Damn her, after helping her with her parents she’s repaying you with this?” He yelled to my hearing and I stopped to look at him.

“Don’t you ever mention that I helped her, don’t tell her” I said more like a warning.

“But, you’re damn suffering. She’s giving you pains can’t you see?” He asked.

“She’s not the one wrong here, its that bastard that is trying to take her away from me but don’t worry I

no a perfect way to put an end to all this” I retorted.

“Rico? What are you talking about?”

“Hope you aren’t tryna do something silly?” He

inquired coming closer to me but I glared at him

and left for my room to do sometimes.







“Cole, won’t you reply me?”


“Cole?” He asked yelling but I ignored him.

— Kendra’s POV —

“I think I’ll be paying my parents a visit today. I don’t no but I really miss them” I said to Rico as he drove me home.


“Really? Can I take you there now?” He asked

about to reserve.

“Um..I’d love to but not in this uniform” I replied and he smiled.

“Not to worry, I’ll buy some new clothes for you on

the way then” he said speeding off.

We got to a shopping mall and he pulled over.

“Let’s get in” he beckoned on me and we went in.

“That’s right kendra, pick out the dresses of your

choice. I’ve been on planning taking you shopping

seems today is the day” he smiled.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Just do it without asking me questions, will you?”





“Please make sure she picks only the best” he said to a female attender and she smiled and nodded.

“Please this way miss” she led me through a line of clothes and I kept searching for a simple dress.

I don’t go anywhere so why will I look for expensive outing clothes?


I kept looking around, so confused because they all look expensive and flashy.

“Miss, which type of dress are you searching for?”

The attender smiled looking at me.

“Simple clothes”I replied.

“Please come this way” she beckoned leading me

to another section.

“But miss, your boyfriend will love you to buy

expensive dress” she said smiling.

“Huh! His not my boyfriend” I replied feigning

annoyance and she laughed.

“Alright, sorry if I annoyed you so what do you think about this dress?” She asked raising a very

beautiful dress that was not so flashy and I decided to pick it and a few others.









“Here take” Rico said extending a small box to me.

Its has phone design on it.

I quickly opened it and brought out a very beautiful pink coloured phone.

I took my eyes to look at him but his eyes were

focused on the road.

“But…why are you giving me this?” I asked.

“Give me the other phone” he said extending his

hand with his eyes still focused on the road.

“Um..alright” I reluctantly replied and brought out

the phone cole gave me.


He collected the phone and the next thing I knew

he threw it out through the window.

“Rico!!!!!” I yelled wide eyes.

“What have you done? Stop the car!” I yelled but he didn’t seem affected by my screams.

“Rico, why did you do that? Its Cole’s gift to me.

Why the hell did you do that??” I continued yelling

until he got to my parents house.





“Alright come down” he said his eyes still on the


I eyed him and came down.

“I might wait for a few secs or I might just leave but take your time with them” he said still not looking at



I think he knows that his doing.

I got down from his car and banged the door close.

“You’re really mean” I yelled.

Geez. I forgot that his a bad boy or should I say



蕾Cole’s POV 蕾

I took all the necessary items I needed and phoned him.


Even tho we’re enemies I still have all his number.

Meet me at the old warehouse only you and I no of.


I cut the call and dropped my phone on the bed to

avoid any distractions.

I matched out of my room to meet with Nick again.





“Where are you going?” He asked immediately

standing akimbo.

“To do what I’ve been planning so don’t follow me” I replied and headed for one of my cars in the




I got to the warehouse waiting for him.

Soon I heard his car hones and he packed at a

corner and he stepped down.


A smirk was playing at the corner of his cheek.

“So long friend, you miss me that much” he grinned but I wasn’t finding it funny one bit.

He got up to me and stopped.

“Why do you call me here? What for?” He asked

dismissing the friendly tone with I preferred.

“To end things with you once and for all” I replied

with a hard tone.

“End things? What things?” He asked.

“From now on I will no longer fight with you. But just today let’s end things, let’s no who is stronger

amongst us.”





“Prove to me you aren’t a weakling” I said to his

face and he smirked.


“I no am not so why will I have to prove that?” He

asked taking a step back.

“I’m not interested” he added and turned to leave.

“I’m afraid you can’t leave yet Rico?”

“I won’t allow you take Kendra away from me just

like you did to pearl bastard.”

“You are so good in stealing what doesn’t belong to you” I said on purpose to enrage him.


I no him well he won’t resist me.


He turned back and faced me.

“You’re the bastard here cole and you no I never

took her away from you.”

“She liked me. I liked her.”

“You hide your feelings to yourself and expect me

to no?”

“We were best friends but you didn’t tell me. You

always supported me to go for her, how on earth

will I no you had feelings for her. You no what?”





“Bring it on” he barked coming closer to me.

I took out a knife from my pockets and and threw it at him.

“One of us is leaving here alive” I said to him.

He picked up the knife and faced me.

“And that will be me” he replied with a smug smile

and we charged at each other.



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