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Episode 10

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]




(A kiss)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“Yes, isn’t he your boyfriend?”


“Well, with the look of things you guys seems to like each other”she grinned and stood up.

“Lemme invite him” she added and left.

I kept starring at her as she left the dinning room.

“But, his not my boyfriend” I muttered only to my



She appeared few minutes later alone.

“He says his okay, I tried persuading him but no”

she said not sounding so happy.





“Um..he doesn’t like eating that much” I chipped in.

“Oh really?” She asked and I shook my head.

“You can just hand him some fruits or drinks” I

replied and she stood up again.

“I think I’ll do just that” she grinned again and left.

I noticed Dad shook his head as he continued

eating while my twin brother kept smiling.

“Alright have done that. Come on baby, you aren’t

eating much.”

“Don’t you like it anymore? Should I add some

rice?” She asked bringing the dish towards me.

“Oh no. Am okay” I cooed and she kept it back.




We were back to the sitting room.

“So dear, what do you say?”

“Are you coming with us?” Dad asked but I kept



“Baby, please come with us we’ve really missed

you. Please give me a chance to do what I didn’t do





for the last eighteen years” mom chipped in but I

still kept mute.


To be honest I didn’t think about this, I didn’t no

they were gonna ask me to come with them but

who am I kidding?

“Baby” mom called once again and moved towards the couch I was sitting on.


“Please you have to come with us cause we’ve

really missed you. Please” she kept pleading.


But, what of my life here?

What of my job as a babysitter?

I can’t just leave like that.

“Um..I..I don’t think I can” I finally replied.

“Why? We are your family ken” mom asked



“Or don’t you want us? Are you still angry you grow up alone?”


“We are sorry, let us make it up to you dear.”

“No, no its not like that. Its just…I can’t just abandon my life here, am sorry” I cooed and stood up.





“I’d really love to unite with my family but I got a job, a boyfriend and friends I can’t abandon” I added

and mom almost cried.

“I’m sorry, I really am” I added.

Dad sighed and move closer to me.

“We aren’t leaving London yet. Now that I’m here I’ll solve some issues here so before that time I want you to think more about it, okay?” Dad said warmly and I nodded.

“I’m sorry once again, I’ll get going now” I said and took the door leaving before mom changes my

mind further.

“I’ll escort you out” I heard Fred say as he followed me behind.

Mom just kept mute looking really sad.

I bet she’ll cry soon.

“Its could have been nice if you agree to come with us” Fred said walking beside me to Rico’s car.

“Please think about it once more before we leave”

he added and I nodded and got into Rico’s car.

“So you’re leaving with me?” Rico asked and I just






I’m feeling really terrible but what to do?

Things around me just keep getting complicated.

Rico ignited his car and drove out.

“Are you gonna leave with them?” He asked along

the way.


“No” I replied.

“Why? I mean you should spend some time with



“Your mom looks really happy to see you” he said.

“I know but do you want me to really leave with

them to NY? You want me to go?” I yelped.

“Hey calm down, I don’t want you to go but I no

there is someone that needs you more and beside I might follow you there if you go”he replied.

“Just drive okay? I’m really sad too you no” I half

yelled again and he kept mute.

Fred’s POV

“I’m going to find those bastards that separated my daughter from me and when I do they’ll see hell.”

“Because of them I can’t be with my daughter even when I found her.”







“I’m so going to deal with them. They’ll cool their

a*s till they die in prison for taking away my baby

girl…oh my baby” mom yelled and cried at the

same time.


Dad didn’t say anything but I knew he was also


He also didn’t expect that kendra will do that.

Well, I also didn’t expect too considering the fact that she spent her life away from her family for this past few years.

I guessed she was gonna jump at it but…well I

couldn’t blame her either its way too sudden but I

wish she’ll have a change of heart before we go

back to New York.

Next day.


At school.


β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I walked slowly and tiredly to my class.

I came in Rico’s car but didn’t wait for him to park

and meet me.

I’m too occupied with my family issues.





“Hey ken, wait up!” I heard him yell from behind but didn’t bother waiting.

He got to where I was and stopped.

“Gosh you’re just too stubborn Kendra come with me” he hushed and took my hand leading me to the garden.

We got to the entrance of the Kendra and he


“You might fall sick if you keep thinking about that.”

“Just go spend a few days with them I won’t tell

mom you left. Just do it and stop all this” he half



“Well, anyways I no what will help you stop thinking about them” he said smirking.

“What?” I asked starring at him.

“A kiss” he grinned.

I rolled my eyes at him to made to walk away but

he pulled me back and lowered his lips to mine

kissing me deeply.

His two hands were cupped on my cheeks as he

kissed me.






Cole’s POV


I was in the garden when I heard noise at the


I moved closer and heard his voice.

That bastard!


But wait, who is he talking to?


Hope its not my kendra? I thought and moved

closer and to my biggest shock she was the one.

Before you no it he lowered his lips to hers kissing

her like he owned her.

I’m really fed up of this.

Its time I deal with this bastard once and for all.



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