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Episode 4

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]



Next day.

v Kendra’s POV v

A knock came at the door and I struggled my eyes open.

I sat upright and yearned.

“Who’s it?” I mutter but didn’t hear a response.

I got out of the Comfy bed and opened the door to see Kora with one other maid.

Kora was holding a school uniform and a pair of shoes while the other maid was holding a bag.

“Come in, I beckoned on them and they entered.”

They dropped it on my bed and the other maid left.

So Kendra bath and put on this uniform.

You’ll be having breakfast with Mrs Rebecca before she leaves.

“Be fast about it, lemme go get dressed, she said and left.”

I looked at the cream coloured uniform and smiled.

I’ll be attending the riches school.

I went into the bathroom after I’d locked the door.

I brushed and had my bath.

I came out eagerly and put on the uniform.


I put on the cream coloured inner shirt and the dark blue jacket on it. I wore my dark blue skirt

and holy molly.

It’s too short.




This is too short.


“How am I gonna walk in this knowing fully well that my laps are too exposed?” I wondered.

I took the five inch high heel kora brought and wore it.

I walked towards the big mirror and stood in front of it.



The only problem is the skirt.

I sat down and packed my hair in a bun leaving strands to fall across my face.

I opened the little box of makeup kit I saw and took out a mascara.

I applied it and blinked repeatedly.

I took the red lip stick and also applied a little then little brown powder i also saw on the table.

This will be enough for today.

I don’t wanna look bit**y or unkept today.

I smiled to the mirror and got up, then took the bag which already contained some books in it.

I went down with it straight to the dinning.

There I saw Mrs Rebecca and Kora.

Kora was actually sitting and eating with her.

“Morning ma’am, I greeted as I took a sit.”

Kora was also on uniform and she freed her long dark hair making it fall on her shoulder.

I wonder why she said she isn’t pretty.



She’s so damn pretty.

“Morning kendra, hope you enjoyed your night?” She asked and I smiled.

“Yes ma’am, I replied.”

I can see you’ve gotten ready for school.

Not to worry kora will help you do the things required to ensure you’re fully admitted.

“She’ll take you to the principal’s office alright?” Mrs Rebecca said.

“Yes ma’am, I replied and a maid showed up with a tray.”

It contained three cup of coffees.

She kept the tray and immediately the boys showed up.

They were looking….




Too cute.


Way too cute.


They sat down after mumbling a good morning to Mrs Rebecca and drank the coffee.

Immediately they were done drinking the coffee they stood up and left.



Is that their morning food??

A maid showed up and served me my breakfast.

Wonder why it took so long.

She served me breakfast and took the coffee cups away.

“Mrs Rebecca, kora and I continued eating.”

After a while the boys showed up again.



They went to their mom one after the other and kissed her.


The first good thing I’ve seen in them so far.

“Bye dear sons, Mrs Rebecca said and they left immediately.”

I think headed for school cause they were on uniform too but without a bag.

“Alright kora, kendra remember to do your jobs okay?” Goodbye, she said and stood up.

“Goodbye, kora and I said simultaneously and she smiled and left.”


She’s a nice woman.


“Alright kendra its our turn to leave, kora said standing up.”

She took the plates we used in eating and left.

She came back few minutes later to call me.

She was holding a bag – her school bag.

We went out of the house and into the compound.

“Wait, how are we gonna go to school?” I asked kora and she chuckled.

“Of course a driver will take us there, kora said and walked towards a van.”

I followed her and she got in, I also got in and a guard went in and ignited the engine.

This van will be the one taking us to school daily, she said and I nodded.

Thank goodness we have a ride at least.



The van alerted at the packing lot and we came down.

I’ve been starring at the school from the window ever since we drove in.

The school is too big.


Eight times bigger and more beautiful than my former school.

“Wait, why I am even comparing?”


Its incomparable.

Its damn beautiful.

I stood at a point and looked round the school.

Students could be seen walking towards different angles.

They all looked wealthy.


The huge space is what is still surprising me.


They could build another school in the space available.

“Kendra!! Snap out of it okay?” Kora yelled at my face.

“Let’s go, she said and held my hand dragging me along with her. ”

I kept looking around baffled by everything am seeing.


I only see things like this in a movie.


I don’t believe am seeing something like this is real life.

My goodness!

She dragged me into a corridor and we got into the hallway.

There were some many lockers there.


“Students were at every corner, mostly in pairs.”

We kept on walking as I turned my head left and right.

I love the high walls.


I love everything here.


We continued walking until she stopped and knocked on a door – office.


“Come in, we heard a manly voice say.”

She pushed open the door and we got in.

“Good morning sir, kora greeted.”

“Good morning sir, I also greeted and he beckoned on us to sit.”

We sat facing him and I looked at the name on his desk.


Mr Patrick – the principal.


“Wow! He looks really young and handsome too.”

I mean really handsome.

“Isn’t he supposed to be in college?”

“What’s he doing here as a principal?” I thought.

Without asking questions he brought out a book and passed it to me.

“Write down all your details.” Mrs Rebecca already told me that you’ll be coming, he spoke so sweetly.


I brought out a pen and write everything needed.

Alright kora will do the rest for you.

Ensure you get her a locker and show her round the school.

“You no where to go for her text books, he spoke directly to kora. ”

“Yes sir, kora replied and stood up.”

I also stood up with her.

“Enjoy your stay here Kendra, the young principal said and I nodded.”

“Thanks sir, I said as we got out of his office.”

“Kora is that really the principal of Salvador high?” I asked in disbelief.

“Of course kendra. You’re really funny, she replied laughing slightly.”



“Wow! His so young, I exclaimed.”

Yea, I heard he studied high school here and also attended Salvador’s college in Chicago making it easy for him to become the principal.

Heard he is super brilliant and his parents are also wealthy so it was an easy thing getting a job here as a principal, she explained as we walk along the hallway.




There weren’t much students on the hallway again and I wondered if lesson has commenced already.



But no, they were gathered ahead.

“What’s going on over there?” I asked pointing ahead.

It must be Rico and Cole again.

“Come let’s go so you’ll see my cole, she said and started walking fast.”

I followed her hastily.

I really needed to see the cole this she’s in love with.

We got to the crowd and forced ourselves to the front.

There I saw Rico and another super cute guy.


Holy Christ!

I think I’m going blind.

Guess the guy is cole.


Rico and cole were standing face to face at a close range.

Their hands fisted.

Their eyes burning with rage.

“What are they doing?” I whispered to kora.



“Isn’t it obvious??” She asked.

“They are about to fight, she replied and I gasped.”


“Wait, this morning? ”

You must be kidding!

“How am I to handle someone like this?”

“Someone this dangerous??”



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