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Episode 31

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]



(I’ve fallen in love again)

Next day.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

A knock at the door jacked me up from sleep.

Huh! Who is it this early?


I came from the bed and went to open the door.

“Huh! Angie” I called and squatted to her size.

“What are you doing here this early?” I asked in shock.

“We’ll be leaving for Chicago soon, mom said to call my brothers” she replied.

“Oh my! Really?” I asked.

“Yes nanny Kendra I’ll really miss you” she pouted and I hugged her.

“I’ll miss you too Angela, I didn’t expect you to go back soon” I said to her.


“Dad said I need to study” she replied.

“Alright Baby Angie, let’s go wake your brothers up” I said and grabbed her tiny hand.



An hour later


We all bedded them goodbye as they went inside their cars.

I’ll really miss Angela badly.

I turned back and returned to my room to sleep some more since its Sunday.


Rico’s POV

Thank goodness am now free, I thought and took the stairs.

I haven’t been able to fall asleep because I was thinking too much.

My eyes feels so heavy. I’ll need to tell this to mason and Jason.

I turned back to see Jason behind me, mason was already in his room.

“Jason I need to talk to you and Mason” I said and he nodded.

“Help me get Mason to my room” I added and went into my room awaiting their arrival.

If I don’t do this I won’t be able to fall asleep and rest my mind.

The door opened and they both came in.

“Aha! Thank goodness Dad is gone, we’ll be able to live normally again” mason said almost immediately.

“By the way why are you calling us?” He asked sitting down on the couch while Jason stood beside my bed.

“I think I have a serious problem” I said and they both exclaimed.

“What problem is that?” Jason asked with so much concern and finally took a sit beside me.

“I think..I’ve fallen in love again” I replied and they exclaimed again.

“Really, with who?” They both asked.


I bent slightly and held my head.

“You won’t believe it” I mouthed.

“Just tell us” mason urged.

I looked up at them again and signed.

“With kendra” I replied and they both stood up immediately.



“That’s not possible” they exclaimed.

“How did it happen?” Jason asked.

“Like an accident silly, it happened like an accident” I replied and rolled my eyes.

“But…”Jason made to say but kept quite.

“But she’s Cole’s girlfriend” I completed what he wanted to say and he nodded.

“Oh no! You shouldn’t have” he added.

“And that’s the real problem” Jason chipped in.

“How can both of you fall in love with a girl again?”

“Geez are you two destined to be enemies forever?” Jason said and I almost punched him.

“I didn’t mean to fall in love with her okay and I don’t think cole likes her.”

“His just dating her to get at me” I said and they both sat down back.

“But this is gonna be a big problem” Jason said again.


“Does she know?” Mason ask.

“Know what?” I asked.

“Does she know how you feel?” He replied.

“Well, I don’t think so and beside am just finding out myself.”


“Do you think she likes you too?” Mason asked again.

“I’ll just have to find out about that today” I replied and heard them sign.

“Apart from that did you forget she’s here cause of mom. How will mom react if she finds out about this? Do you think she’ll like it?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know either. But I don’t think she’ll be hard on me” I replied.

“This is really shocking, I think history is repeating itself” Mason said with a chuckle and I took a pillow and throw it at him.

“Do you think its funny? Damn I’m in despair.”

“Well, you can no. You two can’t help me in anyway just go” I urged and they stood up and left.

I’ll have to check and find out how she feels.



β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I got to Rico’s room and knocked.

I needed to call him down for breakfast.

“Rico?” I called and knocked again.

“Come in” I heard him say and pushed the door open.

I got in and turned to see him at a corner.

As if he was hiding.

“I came to inform you that breakfast is ready” I said and turned to go but surprisedly he pushed the door close and locked it.

“What? What are you doing Rico??” I asked surprised at what he did.

He bite his lower lips and walked closer to me and I moved back immediately.

“I’m still wondering if I should inform cole about us” he said leaving me puzzled.

“What us??” I asked.


“You don’t know? Maybe a reminder will reset your brain” he said smirking.

“What are you insinuating Rico?” I asked again.

“Maybe another kiss will let you remember” he said and I scoffed.

“I think you’ve gone crazy” I replied still moving back.

“Well, its only one way to find out” he chuckled and moved towards me with speed.

“Don’t dare kiss me Rico or…or..I’ll break your f**k**g skull” I threatened and he stopped moving.


“Really?” He asked.

“I mean it Rico, I’ll really do something bad if you try touch me again” I replied and ran out leaving him there.


I ran into my room panting heavily.

What was that? I thought with my hands placed on my chest.

My phone started ringing and I instantly knew who it was.


Cole of course.


I picked the call and placed it over my ear.

Hello kendra.


Hi cole


Kendra I really need to tell you something that has been bothering me.

okay, wait till tomorrow then.


No no, it can’t wait Kendra. I can’t even look at you in the face.

huh! Alright..so…what is it?


Kendra my feelings for you are not fake. I really do love you.

Cole I no that. Why are are you telling me again?


Its cause I’m really stupid. Kendra am sorry but I started dating you because… I..I wanted to get at Rico..but..


You mean you are using me?

Yes kendra and am so sorry. I regret everything because I have really fallen in love with you kendra and can’t continue lying. Am so sorry.


What?? You..

I paused and brought down the phone from my ear.

Is this guy serious?



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