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Babysitting The Bad


[Secret and Romance]





(I do love you)

Rico’s POV


“I really do. I do love you” she repeated.

I kept starring at her as happiness filled me.


Oh my!

“Ar…are you sure” I asked as a single drop of tear

strolled down my eyes due to happiness.

She sniffed and nodded positively.

I took my hand to her chin and drew her closer.

I joined my forehead with hers and kissed her softly on the lips but she didn’t let it last.







She pulled away and stood up immediately making me a bit confused.

“Kendra” I called also standing up.

“That is the reason I’m in tears Rico.”


“Even tho I have this feeling for you I can’t still be

with you because I already have a boyfriend” she


“No no kendra. You can’t do this to me. We love

each other right?” I asked alarmed.

“Yes, we do but we can’t be together. I have a

boyfriend already and I don’t plan on leaving him”

she replied releasing more tears.

I took a step closer to her but she moved back.

“You…you can just break up with him. Why be with someone you don’t love?”

“Or you’re gonna pretend to love him?” I asked.

“Yes, I will. I’ve told him that I won’t break up with him and beside he has been nice to me so I see no reason for that” she cooed.

“Well, pretending you love him is worse than

leaving him.”







“If you really care about his feelings don’t don’t

pretend to him” I said.

“No Rico, am sorry, I really am but I just came to

tell you this.”


“I don’t plan on keeping it to myself cause it’ll hurt

me really bad and I don’t plan on dating you either

so I beg you to forget about everything.”

“Forget everything that you heard this night” she

said tearfully and made for the door.

“No Ken. You can’t give me hope and take it away



“You can’t..”


She didn’t allow me to finish my statement before



I closed my eyes and tried to hold my anger.

Don’t tell me this is really happening.


Please tell her not to do this to me.

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

I went back to my room still in tears.

I’m becoming a bad girl myself.







I’m sorry Rico but it can’t work between us.

I’m sorry cole but I can’t help it.

I really tried to love you at a point but failed.

I don’t no how I fell for Rico.

I really don’t no how.

I stumbled on my bed crying my eyes out.

I wish I can just remove this feelings from my heart.

I wish there is a way to stop this feelings.



Next day.



I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed weakly.

My head feels really heavy and my eyes…


Oh gosh.


I got down and went into the bathroom and shower. I got out few minutes later and sat facing the mirror.

Its obvious that I cried.







There is dark shade around my eyes.

I sighed and applied lotion on my body.

Wore my school uniform and headed downstairs.

The mansion has been really boring without kora.

I got to the dinning and saw Mason and Jason

already sitted there.

“Hey kendra!” They both greeted cheerfully and I


They have changed a lot.


“Hey Mason!”

“Hey Jason!”

I greeted them back and took a sit.

“Um…where is Rico?” I asked starring at them both.

“We tried to call him but he isn’t answering. He isn’t opening his door” Jason replied.

“Maybe I should try calling him again” he added

and wanted to get up.

“No, don’t worry I’ll call him” I stopped him and got








I took the stairs and got to his door.

I knocked softly but didn’t get a respond.

I knocked again after a while but nothing.

“Rico” I called a little bit loud.

“Rico, please open up” I half yelled but nothing.

I knocked again and again but nothing.

I stood there for five minutes but when he still didn’t respond I left and went back to the dinning.

“Is he coming?” Mason asked immediately I took

my sit.


“He didn’t even reply me” I answered.

“Huh! Something must have happened to him”

Jason said looking at me.

“What could have happened?” He added.

Mason turned to me and asked.

“Kendra did you do anything to him?” Mason asked starring at me together with Jason.


New York.







Victoria’s POV


“Honey you’ve got to believe me.”

“I didn’t keep it from you intentionally I swear.”

“Sorry forgive me” I pleaded holding Charles hand.

He looked away angrily.

“Please just forgive me, I’ve been looking for her



“I didn’t just keep it from you and forget about it.”

“I looked for her too please you’ve gat to forgive” I

continued pleading.

“Did you find any leads?” He asked coldly.

“Well, the investigator I hired found out she grow up in an orphanage but she left afterwards and he has been trying to locate her but nothing” I cooed.

“So, why did you decide to tell me now Victoria?”

He asked and glared at me and I held his hand



“I’m scared that something might have happened to her so that’s why I decided to tell you so you’ll help in searching for her” I replied bitterly.







“We could have found our daughter long ago if you had just opened up a little earlier but no Victoria. You didn’t” he said angrily.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t wanna distract or add more

problems to you” I pleaded.

“Hmm you gave birth in London but we are in New

York now.”


“If we’re gonna find her fast that means we’re

gonna relocate there” he suggested and I nodded.

“But what about the companies? Will I abandon

them?” He asked.

“No, after we have found her we can just come

back here” I replied and he shook his head.

“How do we tell Fred?” He asked.

“Tell me what?” My son Fred asking walking into

the dinning room.


“Morning mom.”

“Morning dad” he greeted and kissed my cheek

then sat down afterwards.

“Dad, I think mom needs to go see a doctor. She’s

looking sick” he said taking a slice of bread.





“Fred there is something your mom needs to tell

you” Charles said.

Fred dropped the bread and turned to me.

“What is it mom?” He asked starring at me.

“Um…its…its…just that..your twin sister…your twin

sister is alive” I stuttered but he remained silence.

“Twin sister?” He asked after a while.

“You mean the one you said died immediately after birth or which one?” He asked and I nodded in



He opened his mouth and took his eyes to Charles.

“Dad, is that true?” He asked Charles.


“Well, that’s what I recently learnt” Charles.

“But…how come?”


“She’s alive?”


“I thought you buried her already?”

“If she’s alive then where is?” He asked at once.

“We don’t no Fred but we’re are gonna find her”

Charles replied and he exhaled.









He wanted to say but stopped and became mute.

“We’re travelling to London tomorrow.”

“Tell your school principal you won’t be around for a week to two cause I don’t no how long it’ll take to

find her.”

“I’ll handle things at the company and Victoria

arrange the necessary things we need to go”

Charles said and stood up.



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