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Episode 25

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]




(She’s a wild bit*h)


Rico’s POV

“Angela?” I called and she turned to face me.

“Are you alright? Who taught you those shit?” I asked surprised at what she has been saying.

“I taught myself so now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got an answer to listen to” she replied and faced kendra again.

“So what’s really going on between you two?” She asked again and I looked at Kendra.

She was feeling really nervous.


But why will she feel nervous over a little girl’s question.

“Daddy!!” She half yelled and I raised my head to see dad approaching.

I quickly maintained a good sitting position.

“Oh my princess, how was your night?” He asked her.

“It was sweet Daddy” she replied happily and he carried her and kept her on a sit.

“Good morning sir” I heard kendra.

“Hey, how was your night?” I heard him ask.

“Its was fine sir” Kendra replied.

“Morning dad” I heard Mason and Jason mutter under their breathe.


“Morning sons” he replied and sat down.

Oh gosh.


I hate talking to him but what to do.

“Morning sir” I greeted.

“Yea Rico, hope you’ve learnt your lessons?” He asked.

“Sure” I mouthed and soon mom appeared smiling.

“How are you kids?” She asked taking a sit beside Angela.



“Mom I’ve really missed you, when will you visit me over there?” I heard Angela ask and mom cupped her face.

“I will visit real soon honey, I might even go with you” she replied.


Hmm funny parents.

Dad is staying in another place with Angela. Mom is equally in another place running her family company.


While we are here in the main house.

The maids started serving breakfast and I heard dad talk.

“So kendra, I don’t really no much about you expect for the fact that you’re staying here. Can you tell me a little about yourself?” He asked.

“Um..There is really nothing to no about me sir. I’m just an orphan” she replied and I raised my head to look at her.


What?? She’s an orphan?

“Oh really? It must be really hard without both parents” dad said.

“Yes sir” Kendra replied.

“So where are you from exactly?” He asked again.


“I..I don’t no, I grow up in an orphanage actually. I’ve never seen any of my relatives, I have no idea if my parents are alive or dead or where they are” she replied and I continued starring at her for some unknown reason.


“Oh, that’s really sad. Sorry about that” dad said and she nodded.

I noticed her face changed immediately she was asked that question and she became really uncomfortable.

We started eating immediately the maids left.

“So you’re eighteen huh!?” Dad asked after a while.

“Yes sir” kendra replied.

“But dad”…I heard Angela cut in.

“I thought its not good to talk while eating. So why are you talking?” She asked starring at dad.

“Um..Angela don’t mind me. Go on with your food” he replied her and she continued eating.



I went upstairs to my room to get my bag and some of the things I might need.

I’ll need to go to class for the first time in a long time.

Dad is around. I don’t want a second punishment so I’ll have to act properly until he goes back.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

Kora and I got into the awaiting van which took us to school afterwards.

I had earlier called Cole with the line he gave me and he informed me that he won’t be coming to school today.

Maybe his still not feeling strong and I can’t visit him even if I wanted to.

Kora and I walked together along the hallway as I told her about all that happened last night.

She was really shocked hearing it and oops I boomed into someone again.

Or should I say the person intentionally blocked my way.

“Hey watch it!” I heard her groan and I looked up at her.



Oh, she’s the same girl speaking nonsense the other day and she’s also the one I saw kissing Rico at the party last night.


“Why don’t you watch it?” I hushed and made to leave with kora but she blocked my way again.

She was with that her friend I saw her with the other time she tried this shit.

“What were you doing in Rico’s car last night?”

“I thought you were Cole’s girlfriend, or did you find out that Rico is more stronger than cole on bed and you decided to try his d**k?” She asked and I felt disgusted immediately.


Geez! What such of shit is she uttering?

I shook my head and made to pass her again but she blocked me.

“I’m gonna slap some sense into you if you don’t move” I threatened and I heard people ohh.

I looked around and noticed that a lot of student has gathered immediately.

What the….?

“I dare you to do it little b****y!” She replied with a mockery smile.

“If there is anyone bearing bit*h here then I suppose its you” I said in a calm voice.

“Look I don’t want problems alright” I said and pushed her off my part and walked away with kora.


“I’m gonna get you” I heard hed yell from behind.



“Why is she like that kora?” I asked kora who hasn’t said a word since.

“You should avoid her. She’s a pain in the a*s, she has dated cole before tho, people doesn’t no about this but I heard Rico and the twins talking about it” she said and I looked at her.

“Are you serious? I thought cole hasn’t dated anyone before?” I asked.

“Yea that’s what I thought too and not only me but everyone” she replied.

“But why didn’t you inform of this kora?” I asked feigning annoyance.



“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to tell you” she apologized.

“She’s a wild bit*h, I bet her p**sy is as large as a well” she said and I gasped.

“Kora!!” I half yelled and started walking fast.

When she starts she doesn’t have an end.

I walked fast and got to a corridor and turned.

I felt something fall on me and I gasped.

The smell alone could make someone purge.

I looked up and saw her.

That stupid girl.

She was with her friend and they were smiling.

“Sorry baby, its a mistake, she said in mockery and left.”

My body was soaked with whatever water she pulled on me.

I looked at myself and felt like crying.

What did I do to this bit*h?



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