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Episode 6

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]




(I’m sorry for making you cry)







β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

Next day.

I got up late and prepared for school.

I’ve been feeling so weird lately. As if something is

gonna happen soon.


I got down after preparing and went to the dinning



The boys were there already expect Rico of cause.

He hasn’t been eating down with us.

I took a sit and greeted the twins.


“Hey mason.”

“Hey Jason.”



“Hey” they both greeted back at the same time.

I took a bite from my tacos and sipped my from my tea.


I really don’t have much appetite this days.

Everything is turning from bad to worse.





I stood up almost immediately I’d done that and left for the waiting van outside which took me to school afterwards.

Victoria’s POV


“So, what information did you get?” Charles asked

the private investigator I hired long ago as he sat

facing us both.


“I got the information of where she’s leaving.”

“Her name is kendra.”

“She’s staying at Salvador’s mansion. Look at her

picture” he said and handed the phone to Charles.

I also looked into the picture and a smile broke out my face.

She’s truly my daughter.

I took the phone from Charles and held it to myself.

I’ll come for you baby. I’ll come for you.

“Did she get adopted so we will know how to go

about it?” Charles asked him.

“Um..I don’t think so sir cause the people at the

convent didn’t mention her been adopted.”





“They said she decided to leave on her own at a

point so I don’t think she got adopted” the private

investigator replied.

“But, you mentioned Salvador’s mansion. What

could she be doing at a wealthy mansion?”

“Or is she working as a maid there?” Charles asked and I raised my eyes to look at him.

As a maid? Oh my poor girl.

She must have suffered a lot.

I sighed bitterly and looked into the picture again.

“I hope she isn’t working as one” I mutter to myself.


“So I think my job is done here” the private

investigator stood up and collected his phone back.


“Alright, we’ll transfer the remaining cash to your

account” Charles said and shook his hand.

“Alright sir” he replied and left.

“So, get prepared Victoria. We’ll visit that mansion

this evening” he said and I nodded positively.

I just can’t wait to see her.

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”







Its lunch period.

I think I’ll need to talk to Rico.

He has to stop this cold treatment towards me.

I decided to check the garden since his always

going there.

I got there and luckily saw him sighted there with

earphones plugged into his ears.

I touched him from behind and he jacked and

looked back.

He looked away almost immediately and i went to

stand in front of him.

“Rico” I called and removed the earphone from his two ears.


He made to plug them back but I held his hand.

“Rico we need to talk. You can’t keep treating me

this way alright?” I said bitterly.

He spared me a quick glance and stood up.


“When you have finally come to your senses I’ll talk to you” he mumbled and started leaving.





“Rico please” I said feebly and ran to him.

“Rico, am tired of all this okay.”


“Look at me.”


I held his hand but he freed himself from me.

“I’m more tired” he said coldly and made to go

again but I back hugged him from leaving.

I had to.

I can’t bear it anymore.

Him being mad at me, I can’t bear it.

He stopped immediately I back hugged.

“Look, I won’t ask you to do that again. I won’t ask

you to forget about your feelings for me so please

stop snubbing me” I pleaded in tears.

He turned back and faced me.

“I’m sorry kendra. I really am but I couldn’t take it”

he said in a calm voice and took his thumb to my

face and dried my tears.

“I’m sorry for making you cry” he cooed and hugged






“I won’t treat you that way again” he added and I

hugged him tight.

This is just want I need.

I need him to understand me.


Cole’s POV

I got to school late and went to Kendra’s class to

look for her but was told she left a little while ago.

I asked around and was told by a girl that she went to the school garden.

I got to the door that led to the garden and stopped when I heard a familiar.


That’s Rico’s.


I stood there and decided to listen to his



Why is he here?


“Come on Kendra you’ve gat to tell him the truth” I heard him say and looked out to see him facing


Did he just call the name kendra?

“Tell him your feelings instead of deceiving him








“Look ken, you’ll continue suffering if you don’t

admit it to him. I really love you ken and I want the

best for you.”

“But if you want to keep on dating him it’s fine, but I won’t stop loving and trying to get you.”


“I’ll keep on trying until I win you over.”



I gasped as it sounded unbelievable.

Its obvious they are talking about me.

That bastard.


His trying to get her from me.

I’ll really kill him this time.


I swear I will.


And with that I left for home.



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