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Episode 8

Babysitting The Bad


但[Secrets and Romance] 但





(It’s my baby)


Rico’s POV

A text came into one of my phones and I brought it out and checked.

Its from Kendra.

I recently collected her number but I’ll change that

phone for her.







I might be selfish but I don’t want her using things

from cole. Its somehow annoys me.


But where is she going to? Why didn’t she inform

me before going and only texted.

I rested my head on the couch I was sitting on and my eyes caught the pack of cigarette lying on the floor under my bed.

I thought I asked Jason to throw it out.

I stood up and got hold of the cigarette.

I can’t smoke. Yea cause of kendra.

Tho I want to badly do it but kept holding myself.

The door opened and Jason showed up.

His eyes went to the pack of cigarette and he face

curled up into a smile.

“Now that kendra isn’t around you wanna take a

stick?” He asked jokingly but I rolled my eyes


“Come on trash it” I scoffed and threw it at him.

He giggled and picked it.






“Anyways I came to tell you that there is someone

or some people at the door” he coed.

“People? What such of people?” I inquired.

“Well, I don’t no. A maid came to inform me” he


“Go check them out” I instructed.

“No, you go check them out. You’re better off

receiving unknown visitors” he said hastily and left

before I could get hold of him.

Imagine telling me what to do.

I picked out a top and put it on then found my way

out to receive the unknown visitors.


I opened the door and saw a couple. Cute couples just like mom and dad.

Perhaps mom and dad’s friends or business



“Hi good day” I greeted facing em both.

“Um…hi kid” the man replied and I almost corrected him.


His calling me a kid.





“Sorry, are you here for my parents?” I asked

glaring at them.


The man looks as if I’ve seen him before.

He looks uncannily familiar.


“No kid, we are here for the young girl named

kendra” he replied drawing my whole attention to



“Ken…kendra?” I asked to be sure I heard that



“Yes Kendra” the woman chipped in.

“Um…please who are you?” I asked.

“Mm..its really hard to explain but we are her

parents” the man retorted making my jaws dropped.

Is he joking? Parents?

“Kendra is an orphan sir, she hasn’t met her

parents before” I cooed.

“Well, we have been searching for her son. We got the information that she’s staying here” he said and the woman nodded in affirmation.

“Um…”I gulped down not knowing whether to

believe them or not.







But, they seriously have no reason to lie right.


“Sorry sir, but can I..can I view your ID?” I stuttered and he nodded and handed me his identity card.


Charleston Lukas

Currently lives at New York.


I handed back the ID to them when I confirmed it

was real.


I ruffed my hair and starred at them both suddenly


Geez where is kendra?


“Will…you…you come in? I’m sorry for keeping you out here” I apologized.

“Its alright, you don’t no us so its okay” the man


“So where is my daughter?” The woman asked



“Um…kendra, she went somewhere” I answered

and she sighed bitterly.

“Then we will come back tomorrow” the man said

and turned to leave with the woman.





“Wait, I could…”I paused.

“Where do you live? She’ll come visit you…I mean

I’ll bring her to you” I said bringing out my phone.

“Um..really?” The woman asked.

“Yes, tomorrow we’ll come because it’s late already you no” I said stretching the phone to her so she

could type in her address.

She collected it and typed into it then later handed

it back to me.

“Alright then” the man said and took a quick glance at the mansion.


“You’re Salvador’s first son huh!?” He asked as he was leaving.

“Um..yes sir” I replied.


“I’ve met your father a lot of times. You seems

different from him, you’re free and more better” he

said and I smiled.

“Thanks” I replied and watched as they got into an

SUV and drove out of the mansion.

What?? Kendra is gonna be happy or will she?

Well, she will.







How did they find her anyways.

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”


I left Cole’s place after much persuasion from him.


What he made me promise him kept coming back

to me.

“Promise me you won’t leave me kendra.” “Promise



In no time we arrived the mansion and immediately I stepped down from the vehicle I saw Rico waiting for me with his arms folded.

“Hey”I said warmly approaching him.

“Hey” he replied and I stood facing him.

I was even looking up at him. In case you don’t no

his really really taller than I am.


I think both he and cole have the same height.

Its incredible how they posses and do things alike

when they are currently enemies.


He took his hand to his hair and stroke it backward.





“Where did you go? To Cole’s?” He asked and I


He breathed in and raised my chin higher.

“You just missed your parents” he said but I didn’t

understand what he meant.

“My parents?” I asked.

“What parents? I don’t have parents Rico” I rushed my words.

The word parents makes me feel bad.

“No kendra, you do have one and they came here

looking for you” he cooed coming closer to me.

“W..what??” I asked feebly almost falling.

“ I have parents” I scoffed.

“Of course, you do and they came here looking for you. I think I now no why that man looks familiar to



“Its cause you look a lot like him making me think

I’ve seen him before” he narrated and I scoffed for

the second time.

I’m finding the whole thing absurd.





Cole has earlier assured me today that I’ll meet my parents soon but I didn’t take it to heart.

I mean after eighteen good years.

And now Rico is also making mention of parents.

“Its real kendra. I’m taking you to go see them

tomorrow” he added.

Tears came running down my cheek and he dried it with his thumb.

“You’ve got to check them out before crying alright” he cooed.

“Why? Why did they leave me? Why did they come

for me now?” I asked unable to control my


He pulled me into a warm embrace.

“We’ll find out tomorrow” he assured patting my




Next day




Fred’s POV





“Mom, dad, lemme go buy some things from the

supermarket I saw along the way” I yelled to mom

in the kitchen and went out to the garage.

I started uncovering the cars in the garage.

I don’t no the one to use.


I finally got to a particular Porsche tho its not the

latest model but it rocks.

I smiled and upended the car and got in.

I made a u-turn and was about driving out of the

garage before a car drove in.

A sport car. Latest brand.

I came down from my car and watched as the sport car stopped and the doors opened.

A girl stepped out of the car and I drew closer

because my parents had told me my lost twin sister could be coming and that is the very reason mom is cooking.


A boy stepped out from the other side and the girl

turned and faced me.

My jaws dropped when I saw myself in her.

Damn we f**king look alike a lot.







Her eyes also widened as she starred back at me.

“” I called under my breathe.

I needed to inform them.



“Dad!!” I yelled more louder with my eyes still fixed on her and they both rushed out to see her.

“Oh my!” Mom exclaimed.

“Its my baby.”



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