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Episode 8

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]




β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

“No!! Get off me, I yelled and tried pushing him away but he weighed me down with his weight.”

Then I placed my hands on his eyes and covered his eyes.

He removed my hands forcefully thereby giving me a little space.

I shifted backwards and when he made to grab me I headbutted him.

My head started spinning.


“Oh, my!”

“His head is too strong.”

“He groaned and I used that opportunity to get off the bed but unfortunately he got hold of one of my legs.”




I used my other leg to kick his hand off and he left me but it didn’t last as he sprang up and came at me as I was about to run out.

He dragged me inside and slapped me hard across the face.

I screamed in pains and he pushed me to the bed.

Help!! I yelled loudly.


Rico’s POV

“F**k! What the hell is delaying Jason?”

“Why isn’t he coming with the pack of condom I asked him to bring down?”

“Lemme go get it. Who knows if he has already slept off.”

I took the stairs and got to the corridor.

I started hearing someone’s voice and I listened carefully.

“Wait, isn’t that that silly nanny’s voice?”


“What is she even saying?”

I walked closer and heard what she’s saying clearing.

She was screaming for help.


I paused and opened the door slightly to see her struggling with Jason.

“So this is where he is?”

I exhaled and wanted to ignore them.

“Wait, is he trying to rape her?”


“Jason will never do that in his normal senses.”

“But should I stop her?”

“What concerns me if he rapes her?” I started off to my room but stopped mid way and went back.

“F**k! I told her to get out of this house.”

I opened the door and dragged Jason away from her.

“Get out! I groaned at him and he picked the bottle on the floor and left.”

I looked at the nanny and saw that she was crying.

I told you get out of here, didn’t I? I half yelled but she didn’t say anything but continued crying.


I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply.

I might not be there to save you next time and Jason wasn’t in his rest senses. Even if you approach him tomorrow he won’t remember a thing.

“Just do what’s best for you, I said and made for the door.”

“Thank you, I heard her say and paused but didn’t turn to look at her.”

I sighed and left, closing the door behind me.

I went down and turned off the music.

“Leave!!” I said coldly and everyone groaned.

“They started leaving almost immediately and mason walked up to me.”

“What happened ?”

“Why did you interrupt the party?” He asked.

“Make sure everyone leaves, I said instead and took the stairs.”

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“Rico, i heard Sheila’s voice but didn’t turn to look at her.”

I’ve been waiting for you sweetie, aren’t we doing it anymore? She asked following me upstairs.

“Aren’t we gonna have s*x anymore?” She asked again when I didn’t reply her.

“Get lost, I said icily and she stopped following me.”

She knows better.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I can’t believe what just happened.

Jason almost raped me in the name of alcohol.

“Did Rico just say he won’t remember?”

“That bastard! He even slapped me.”

“Oh gosh! Maybe I should run away.”



I can’t bear leaving with the guys.



Next day



I got out of bed and went to the shower.


“Came out few minutes later looking like a ghost.”


“Event of what happened last night kept replying in my head.”

I wore my school uniform and carried my bag down stairs to the dinning.

Not withstanding am very hungry.

I saw kora eating with another maid.

“Hey Kendra, she called.”

“Hey, I replied and also sat down.”

“She said something to the maid beside her and the lady stood up and came back with my food.”

I started eating hungrily.




We came down from the van and started walking into the building of the school.

Students were everywhere chatting and pressing their various phones.

“We got to the class and sat down.”

There was no teacher there.

“Kendra you have been quite. What’s wrong?”

“Are you angry that I stopped you from sending those people away?” She asked.

“Of course not kora.” I’m glad you actually stopped me, its just that another terrible thing happened to me last night, I said.




“What happened Kendra?”

“Tell me why you’re like this?” She said.

“Jason tried to sleep with me, I said but she didn’t seem surprised.”

“So how did you get out?” She asked.

“Aren’t you surprised?” I asked.

“When they are drunk its happens.” All of em so that’s why its advised to leave them alone when they are partying and all, she explained.

“Hmm thank goodness he didn’t succeed.”

“So how did you escape him?” She asked.

“Rico, I muttered.”


“What do you mean Rico?” She asked confused.

“Rico saved me kora, you asked how I escaped and am telling you now that he was the one that saved me, I said impatiently. ”


“What?? Rico?”


“Its impossible. Rico will never save you from Jason.” Maybe you didn’t see clearly because you were scared, she said and scoffed.

I looked at her getting pissed.

“Oh gosh kora!”


I didn’t tell you I got blinded, did i ?

I swear that it was him kora. I swear, I said almost yelling and she shook her head.

“Its just..it sounds ridiculous. Rico?”



“That’s a first girlie, she said and smiled.”

“Maybe he’s gonna change after all and I was surprised that the party didn’t last till mid night.”

I heard from one of the workers that he sent them away so it might be true, she said and paused.

“Could he be changing alread?” She asked with wide eyes.

I don’t understand you kora. What are you trying to say? I inquired confused.

“Rico might be changing already, she said and I scoffed.”



Kora and I were walking along the hallway when cole suddenly showed up.

“Hi kendra, I wanna speak with you, he cooed standing with one of his finger in his pocket.”

I looked at kora and she also looked at me.

“Oh..okay, i said nervously.”

“He looked at kora and she left.”

“Wait, why is she leaving?”


K.., I wanted to call but he stopped me

I made her leave. Follow me, he ordered and took a corner.

I followed him behind nervously.

“We don’t no each other. What is happening?”

He stopped in a quite area and turned to me.

“So what I wanna say is quite simple kendra, he said and paused then continued again.” I like you and wanna date you, he said and I raised my head to look at him in the eyes.

My eyes widened.

“What???” I asked in confusion.



“So is it gonna be a yes?” He asked calmly.



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