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Episode 4

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]





(Is he that mad?)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“Um..of..of course not” I replied.

“What could I possibly do to him?”





They took their eyes away after my reply and

continued eating and after some times we left for



I waited for Rico in school but nothing. He didn’t

show up.


Is he that mad? That disappointed? That broken?

I sighed bitterly and left for class.

I can’t even do anything about it.


*Cole’s POV*

“Mother, you no her don’t you?” I asked showing

Kendra’s picture to the elderly reverend mother.

“Yes I do son, why are you looking for her?” She

asked back.

“Um..mother am not looking for her actually. I just

wanted to get any information on her parents” I


“Why do you wanna do that. Do you know her?”

She inquired and I nodded positively.

“Yes mother, we school together” I answered.

“Well, we don’t no her parents son. She was

brought her eighteen years ago by a man who

claimed he saw her by the road side.”







“We took her in and she grow up here but decided

to leave on her own few years back so we let her

go” she explained.

“Okay mother, so no one has come to inquire about her at all?” I asked but she remained silent after a while.


“Actually, there is a man who came. He said he is a detective and wanted to know where she’s leaving but unfortunately the girl moved somewhere else so he couldn’t find her” she replied and my eyes


“Really mother, where can I find this man?” I asked.

“Well, he did drop his contacts in case she comes

back here so she’ll be able to contact him but

kendra dear hasn’t shown up” she explained.

“Mother please can I get the number?” I inquired

and she nodded.

She searched the documents and papers on her

table and finally handed me a paper.

I collected it with smiles and copied the number.

“Thanks mother. I appreciate” I cooed and bowed

slightly then left afterwards.





I got outside and dialed the number.

The person picked up at the third ring.




Hello, who’s this?


I heard you’re looking for Kendra. Can we meet



yes of course, do you no where she is?

yes, I do please text me your address.

alright, I’ll do that now.

I cut the call and smiled.


Seems we’re getting somewhere.

Next day.

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

Rico didn’t show up at the dinning again today.

I didn’t even see him throughout yesterday but

luckily I just sighted him going into the school


I sighed and followed him.







He sat down on the wooden chair in the garden and I stood behind him.

“Hey Ric” I called but he didn’t turn to look at me.

I went to his front and squatted.

“Rico” I called but he just kept starring up.

“Will you stop behaving childish?” I scolded but



“Rico” I called for the third time and he stood up

and started leaving the garden.

“Rico” I called after him.

I stood in front of him to prevent him from moving



“Rico, you’ve gat to talk to me. Why are you

behaving like this?” I asked in a pained voice and

he finally looked at me.

“It must be easy for you, huh!?” He asked.

“If its that easy to you then it isn’t to me” he said

briskly and made to walk pass me but I stood in his way.





“Rico please, stop with all these. It’s really hard for me too but I…I gat no option” I stated.

“You gat no option? Of course you do. You gat

every option.”


“The option to make things right but you won’t. So if you will please” he snapped and pushed my hand off the way and left.

I sighed tiredly and went to sit where he was sitting.

Where are you kora?


Please I really need you back here?

I need you back here cause I’m about dying



I already told cole that I won’t break up with him. So I can’t break my words.

I can’t be with Rico secretly because that isn’t right.

Should I just abandon everything and leave?

Should I just forget them and live the way I use to?

Victoria’s POV


We took the first flight to London because I got a

call from the private investigator I hired.







He said someone claimed to know where my

daughter is.


That means she’s till alive.


Hope she’s also well.


“Mom, I’m really nervous” Fred said to me.

“Why? Why are you nervous?” I asked.

“Well,I don’t no. But our lives will surely change

with a sister don’t you think?” He inquired and I let

out a smug smile.


“I’m happy that you’re nervous son.”


“You should be because you haven’t met her


“Even I, am nervous” I cooed.

“Alright, but mom you said we are twins right?” He


“Yes son” I replied.

“That means we look alike” he stated.

“Um..maybe” I retorted.





“There are twins that don’t look alike son. But I

hope you two do so we won’t have to do a DNA for confirmation.”


“We won’t also have to explain to people that she’s our daughter. Just by seeing her they’ll no” Charles stated and I nodded.

“I hope so too Charles. I just can’t wait to see my


The bastard that took her away must surely pay but first we’ll have to find her, I thought to myself.


Cole’s POV

I sat down inside the eatery waiting for the man I

called yesterday.

He wanted to meet up here so we agreed to meet

up by this time.

Soon, a man in dark suite showed up and I knew it was him.


He has already informed me of what he’ll be putting



I stood and waved at him to see me and he did and walked up to me.

I sat down back and he also took a sit.





“So you’re the man searching for Kendra?” I asked.

“Yes, I heard that its her name” he replied glaring at


“You’re still a boy. What do you no about her?” He

asked in a strict voice.

“Well, she’s my girlfriend. What do you no about

her?” I asked back.

“Her parents are searching for her” he replied and

my eyes beamed.

“Her parents?” I asked almost in a whisper.

“Yes her parents” he replied.


“Do you have any prove? Like her pictures?” He

asked and I nodded.

“But first tell me where her parents are. Why did

they abandon her?” I inquired.

“I don’t no kid. I was paid to do my job so please

help me with her location cause her parents are

already in their way here” he said.


“On their way? Don’t they live her in America?” I


“Of course they do, they live in new York precisely.”







“So her pictures and address?” He demanded.

I brought out my phone and turned it on. I started

searching for her pictures.


“How will you know that she’s the one?” I asked still searching for her pics.


“She’s a twin actually so I have her twin brother

picture with me. I’ll have to merge it to confirm” he


“Oh really?” I asked and looked at him.

So Kendra is a twin?

I got her picture and handed my phone to him.

He collected my phone and brought out a photo

from his chest pocket.


I noticed he smiled and nodded his head so I stood up to check for my self.


I looked into the picture and….

Oh my God!!

“What in the world?” I exclaimed starring at the

picture in shock.






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