Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode 11

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]





(A kiss)





— Kendra’s POV—

“Come on Rico” I muttered pulling out of the kiss.

“What?” He asked wanting to continue.

“You aren’t my boyfriend remember?”

“You’re making me cheat on my boyfriend” I pulled a sad look.

“Well, am sorry, just can’t help it. I can’t control

myself alright” he cooed.

“Lemme get going” I said and left the garden for my class.


Rico’s POV

I smiled as I watched her leave.

I told and warned you that I won’t back off.

Well, its isn’t my fault that am in love with you. I just wanna kiss you all day but I keep controlling



Soon I’ll have to stop controlling myself, I thought

and tucked my hands into my trouser pocket

headed for class.



Lunch break.





— Kendra’s POV —

“Cole, are you okay?” I asked as we walked down

the hallway.

“Of course, am fine” he replied forcing a smile but I knew he wasn’t saying something – his hiding



Truthfully I don’t like cheating on cole but can I help it?


I really can’t but I don’t wanna break his heart either by breaking up with him.

“Cole, are you sure?” I asked again and he nodded.

“Its just that I’m thinking about something, you

should stop worrying am perfectly okay” he cooed

and I nodded.

“So did you finally meet your parents? You’re

gonna start staying with them right?” He asked and I paused recalling cole still doesn’t no about my



I was about to tell him tho so how the hell did he

find out on his own?

“Cole, how did you no that I met with my parents?” I asked and he also stopped and looked at me.





“Um..I didn’t no, its…its..I knew your parents were

gonna find you so I just thought of it and asked



“Remember I also assured you they will find so am just saying but did you actually meet with your

parents and twin brother?” He asked making me

more puzzled.

“How did you no I have a twin brother cause I don’t remember telling you that either?” I asked and he looked a bit confused too.

“Well,I just figured out you might have siblings so I

asked” he replied sharply.

“So did you meet with them?” He asked again and started walking ahead expecting me to follow suite.

Hmm but that’s really weird. His not a magician or

is he?


How did he know all these by guessing?

Strange. His acting strange.


Maybe because his thinking too much, maybe a

kiss too will do the trick.

I smiled to myself and walked up to him.

“Cole” I called and he stopped and looked back.







I summoned up courage for the first time in my life

to kiss someone.


Really strange.


I gave him a quick kiss on the lips more like a peck tho and he kept starring at me in surprise.

“You’re thinking way too much cole so I figured out a kiss will do the trick that’s why I did that” I smiled and he also smiled and wrapped his hands around my neck.


Students on the hallway were just starring at us but I don’t really care.

“So did you actually meet with your parents?” He

asked for the third time.

“Yes I did, seems your guesses worked cole. I’m

happy that I met them, I’m really happy and yes I

have a twin brother too can you believe that?” I

giggled and he chuckled.

“Of course, I believe that. Your bro looks a lot like

you, doesn’t he?” He inquired.

“Yes, he does we really look like twins” I explained.


“So you’re gonna start leaving with them yea?” He








“No, I don’t think I can. They asked me to follow

them to NY but I can’t.”

“I’ll have to abandon everything here if I do that” I


“Come on, ken, you have to live with them” he said.


“But, why is everyone insisting I live with them?” I

half yelled and he sniggered.

“Come on, consider that” he added and I pouted.




蕾Cole’s POV蕾

I held a bottle of whiskey as I continued drinking

with a lot of rage.

The kiss. The bastard kissed her.

The memory is still fresh and isn’t leaving my head.

I have to find a way. They can’t keep leaving under the same roof or I fear something terrible might


I can’t give kendra to him. I really can’t.





He has bitten more than he chew, that bastard

deserve to pay for all he has done, I thought angrily holding the glass I was using to drink tightly.

I no that to do. I’m sure after this she’ll all be mine. Why the hell will he be the one having all the girls?

Not this one. Not this time.

I’ll have to do this.

I’ll really have to do this.



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