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Episode 13

Babysitting The Bad



[Our Nanny]




β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I raised my eyes to look at him and saw a look I couldn’t understand.

“Move! I heard cole yell and Rico immediately left.”

“Cole grabbed my hand and I followed him even if I didn’t want to.”

I turned back to stare at him but he was no longer in sight.

“The students have started dispatching.”

“Cole, I suddenly called and freed my hand from his.”

“I want…to use the ladies, I lied and he nodded.”

I turned back and started leaving.

“Does that mean that they fought yesterday?”

“When Rico returned from school I didn’t see bruises, it was only when he left alone and returned in the evening.”


“So Rico met with him?”


This is more difficult than I imagined.

I continued going and got to a corner.

I don’t even no where am headed.


“Just wanna go away from all this fight.”


I took the corner which seems lonely and got into a place that looks like a garden.

I sighed and stand at akimbo for a while admiring the beauty of the garden.

“Its really beautiful.”

“Gosh! This boys must be damn rich.”



I heard a sound which sounded like someone that’s coughing and turned to the direction.

“Hmm I think someone is here.”

“Who could it be?” I strained my neck but couldn’t find anyone.

“Then I decided to ignore it but heard the sound again and this time it was more serious.”



“Is the person dying or what??”

I took a step towards the direction and continued going until I saw the person’s head.

I looked carefully and decided who the person was.


“Geez Rico!”


“Why is he coughing that way? Could he be sick or something?”

I saw a stick of cigarette in his hand.

“Oh! Its probably the cigarette that is making him cough.”

“Then why is he still smoking when he coughs so much?”


Bad boy!

“Lemme just ignore him, it’ll be best cause I don’t want dramas from him.”

I made to leave but oops he turned and saw me.

I stopped and also looked at him.

He looked surprised at first but quickly covered it with a straight face.

“He turned his head as if he hadn’t seen anyone and I wondered if I should be the one to say something.”


I mean since he has seen me.


“Hey! I muttered but I was sure he heard.”


“He didn’t reply but instead he took a bottle by his side which I guessed to be alcohol and gulped from it.”

I sighed and moved closer to him.

I stood by his side but he didn’t turn to look at me.

I shook my head bitterly and sat down beside him.

“Damn! I’ve got to stop feeling scared around him.”

“Rico, I turned and called him but he didn’t reply and grabbed the bottle and made to drink from it.”


I held the bottle and he turned to look at me.

“Stop drinking, I said and he widened his eyes.”

“Are you crazy??” He asked but I didn’t reply him.

I started pulling the bottle away from him with my two hands and he crumpled his face.

“Get out of my sight!” He said again and pulled the bottle away from me with just one hand.

“Shit! His stronger that I am.”


“Get out from my sight!!” He said again sounding more angry.

“But why the hell does he change his mood every second??”

“W..Why?” I asked even tho I no its a foolish question.

He ignored me and stood up.

“Don’t make me hurt you, he said and left with the bottle and the cigarette.”

I buried my head on my palm wondering the kind of mess I’ve gotten myself into.





Later that day.

At the mansion.



I sat down facing kora as I ate from my food.

I didn’t meet up with cole for lunch and I didn’t have anything during lunch.

“I’m damn hungry that I could swallow a whole house.”

“One thing about me is that I love eating a lot. That’s if I see food.”

I continued eating hungrily while kora kept starring at me for an unknown reason.

“We just got back from school and the boys are yet to return.”

Soon I heard car hones and I guess its the boys.

The door opened and the boys walked in.

I turned and saw mason and Jason.

They walked up and came down few minutes later and surprisedly came to the dinning.

“Hey Nanny!” I heard mason say as he sat down and kept his leg on the dinning table.

Jason smirked and also sat down.

“Kora immediately got up and left.”

She came back few minutes later with two trays containing meals – meanly fruits.

“Where did Rico say his going to?” I heard Mason ask.

“I don’t no, he didn’t tell me anything, Jason replied biting on his food.”

“Nanny get me that glass, I heard Jason say and I scoffed.”

“Do I look like your maid?” I thought and ignored him.

I haven’t still forgotten that he tried to rape me even tho he doesn’t remember.

“Nanny!!” I heard him yell but I ignored him still.

“Mason Is she dead or what??” Jason asked mason who only shrugged.

“Maybe she is, he finally chipped in.”



“Get it yourself Jason.” Am not your maid, I finally said and stood up with my meal.

I could see the shock expression on his face as I left the dinning.

“He probably thinks he can order me around.”




I looked at the time and it was 11:15 pm in the night.

“Rico is not yet back and I don’t have a phone to even call him.”

“The twins has gone to bed and it was raining heavily.”


“Everywhere was quite.”


“Why isn’t he back yet?” I thought worriedly as I paced up and down in the sitting room.

“Did something happen to him?”

“Did he get into a fight and was beaten up to the extent that he can’t come home?”

“Perhaps he has been throw into jail.”

Kora told me there were times he got throw into jail because he was caught fighting.

Oh lord!


“Am so nervous right now.”


Am supposed to no all their whereabouts.

“What am I gonna tell Mrs Rebecca if something terrible happens to him??”

I kept Pacing about until I heard car hones.

I rushed out of the sitting room and stood on the door step.

It was raining heavily and I can’t afford to get wet.

The car that drove in opened and he stepped out.

“Aha! He seems okay.”



He got closer and I noticed that he is all wet.

“Was he standing under the rain?”

He got closer and saw me.

“Hey! What happened to you?” You got me worried, I said but he ignored me.

I noticed that he was shivering probably because he was wet.

“Hey! I called when he was about to get in but he ignored me.”

I ran and stood in his front making him stop.

“Didn’t you get what I’ve being saying, huh!?” I asked and noticed his eyes were closing.

“Hey! I called again but he didn’t reply and closed his eyes.”



“He was about to fall but I ran and held him making him fall on me.”



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