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Episode 18

Babysitting The Bad



[Our Nanny]



(You have fallen for her)

Rico’s POV

They dragging me into a waiting van and drove off.

We arrived at the mansion few minutes later and I was taken to the basement at the back of the mansion.


They sat me down on a sit and tied my hands behind.

Hmm now when is dad gonna show up?

I waited there for minutes but didn’t see him. Its best I don’t try to escape cause when I’m caught again it’ll be double punishment and there is no way of escaping even if I wanted to.

Guards are sure lined up outside.

Soon I heard the hones of different cars and figured out he must have arrived here.

I sighed tiredly waiting for him.

The door opened few minutes later and mark came in with another guard.

The other guard dropped an iron chair probably for dad while mark was holding the electrocuting rod.




This man is really planning on killing me.

Three guards got in again and he got in afterwards.

He was putting on all black.


Black suite, tie, shoe…everything.


I must admit that his really handsome and young.

Tho I don’t really like him but I respect his aura.


A lot of people are afraid of him including me. I hate seeing him already and thank goodness he doesn’t leave with us here.

“So you are bent on ruining my image Rico?” He spoke with a hard tone.

“How many times have you brought me down here because of your stupid fights?” He groaned angrily.


I just kept quite as I starred at him. Yea I dare not reply him.

“And where were you trying to run to? Trying to hide from me?”

Answer me!! He yelled but I still kept quite.

I no he said I should answer him but if I do am dead.

You dare not answer even if he demands an answer.

He already knows why I was running anyways.

He stood up after a while and signalled mark to do it.

Oh f**k!


He stood at the door and watched how mark placed the rod on my laps side.

My whole body started vibrating. I felt electricity passing through my system.




“Dad” I called without realizing.

“Dad please make him stop” I groaned shaking.

Its hurts like crazy.


He just kept quite and continued starring at me from the door.

Sweats covered my body within minutes.


The pains will get worse every minute that passes.


“Dad please” I continued pleading but he didn’t say a word.


Mark stopped for a while and placed it on my ribs position.

My eyes widened as I felt electricity fill my system again.

“Dad please” I continued pleading but it seems as if he wasn’t hearing me.

“I swear I won’t fight again. I won’t, I pleaded tears rushing down my face.”

“I will be good from now on dad. Please believe me” I continued pleading but he kept looking.

An hour passed and he was still watching mark do it.

I have gotten really weak and couldn’t plead anymore.

My eye lid were becoming heavy and I knew I was about to pass out.

It looks like I just came out from shower considering how wet I was.

I heard a car hone and immediately someone came to the door.




Ha thank goodness!

Mom pushed him away and rushed to us. Before mark knew what was happening three slaps landed across his face and she ordered him to loose me.

With one of his hands on his cheek he bent and loosed me.

Dad has already disappeared from the door.

I couldn’t even stand up from the chair and immediately passed out.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

We stayed glued to each other for minutes before he spoke up.

“Kendra I don’t have your number, he said and I raised my head from his chest to stare at him.”

“My number?” I asked and he sat up and nodded.

“That’s because I don’t have a phone, I replied and he looked at me surprised.

“Really?” He asked and took his phone.”



Cole’s POV

Hello Nick.


Yea should I come over?

Yes, go into my bedroom you’ll see a phone in one of my lockers, bring it.


I cut the call and looked at her.

I can’t believe she doesn’t have a cell phone.

In this era.


“You wanna give me one?” She asked and I nodded and smiled.

“Yes, how can my own girlfriend not have a phone?” It’s a shame to me you no, I replied and she chuckled.

Gosh! She’s damn beautiful and I no Rico likes her.

It’s obvious. His just like me.


He falls in love way too fast.


Well, its way better like this. I love it that he likes her.

I won’t have to lift a finger and his all jealous and mad.

Well, I love seeing him down.

For all those accusation?


Oh! He deserves more.

The door opened few minutes later and Nick came in.

He handed the phone to me and I handed it over to Kendra.

“Wow! Its beautiful thanks, she beamed and I smiled.”

“You like it?” I asked.



“Come on cole, I love it, she replied turning the phone left and right.”

“You no how to operate it?” I asked.

“No, but kora will teach me how to.” Thanks again, she said and I smiled.

I brought out her bag from where I kept it.

“Here take” I said handing it over to her.

I no she wants to leave badly but kept her cool.

“Nick will take you home, I added and she stood up.”

She made to leave but I held her back.

“Not even a peck?” I asked and her mouth dropped open.



She was about to say but I pulled her down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“I’ll get going, she said immediately and rushed out.”




“What’s you?” I asked Nick who was starring suspiciously at me.

“You have fallen for her.” I warned you but you didn’t listen, he said and made for the door.

“Its just a cell phone alright, I half yelled and rolled my eyes.”

“I warned you” I heard him say again after he has gotten out of the ward.

I lie back on the bed and smiled to myself.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“Come on, my car is packed over there, Cole’s brother urged taking me to the hospital’s



I followed him and we got into his vehicle.

He ignited the engine and started driving.



“Are you taking me into the mansion?” I asked even tho I knew it was impossible.

He chuckled and replied after a while.

“You want my head off my neck?”

“I’ll stop you at the front of the estate, he replied.”

“Alright, I cooed then an idea stroke me.”

Now that he thinks am his brother girlfriend he might trust me.

Lemme ask him what I have been curious to no.

Um..Nick, I called and cleared my voice.

“What caused the fight between your brother and Rico?”

“Why are they always fighting?” I asked and he suddenly stepped on the brake making the car come to a stop.


“Huh, Why did he react like that?”

“Nick, I called but his eyes stayed fixed on the wheels.”

“Come to think of it. How did he no I’m staying with the Salvador’s?”

“How did he no the mansion I was talking about?”

And mostly why did he become nervous and a bit scared?

Is it that serious or is he hiding something?



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