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Episode 14

Babysitting The Bad


但[Our Nanny] 但




(Taking care of him)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I starred at his closed eyes as he slept peacefully.

I’ve been able to get him to his room with the help one of the servants.

His is running a temperature but his body seems to calm down now tho his not totally okay.

“Why will someone this handsome be stubborn?”

“Why is he this bad??”


I sighed as I placed my hands on my chin starring keenly at him.

I touched his forehead few minutes later and his temperature was a bit high.

“Why isn’t it going down?”

I stood up from the small stool I was sitting on and left for the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen and boiled hot water, looked for a clean towel and left with it.

I got to his room and shut the door.

It was already 12 in the midnight so everyone has gone to bed.

I sat down on the stool and dipped the towel into the hot water.

I brought the towel out and dried it.

I placed the towel on his head but damn how do I change his wet clothes.

I have to get this wet clothes off his body or everything I do is in vain.

I glanced around the room and sighted his closet.

I walked into his closet and looked for warm up clothes.

“How do I put this on him?”

“Should I call his brothers??”


“Will they even answer me?”


“No! I have to do this myself.”


“What am I a nanny for if I can’t change clothes??”

I walked back to him and set up three pillows.

Then I pulled him up and placed his head on the pillow.

I went for his shirt buttons and wanted to unhook it but he held my hand.

I looked at him but his eyes were still closed.


“Is he stopping me??”


“But its gonna get worst if I don’t do this.”

I removed his hand from mine and succeed in unbuckling his buttons.

I removed the shirt from him and managed to wear a sweater on him after I had dried his body with a dry towel.


Then next it was his trousers.


This is where the real trouble is.

“How will I do it?”


“Okay, am gonna close my eyes.”

“But how do I see what am doing?”

“Oh kendra!” This is your job, my inner mind told me.

“This is why you are being paid dollars.”

I moved to his legs and pulled the trouser out.

Thanksfully his putting on a boxer.

I got another duvet and spread it on his waist side down to his laps.

“Then I closed my eyes and round my hands around his sides.”

I pulled down the boxer gently with my eyes closed.

“Aha! I did it.”


“Now I’ll have to put on another trouser.”


I took the trouser I brought and wore it on him. I got to his laps and closed my eyes again.

“Then slowly and gently wore the trouser on him.”

“Wow! You did it kendra!”

I smiled and removed the duvet covering his waist and spread it on him.



Now his changed.

I packed the wet clothes and went to dump it in a basket in his bathroom.

I came back and sat beside him.

I took the towel still on his head and dipped into the water which has already become warm.

I dried the towel and placed it back on his head.

I need to change the water.

I carried the bowl and went down to the kitchen and boiled another hot water.

“After that I took it up and went to sit in my formal position.”

“Took the towel and did what I’ve been doing.”


“My eyes were now inching me.”

I need to sleep, seriously!

I placed my hands on my chin as I watched him sleep.

“Hmm should I give him some drugs?”

“Will that be necessary?”

“I touched his forehead and what??”

“His temperature is only raising?”


“What the hell is happening?”


I quickly left his room and went down to the kitchen.

I’ve learnt a lot from my neighbor when I used to live alone.

“Her kids always get sick and I’ve been the only taking care of them with her.”

I used to see how she makes soup and give them medicine, they usually get better after she gives them that.


I got to the kitchen and looked around.

“Where do I get all the ingredients to use? They will be here but how the hell do I get them?”

I think I’ll have to disturb kora.

I rushed to her room and kept on knocking at the door until she opened up.

“What?” What are you doing here Kendra? Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? She asked rubbing her eyes.

I held her hand and dragged her to the kitchen.

“Kora, I need your help badly?” I said to her.


She was fully awake now.


“What? What happened?” She asked curiously.

I need all the ingredients to make soup, I said.

“Huh, what kind of soup is that and why…

“Rico is sick.” His running a temperature, I said cutting her in.

“Oh really?” Lemme get them, she said and started bringing some ingredients out.



“Here you go, kora said handing over the pot of soup to me.”

“Alright thanks, I replied and carried it upstairs to his room.”

I got to his room and kept the pot on the table beside his bedside.

I glanced at the time and it was already getting to 2 am.

I dragged his head up and slightly slapped his cheek.

“He opened his eyes and closed them immediately.”

“Then I held his cheek and pressed it together, he opened his mouth and I slid a spoonful of the soup into it.”

“He opened his eyes immediately and spit it out.”



“Is this guy serious?”


“He didn’t even look at me and made to sleep back but I held him up even tho it was difficult.”

I held his cheeks together making him open his mouth again and I slid a spoonful of soup into his mouth.


“He made to vomit it but I didn’t allow him as I held his head firmly.”

“Gosh! I am getting tired.”

I slid another spoon into his mouth and he unconsciously drank it.

I’ll say unconsciously cause his eyes were still closed.




I exhaled deeply as i dropped the pot inside the sink.

I feel so tired and sleepy.

I walked back into his room and glanced at the time again.

It was already 2:30am.

I sat on the stool watching him and unknowingly dozed off.



I opened my eyes and glanced at the time.

Shit! Its 5:30am.

“How did I fall asleep here?”

I looked at Rico and he was still sleeping.

I removed the towel from his head and touched his head.

“Aha, Finally!”


“His temperature were back to normal.”

I carried the water and the towel and left his room.



Mason’s POV

I opened my eyes and glanced at the time.

“Hmm did Rico make it home?”

I stood up from the bed and opened the door.


I froze when I saw that nanny coming out from Rico’s room.

“What was she doing there so early?”

I watched her go down and I shut my door and went into Rico’s room.

“Oh, he came back!”

I turned and went to my room to freshen to for school.

Rico’s POV

I opened my eyes sluggishly and sat up on it.

“What the hell??”


“How did I get here?”

I got down from the bed and went into the bathroom to ease myself and to brush my tooth.

I came out and glanced at the time.




I walked downstairs to see Mason and Jason on the dinning.

“Hey bro!” They both greeted and I nodded and sat down.

They were eating bread, bacon and tea.

“Aren’t you going to school? Why aren’t you ready?” Jason asked.

“When did you come home yesterday?” Mason also asked.

“Huh! You don’t no when I came home?” I asked a little bit surprised.


“No, Jason do you?” Mason asked and he nodded negatively.

“Weird! Then who changed my clothes yesterday?” I asked starring at em both.

I don’t no bro, maybe its a ghost, Jason replied and chuckled.

“Yea, Mason added and laughed. ”

“Seriously guys! I said standing up.”

“Who the hell changed my clothes cause I no the servants wouldn’t dare touch me??”

“They both dropped their tea and concentrated on me.”

I don’t no, Jason said again.

“Um..I think I saw kendra coming out from your room this morning, mason said.”

“You mean the nanny?” I asked to be sure.

“Yes, I was also surprised, he replied and just then kora showed up with my meal.”

“Kora, when did I get home last night?” I asked.

“Em.. I don’t no.” Kendra was the one that took care of you last night, she replied and I scoffed.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

Well, you fell sick and she cleaned you up and fed you with em…

“Hold on; what do you mean by clean you up?” I asked cutting her off.

“Do you mean she was the one that changed my dress?”

“Yes and she also fed you with some medicinal soup so I think you should be asking her, she replied.”

I widened my eyes in shock and turned to look at my brothers who were also starring at me.

I think I recall someone feeding me.

“What the hell? She was the one?”

Just then we heard footsteps approaching and I turned to see her coming to the dinning.



She paused immediately she saw me.


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