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Episode 16

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]


β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I got to my location still crying seriously.


The cabby man was just starring at me throughout and thank goodness no other passenger was there with me.


I came down and paid the cabby man but he didn’t collect the money.


“Its okay miss, you can keep it” he said and drove

off before I could protest.

Does he think I don’t have the money and that’s the reason am crying? I thought and walked into the

open gate.


I got to the door and started knocking for them to open up and soon someone opened the door and it happened to be mom.





“Kendra, what happened to you?” She asked

immediately she opened the door and I hugged her immediately still crying.

“Oh my” she exclaimed probably shocked.

“Kendra, baby talk to me, who did this to you? Who made you like this?” She continued asking but I

couldn’t reply her.

I just needed someone to tell me all will be okay.

That I did the right thing. That I’ll get pass it.

“M…mom” I called amid sobbing and she patted my back.

暈Victoria’s POV 暈

Did she just call me mom?

Kendra just called me mom for the first time. I felt

really happy tho she was crying and hugged her

tight patting her.


“What’s happening?” Charles asked showing up.

We disengaged from the hug and I held my baby.

“I don’t know Charles, I’ve been trying to calm her

now” I replied to him.

He walked closer to us and took her hands.







“What happened ken? Why are you in tears?”

Charles asked her.

“Can i go back with you guys to NY?” She suddenly asked.


“You want to come with us? Of course, you can.

That’s a good decision sweetheart” I smiled and

cleaned her face.

“Come, lemme take you to the room I prepared for

you here in case you changed your mind” I said

taking her with me.

She just kept her gaze on the floor and followed



I really don’t no what’s bothering her but I hope she comes out of it.


I took her into the room I prepared for her and she

kept looking around.

“Just manage here honey, your room in NY will be

much bigger and more beautiful okay? Lemme go

prepare something for you to eat.”

“After you might have eaten and had some sleeps then you can relax a bit from what’s bothering you” I cooed cupping her cheeks.





“Thanks mom, I’ll just shower now” she replied

taking the route to the bathroom.

She stopped before she could get in.

“Mom, can we leave London tomorrow? I don’t

want to stay here much longer please” she


“Um..yea we can, I’ll inform your father” I retorted

and she nodded and got into the bathroom.

I turned and left her room to go prepare something she’ll eat.

I got to the sitting room and met Charles standing

and looking worried.

“Did she tell you anything? Why did she suddenly

change her mind?” He asked immediately he

sighted me.

“I have no idea Charles. She even asked if we can leave tomorrow” I explained to him.

The door opened revealing Fred as he brought

some nylons in with him.


He went shopping a while ago.


He went to drop the groceries in kitchen and came to meet up with us.







“Mom. Dad” he called coming closer.

“What’s going on?” He asked looking at us both.

“Your sister is in and she has decided to follow us

back to NY” I replied and left for the kitchen.

“Huh! That’s good news” I heard him say from

behind and he started following me.

“But, why is dad looking so worried? Is he not

happy?” He asked now standing with me in the


“Well, kendra arrived in tears and she refused

saying anything” I explained.

“Huh, she was crying? But why?” He asked


“I don’t no why, after everything you can go ask her alright?”


“Yea, I will” he cooed stepping out of the kitchen to leave me to my cooking.


Rico’s POV


For hours I’ve been so restless. I don’t no what the hell to do?





I can’t free myself from this cuffs or I swear I could

have left.


And dad as I’ve heard will soon be here, its not as if his my problem right now but I don’t want him to

keep holding me like a prisoner.

I’m really tired of him and his f**king punishment.

Mason and Jason also kept starring at him



I won’t forgive myself if kendra leaves. Especially if she leaves without hearing my apologises.

I really messed up. I’m such an idiot.

Now I’m going to loss her again just like I lost

ground pearl.


Well, Pearl is long gone from my heart so I really

don’t care about her again but kendra…

I just can’t just loss her like this. Not this way again please.


The door bursted opened with mom rushing in like

she was running marathon.


“Oh my goodness Rico! What have you gotten

yourself into this time?” She asked raising my shirt up.







“Oh my! Rico when will you stop all this? You are

going to get your self killed alright?” She said


I kept listening to her and then an idea struck me.

“Mom, can you get this cuffs away? I’m already

good to go just help me get them off” I pleaded

hoping she’ll agree.


“I can’t, your dad will soon be here” she replied.

“I know, just get them off now. I promise I’ll return in minutes I really need to see kendra before she

travels with her parents please” I explained in one


“What? You need to see kendra? I don’t


“Kendra already told me she won’t be working for me a while ago. Why did she do that?” Mom asked back.

“Mom, you’ll know later can you just let me go for a few minutes. I swear and promise I’ll be back

before you no it” I pleaded almost in tears.

I just couldn’t let her leave like that.





“What do you want to tell her?” She suddenly

asked becoming calm.

“I want to ask for her forgiveness” I replied


“I wronged her and disobeyed her so please don’t

let her go” I cried.

“Oh my dear son. Seems you’ve gotten your heart

hurt again” she sighed bitterly.


“Where is she right now? I’ll personally go meet

her” she said after a few minutes and my eyes

dilated in happiness.

“Really mom?” I asked in happiness.

“Yes, where is she?” She repeated.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I was in the dinning room picking on my meal when the doorbell rang and Fred went to take it.

They have been so worried about my state and I

guess I wasn’t really ready to talk about it to them

since they are my family and its the first time.

“Um kendra” I heard him call and raised my head.

“There is someone here for you” he announced and before I could stand up I sighted Mrs Rebecca.







In surprise I rushed towards her immediately.

She was looking so sad.

“Becca?” I heard mom call coming into the sitting



“Vicky” Mrs Rebecca replied.

“What are you doing here?* Mom asked her in



“Oh my, she’s your daughter? Well I need a favour from her before I get back to you” Mrs Rebecca

said and faced me.

“Please kendra. Please come with me to see Rico

just once please?” She pleaded and grabbed my




“Please kendra, what do you say?” She cut me off






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