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Episode 16

Babysitting The Bad


但[Our Nanny] 但



(His gonna kill me)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“What?? I should kiss you? ”


“Am sorry I can’t, I replied with my eyes fixed on the floor.”

“Why can’t you?” He asked.

Because… I don’t no how to do it, I replied with my eyes still fixed on the floor.

“I’ll do it then, he said and made to kiss me.”

“Wait! I said and he stopped.”

Um..why don’t we…

I was about to say but he cut in and kissed me.

I tried pushing him away again but he held my two hands and I gave in.

“Well, I had to give in.”

I knew this was gonna happen but I didn’t expect it to be today.

I didn’t even no how to kiss so I left it all for him.


Rico’s POV

“Rico!! Please hold on! Sheila kept yelling but I didn’t listen to her.”

“She was the one who came to me wasn’t she?”


I continued thrusting into her speedily.

Sweat already covered my body but I couldn’t stop.

I’ll have to damage her damn p***y before am satisfied.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

He continued kissing me covering my lips with his.

After a while he disengaged and looked at me.

Am sorry for forcing you Kendra but you should understand that we’re dating and you shouldn’t deprive me of a simple kiss, he said holding my two cheeks and all I could do was to nod.

“You have forgiven me?” He asked softly.

“Yes, I managed to reply.”

My heart was still beating real fast.



Gosh his lip is so pink and soft and coupled with the fact that his handsome I don’t think I’ll stop thinking about the kiss.

“Okay let’s go, let’s go to the canteen you must be hungry by now, he cooed and took his bottle of drink.”

He held me in one hand as I followed him down.


Rico’s POV

I felt my cum building up and I pulled out of her.

Dragged her down and made her opened mouth.

I released my cum into her mouth and she swallowed em up.

“My phone started vibrating from where I kept it.”

I took the phone and placed it over my ear then started wearing my trousers. “Sheila ran out immediately but who cares.”

I wore my trouser and didn’t bother with the shirt as I came out of the restroom.

“My phone almost fell when I saw cole and kendra.”

“Why do I have to bumped into em now?”

“Cole had a smirking playing at the corner of his cheek.”

Weldon brother. I saw what you did there – with Sheila of cause, he said and grinned. I took my eyes to Kendra and her head was bent.

I’ll just ignore you right now, I said in a hard tone and wanted to move past him but he said something he shouldn’t have.

“Alright weakling, he replied making me stop.”

I turned to look at him and he stood akimbo.

“Hmm why did you stop?” He asked but I replied him with a slap.

I hate it when I’m being referred to as one and I’ll have to make me stop calling me that.

“He staggered back and touched his lips.”



“He smiled and moved towards me.”

“You’re a weakling accept the damn truth, he said and I punched him on his nose and he started bleeding immediately.”

“He took his hand to his nose and cleaned the blood.”

Two. I want the third one weak a*s, he said again and I punched him on his face.

I headbutted him next and kendra tried to pull me away from him.

“F**k! don’t touch me, I groaned at her.”

I might slap her if she does so its better she leaves me to do what I want.

I pushed him to the floor not minding that his not retailing.

“He has to stop using that word on me.”

I continued punching him until his face were covered with bruises.

“Rico stop it!” I heard kendra plead but didn’t listen to her.

“Why should I?”

I sat down on him and kept releasing punches until I heard the siren.

“Shit! I groaned and stood up from him.”

I looked back and saw men dressed in black approaching.


“What are they doing in school??”

I tried to run but its no use cause I didn’t notice early and they caught up with me.

“They made me knee and cuffed my hand behind my back.”


“Cole was still laying on the floor.”


I won’t be seeing him for a least three days.

“That’s actually a relief.”



“The students gathered and watched as they dragged me into the cops van and drove me to the station.”



“We got to the station and they threw me in.”

The school principal arrived few minutes later and came to meet me in the cell.

“When will all this grudges stop Rico?” You’re giving yourself a bad name, he continued saying but its not actually my business that his preaching.

“I’ve informed your father, he said and I stood up immediately.”

“You did what??” I asked hoping I heard him right.

You promised me the last time you were in jail that you wouldn’t fight again and that’s why I didn’t inform your father but see you broke that promise, he replied.

“Tell me you’re joking mister, I said not wanting to believe it.”

“You left me no choice, he replied and left.”

Oh my goodness!

Am dead.

Father is going to kill me once he gets back here.

“Mason and Jason rushed into the cell.”

“The principal called dad, mason said immediately he got to me.”

I sank my fingers into my hair and sat on the floor.

“What are we going to do Rico?”

“Dad is going to kill you for sure, Jason said.”

“Maybe we should bribe the cops and get you out of here before he gets back so you can run far away, Mason suggested but I kept quite.”

“Rico dad is going to kill you and not only you he’ll punish us as well, Jason chipped in.”

We have to do something fast.


“Yes, am not going to tell him kill me.”


“Get me out of here now, I said standing up.”

“I won’t let him see me.”



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