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Episode 2

Babysitting The Bad



[Secrets and Romance]





(I love you too)


Victoria’s POV


‘Um..Charles, promise me you’ll forgive me after

hearing this” I said.


“Hmm Victoria you can talk, I’ll forgive you if

necessary” he replied and I sighed.


I know his not gonna forgive me easily.

“When I put to bed in America” I began.

“Remember we found out that the girl twin died?” I

asked and he nodded.





“Well, I later found out the same day that she didn’t die but was switched with a dead baby” I explained and he flinched.

“What?? How come? You mean Fred’s twin sister

is still alive?” He asked wide eyes and I nodded.

“Wait, how is that possible? Who could have

possibly switched my baby with a dead baby?” He


“I don’t know. I really don’t know” I replied in tears.

“I’m going to sue that hospital” he hushed.

“I’ll make sure I close that hospital down but how

come you didn’t tell me anything about it?” He

asked and took his eyes to mine.

“When exactly did you find out? That day?”

“Yes, I found out that day. When we learnt that our baby died I carried her to confirm tho I didn’t realize at first but later realized when the nurses were

taking her away please forgive me” I pleaded.

“You…Victoria you could hide such things from me for eighteen years?”


“So, my daughter is there somewhere without her

parents?” He asked in anger.





“What the hell did you do when you found out?” He asked.

“Um..I was confused at first and requested to see the CCTV but their were no recordings of such and you and mother dragged me home remember?”

“I didn’t wanna give false hopes. You were going

through a lot at the company as well so..I had to

keep it from you” I replied crying heavily.

“Are you even my wife?” He asked with his hands

on his waist.


“Are you the woman I married nineteen years ago?” He asked with so much anger.

“So our baby is still out there somewhere right?

And you kept it from me?” He half yelled.

“I was gonna tell you after I have solid evidence, I

was going to” I cried.

“And it took you straight eighteen years to tell me.

Do you no how long eighteen years is?”


“If she’s truly alive do you no how much she has

suffered?” He asked and I released more tears.

“I’m sorry, am really sorry. I never wished for all of

these and I was thinking about your health too

Charles” I replied.







“Don’t use lame excuses alright. All my life I

believed that my daughter is gone, how do we even tell Fred that his twin sister is actually alive in God knows where?”


“Victoria think before you do something think..for

God’s sake she’s also my daughter” he yelled and

left angrily.

“I’m really sorry Charles. But I couldn’t afford to loss you too” I cried to myself.


Rico’s POV

I was in my room late at night unable to sleep

because I was thinking too much.

Is Kendra okay now or should I just go visit her in

her room to see for myself?


What if she’s dying already?

Maybe she has fainted already?

No no, I thought and shook my head.

I scratched my hair and stare at the wall clock.

Its really late.


Checking up on her won’t harm me right?







I stood up and went to the door.

I was about to open the door before a knock came

at the door.


Huh! Who is knocking this late?


I opened the door to see Kendra there.

And she was even crying.


What is going on?


“Kendra? Are…are you okay?” I asked with concern and she released more tears and hugged me.

Huh! Did she..did she hug me on her own?

This is the second time.

I cleared my voice still in shock and held her up.

“Why are you crying this late?”


“What happened?”


“Are you still in pain?”


“Oh gosh I should have come check up on you am sorry so do you want to go to the hospital now?” I asked in one breathe and she nodded negatively.







“Um..alright then. Come in” I pulled her in and

closed the door behind us.

We sat down on the bed and I looked at her for



“Kendra what is going on with you, tell me?” I


She faced me properly and sniffed.

“Its just that I’ve been thinking, I have been thinking about what you told me” she began.

“What I told you? What did I tell you?” I asked in



“About why I didn’t leave when you asked me to…I have finally realized why I couldn’t leave” she


“ why are you crying about that?”

“Come on kendra, you really scared shit outta me.”

I took my thumb to her face and dried her tears.

“Why? Why couldn’t you leave then?” I asked still

cleaning her face.





She pouted and continued her cries making me

more confused.

“Kendra, can you stop crying please?”

“Okay am sorry, don’t think about it again okay?”

“Just forget everything we discussed and it’ll be

okay yea?” I said and she nodded negatively.

“Come on ken, you’ve got to stop crying. I don’t like it” I cooed.

She sniffed again and starred into my eyes.

“The reason why I couldn’t” she stuttered.

“Its alright, don’t bother please get some sleep” I

cut in.


“No, I wanna say it” she insisted.

“Alright why couldn’t you leave?” I asked again.

“I think..its because I’m in love with you Rico” she

finally said and I freeze.

“Wh…what?” I asked unbelievably.

“Yes Rico.”





“I love you too” she replied making my eyes

widened the more.



Episode 3

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