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Episode 7

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]











(Promise you won’t leave me)

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

“Thank you” I muttered as I hugged him.

He patted my hair downwards and I smiled in relief.

Thank goodness.

This problem is now solved.



I got home from school in Rico’s car.


He asked the driver that takes us to school to leave and he drove me in his car.

We came down hand in hand and entered the

sitting room where we saw the twins sitted playing

a video game.

“Hey jerks” Rico called to his brothers and they

turned to spare us a glance.

“Hmm seems someone is in a good mood” I heard mason say and I chuckled.





“I’ll be up” I mumbled to him and he let go of my

hand and I took the stairs.

I heard Rico say something to the twins and they all laughed.

I sneered and open the door to my room and got in.

Immediately I dropped my bag my phone started



I opened the bag hastily and looked at the caller.

Cole of course. I smiled and picked it up.

Hey cole, I beamed.

Hey, I heard him reply in a slow hard voice.

Are you back now or when are you getting back?

I’m back, I heard him reply.

Really? Alright lemme come over to you. Send

me the address of your house.

No, don’t bother.

come on cole. You have been out for days. To

be really honest I missed your face.

I heard him chuckle immediately I said that.







Really? Alright I’ll send it through text.


I dropped the call and ran to the bathroom to

freshen up.


Because I love Rico doesn’t mean I don’t care

about Cole. That’s the mean reason why I can’t just break up with him.

He has been good to me.

I freshened up and within minutes I was out of the


I wore a simple dress and ran to the kitchen to eat

something quickly.

I had milk and bacon then asked that driver that

takes us to school to drive me and he agreed.

I brought out my phone on the way and texted Rico that I’m out.


I didn’t want to tell him before going out cause he’ll want to find out where I am heading to



We got to Davies mansion and wow.





Its just as beautiful as Salvador’s.


Gosh wealthy people are really lucky.


The gate was opened for us when i told them I’m

Cole’s girlfriend and school mate.

I knocked on the door after getting in and a maid

opened the door.

She ushered me in and took me to Cole’s room.

I knocked softly on the door and heard his voice.


“Come in.”


I hesitated for a while before opening the door to

get in.


He was sitting down on a chair and scrabbling

something on a white piece of paper.


“Hey” I cooed getting closer to him.

His room was all boyish but damn beautiful.

“Hey” he replied and stopped what he was doing.

“How are you?” I asked still starring at him.

There is sadness written all over his face making

me wonder if there is a problem.







“I’m okay, I see you’re doing good too” he said

calmly and I nodded.

“You can sit on that couch” he beckoned on me

and I went to the two sitters couch there and sat


He stood up and came to me.

Why is his face like that? Is it because of where he went to?


“Cole, why are you sad?” I asked with concern

written all over my face.


“Did something bad happened where you went to?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Of course, not. Its just that I’m scared of loosing

you to someone else” he cooed and my heart

melted immediately.

I took my eyes away from him as guilt played it part in me.


He took hold of my hand and squatted down to my size.


“Promise me you won’t leave me kendra” he said

calmly and I took my eyes to his tears threatening

to spill.







“Promise me” he said again almost pleading and I

nodded slowly.

If you were in my shoe you would.

Gosh I don’t no how to escape this anymore.

He smiled and fondled my hand.

“Thanks” he added and I nodded then he gave me a quick kiss on the forehead.



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