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Episode 22

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]


(You lie too?)



Rico’s POV

I couldn’t do anything as she stayed glued to me.

“Um..Ken…kendra” I stuttered and she raised her head to look at me.

“Let’s.. Let’s go in to the car” I said and she released her hold on me.

I went to the other side of the car and placed my hand on my chest.

My heart beat has increased. I don’t no why tho but its shocking.

I sighed and opened the car door and got in.

“I really thought you left. You don’t no how scared I was” she cooed and placed her head on the car sit.


I ignited the engine and started driving but this time I drove slowly.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

Gosh, this guy is full of surprises.


Who knew he was gonna come back or did he even leave at all.

Tho to the happiest that he saved me I hugged him.

Well, I just did.

He kept mute to everything I said and continued driving normally or should I say slowly.

He got to a place that looks like a hall and packed.

“Wait here for me” he cooed and got off.

I folded my arms as I looked around.


Which place is this?

Soon I started seeing guys coming out and going in to the hall.

Even girls were there.


Most of them are actually from school. I’ve seen most of them in school.


Huh, are they doing anything here?

Why are they so many?


I continued waiting for Rico but its seems he wasn’t gonna show up.

Maybe I should look for him myself beside I’m feeling really hungry and need to eat.

I got down from the car and covered my face with my hair and started going in.


I went in through the part that I saw Rico go in.


Oh, my!


I think it’s actually a party, but why is there no music or why is the music not loud?

I went into the middle of the big place that’s filled with our school mate.

Its damn beautiful.

After recovering from everything I started eye searching Rico.

I continued turning around looking for him but couldn’t find him.


Where on earth is he? I’m feeling really hungry.


I searched and searched but couldn’t find him and decided to go back to the car.

I was on my way out of the place when a girl boomed into me.

“Oh, sorry baby” she said and left.

She looks really drunk.

I turned back to take a look at her and sighted Rico.

Huh! I moved to a corner and looked at him.

He was standing with a lot of guys and I saw a girl clinging to him.

Wait, I no that girl.


Its that girl that was saying nonsense days ago.


I continued watching him as he dropped the cigarette in his hand on the floor and stepped on it.

He turned to face that girl and they kissed.


Its not shocking anyways.


They kissed for a long time and the girl started following him out.

I quickly ran outside to the car and pretended to be asleep.

Soon I heard the car door opening and he got in and i felt him look at me.

I tightened my eyes so he won’t suspect that am awake and he ignited the engine and started driving.

He drove for a long time and packed.

He opened the door and got out but I still pretended to be asleep.

He came to my side and opened the door.

“You can stop pretending to be asleep I no you followed me into the hall” he said and shut the door back.

I opened my eyes and cleared my throat then looked around.

Huh, we haven’t arrived at the mansion why did he stop here?

I came down from the car and saw him sitting on the bonnet of his car.

I walked up to him and stood beside him.

“Why did you stop here?” I asked.

“To smoke, I don’t feel like going home” he replied.



Geez this guy am hungry.


“I don’t want to see my father” he replied and puffed out smoke from his mouth and nose.

Geez! I shook my head as I watched him smoke as if his life depends on it.


“Why don’t you want to see your father?” I asked even tho I have an idea why.

He turned to look at me as I said that and took his eyes away.

“Why did you follow me into the hall?” He asked and I coughed.

“I did..didn’t follow you into the hall” I replied and he chuckled.

“You lie too?” He asked in a mockery tone and I felt like slapping his head.

“And why did you hide when you saw me?” He asked again but I didn’t reply him.

I don’t even no why I did that.

“I’m hungry when are we heading home?” I asked instead.

He came down from the bonnet and opened the car then brought out a small nylon and throw it to me.


I opened it and there was dumplings and mashed potatoes.


How did this get into his car?



“There are meals there, I just took it out for you cause I no you’ll say this” he replied and sat back on the bonnet.

“Th….thanks” I cooed and took a bit from it.

Wow! Its delicious and really hot.

He came down from the bonnet immediately and came towards me.

He held my two waist and made me sit on the bonnet.

My eyes widened as he did that.

“You’ll get tired from standing” he cooed and sat down back on the bonnet.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly to be sure he really did that.


I thought he wouldn’t care at all.

I continued biting from the dumplings really enjoying it.

“Aren’t you hungry yourself?” I asked after a while.

“Well, this is enough for me” he replied showing me the pack of cigarette with him.

“Oh OK!” I replied and soon I was done with eating.

I sighed happily and rested on the car forgetting that there is cold.

Immediately my body touched the car it sent shivers down my spine and I sat up immediately hugging myself.

Rico looked at me immediately and signed.

“Are you feeling cold?” He asked and I shook my head positively.

When are we going home for Christ sake? I thought.


He pulled off the warmer he was putting on and gave it to me.

I can’t believe this.

Is this really Rico or someone pretending to be him?

Is he the one doing all this?

I collected it and wore it.

“Thanks” I muttered to his hearing.



We arrived at the mansion and got down.

Immediately we opened the door and behold there was Mrs Rebecca and what?

Mr Salvador.


I haven’t seen him in person so this is the first time I’m seeing him.


He has a straight look on while Mrs Rebecca was wearing a wondered look.


Rico paused he saw them and made to walk pass them but Mr Salvador’s voice stopped him.

“Where the hell are you coming from this late??” He asked in a hard tone.



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