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Episode 35

Babysitting The Bad


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β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

“Co…cole” I called under my breathe.

I heard him chuckle and took a step back then he disappeared.

“Cole!!” I screamed and made to run after him but Rico held my arm.

“Let go of me! Now!!” I yelled at him and he left me.

I ran through the door and turned left and right but couldn’t find him.

Oh no!

Cole no please! I covered my mouth as I bent down crying.

How could I do that? How could I?

I felt someone touch me from the back and I jerked up.


I removed his hand from my body.

“Don’t touch me please” I mumbled and left to look for cole.

Cole please where are you? I wondered as I took the right path of the hallway heading to the garden side.

Students that walked pass me kept starring at me awkwardly but I don’t care.

I need to apologize to him.

Why the hell did I allow Rico to do that?

I mean what is wrong with me? Why didn’t I leave when he asked me to?

I got to the garden and eye searched him but couldn’t find him.

I came out and boomed into kora still crying.

“Hey! What’s wrong? I’ve been searching for him all over$ she said and I busted out into more tears and hugged her.

“Hey!” He said again and hugged me back.

“What happened kendra? Come on talk to me” she urged and after a long time of crying I disengaged and remembered that I can also call him.


Cell phone..


Its in my bag and my bag is inside the locker.

I ran off to the classroom leaving kora more puzzled.

I got to the classroom and grabbed my locker keys and ran back to the hallway where our lockers are and opened the locker.

I brought out my bag and took out the phone immediately and dialed his number.

Its started ringing immediately but suddenly stopped.

I tried calling it back but it wasn’t going through.

Oh my!


Kora met me leaning on the lockers.


“Kendra what is it? Why are you like this? Talk to me please” she pleaded.


Cole’s POV

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Like damn it was real.

Nick and Angela were right after all.

Something is really going on between them.

I left the school hurriedly and got into my car.

I drove out of school and packed beside the road feeling so frustrated, rejected and annoyed.

But why is she doing this to me? Is it because I wanted to use her?

But she was okay with it. Or did she pretend about it?

She is supposed to tell me if she doesn’t like me.

My phone started ringing and I turned and brought out the phone from my car.

Seeing she’s the one calling I felt more angry and threw the phone away.

Why does she have to kiss him, why?

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

Hours later we got back from school and I went straight to my room to lie down.

I’m feeling really bad.

Yes I betrayed him and I’m sorry for that.

I wish he’ll just appear here so I can explain things to him.

I hugged the soft bed tightly feeling so sad.


Rico’s POV


I stood outside Kendra’s door but she wasn’t opening up.


“You mean all that happened today?” Mason asked.

“Obviously, but why on earth did cole has to show up! Why that moment?” Jason said.

“Well, his her boyfriend so she’ll definitely feel bad about it” mason said.

“But, why did she allow you kiss her then? I mean if she was gonna behave this way why then

did she allow you kiss her?” Jason asked but I ignored him still starring at her door.

Even I don’t really understand the situation, I wonder why his asking me that.

My brothers left to their respective rooms and after a while of waiting I went into mine.

I’m happy that I got to express my feelings and also kiss her but her present situation is hard.

I don’t like it one bit.

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

I woke up early the next day and freshened up quick.

I hope to get to school early and meet cole to apologize to him.

My heart has been heavy and I can blearily eat.

And beside that kora is also leaving today making the whole situation worst for me.

“Bye Kendra. Make sure you explain things to cole well” she said getting into the cab outside the mansion.


“Yes of course, take care of your mom. Bye” I replied and waved at her as the cabby drove away.

I turned and got into the waiting van and soon I was in school.

I got down from the van and sighted Nick immediately and ran to him.

“Nick, please where is cole?” I asked.

“Um..on the roof top” he replied and I ran up.

I continued running until I got there and saw him backing me.

I took slow steps towards him really anxious.



I hope he forgives me.


I got to him and stopped.

He still didn’t turn back to look and I touched his hand.

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He didn’t still flinch or turn back so I decided to talk.

“Cole, am really sorry about yesterday” I cooed.

“Its was never meant to happen so am sorry. I’m so sorry” I apologized with my gaze on the floor.


“You really wanna know what caused the rift between us both fine I’ll tell you now” he stated and turned back to look at me.


There were still pains in his eyes.


“It happened two years ago” he started.


“Cole, what the f**k is this?” Rico asked handing a paper to me.

I collected it and starred at it confused.

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There was my handwriting. It looks like am confessing my feelings to Pearl, Rico’s girlfriend.

My eyes left the paper after reading it.

“Um..I don’t no anything about this Rico I swear” I replied.

“You don’t no!! Then why is there your handwriting there?”

“Are you in love with Pearl?” He asked starring at me.

“I swear to you that I don’t no about this confession. I didn’t write this” I defended.

“You…you didn’t write this? Then who did because its your handwriting.”

“Why could you deceive me cole? Cole I trusted you.”


“You went behind me expressing your love to Pearl?”

“Damn we were supposed to be brothers” he yelled.

“But I didn’t write this Rico, I swear I have no idea why my hand writing is on it” I defended.

“You liar, swear you don’t have feelings for her” he snarled.

“Yes I do, so what?” I snapped back and he scoffed.

“I knew it, you betrayal, you’re trying to steal her away from me isn’t it? You’re trying to take Pearl away from me” he yelled and pushed my chest.

“Rico stop that shit” I half yelled.

“I’m not a betrayal okay? I just love her and….”

Before I could end my sentence he launched a punch on my face.

Flash back ends.

“So you see Kendra that’s the cause of our fight.”

“I thought we were gonna get over it in a week but pearl left because of our fight and he hated me more and I can’t bear it.”

“God knows I never confessed my feelings to Pearl even tho I loved and met her first.”

“I saw her first but let Rico have her. He made the move first and I let them be because his my friend.”

“I never told him how I felt about Pearl because he was also in love with her.”

“So I couldn’t take the accusations he is laying against me.”

“I never for once approached pearl for that reason. No one knew about my feelings apart from Nick.”

“I’m really and truly disappointed in him.”

“So Kendra I let him have pearl but I won’t let him have you alright.”

“I will never let him have you again Kendra” he said in tears and left me.


I fell on my knees and closed my eyes in tears.

Oh no!


Please don’t tell me what happened is repeating itself.



End of season 1

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