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Episode 11

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]



(The fight)



β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I gulped down nervously as I watched him stare at me.

“He continued starring at me in the eyeball making me wonder what his thinking.”

“Oh please!”


“Lord help me overcome this temptation.”

“What were you doing with him ?” He asked again and I coughed.

“Am I not supposed to be his babysitter?” I shouldn’t behave like this or they’ll all look down on


“Um..nothing, why do you ask?”

D”o you have any problem with it?” I cooed trying to sound normal.

“He chuckled and backed me for a while.”

“What’s he gonna do?”

“Geez! I’m seriously scared.”

“He stood for a while and walked back to his brothers.”

“Grabbed his car keys and left.”


“Huh! What was that?”


I noticed the twins were also confused by his actions but ignored him.

I heaved heavily and continued on my way.


Rico’s POV

That bastard!

“What’s he trying to do?”

“Get at me? And he thinks the best way to do that is through kendra??”

I drove to a lonely part and stopped my car.



Then brought out one of my phones and dialed his number – cole.

“Meet me at the cross section, I said and dropped the call immediately.”

I tightened my grip on the steering as I waited impatiently for him.




“Few minutes later he drove towards my car and packed right at the front facing my car with his.”


“He came out with his fingers inserted into his pocket and I also came out.”

“He sat down on his car waiting for me to get to him.”

“What the hell are you trying to do with Kendra??” I asked sounding angry and he only chuckled.

“Is not your business what I do with her, he replied arrogantly.”

“You wanna bring her into this fight, huh!?”

“Then be ready to dig your own grave, I hushed.”

“You must be crazy brother to think that you’ll do more than a dead rat, you’re weak and you no it.”

“You try to prove otherwise in front of everyone but you’re actually really weak.” So am wondering what a weak person like you can do.

“Well, its will be fun watching you, he said and I tightened my fist and backed him.” I couldn’t control my anger and I turned back and punched him right on his silly face.

“He groaned and held his face as he managed to stand on his feet.”

“You wanna no what a weak person can do right?” I rasped and grabbed his collar and made to punch him a second time but I was too late.

He dogged it and I hit his car.

“Shit! I groaned as I loosen my hand.”


“Its hurt real bad.”

“Before I could turn to face him, he grabbed me down to his car and we engaged in a hot fight.”



I drove into the compound late in the night and packed my car in the garage.

I stormed in still angry.

“The first person my eyes landed on was kendra.”

She gasped immediately she saw me.


“She wanted to ask but I didn’t wait for her to complete her sentence before I took the stairs.”

“My brothers must be in their different rooms.”

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“What the f**k happened to him?”

“His face is filled with bruises.”

“Don’t tell me he got into a fight.” It looks really bad and his shirt is actually stained with blood.

“Oh! What am I gonna do?” I thought for a while and an idea hit me.




I asked a maid to pass the first aid box to me and she did.

I took the stairs and stopped in front of his car.

I exhaled before I knocked on the door.

I heard no reply and knocked again.


Still no reply.

Isn’t he in?

He just arrived now.



I touched the door knob and it wasn’t locked.

I popped my head in once I’d opened and I saw him sitting on a chair facing the mirror.

“He didn’t even turn to see the person.”

I walked in fully and cleared my throat hoping he’ll turn but didn’t.

I took a step forward and got to where he was.


“Am sure his seeing me through the mirror.”

I stood behind him and looked into the mirror.


He was starring at me from the mirror.


“Um..Rico, I can see that you’re hurt so I..I brought some med to treat you, I said nervously.”

“He didn’t reply and I sighed.”

“Gosh! This guy is a real headache.”

I moved to the table and sat on it.

I also dropped the first aid box on the table beside me facing him properly.

“He still didn’t say a word so I decided to ignore him too.”

“First we need to disinfect the injury so I brought out cotton wool from the box and applied spirit to it.”


“His hand was bleeding but he ignored it.”

“What a jerk! Bad boy.”

I grabbed his hand and made to clean it with the cotton wool but he removed his hand from mine immediately.

I starred at him but he didn’t return it.

“Anger was clearly written on his face.”

“Oh lord!”



I took his hand for the second time and he removed it again.

I scratched my hair wondering if I should slap some senses into his head but I no that I won’t leave to tell the story.


“He might as well kill me here and bury me inside the WC.”

“To be sincere I don’t no where all this courage came from but I think I gat this.”

I grabbed his hand for the third time and he made to remove it but I held him tight.

I placed his hand on my legs and cleaned the blood with the cotton wool and I think I heard him winch.

I finished doing it and opened the box again.

I took out the bandage I saw there and plastered on him.

“Even tho I really don’t no how to apply it but I still tried my best and next it was his forehead.”

“Oh shit!” I closed my eyes for a sec and draw the chair he was sitting on closer to me with all my might.


I took out another cotton wool and applied spirit on it.

I lifted the hair covering the injury and cleaned it with the cotton wool.

I dropped the cotton wool and took out a plaster.

I plastered it on the injury and covered his hair with it.

That one is done.

“Thank goodness!”

And now the last one.

It was close to his lips side.

I’m I gonna be touching his lips?

I took out another cotton wool and applied spirit on it.


“Then I moved closer and carefully cleaned that part.”

I kept the cotton wool and took out another plaster.

I bent to plaster it but one of my fingers mistakenly touched his lips.

“And for the first time since I started what I was doing his took his eyes to mine.”

“My finger was still on his lips and gosh its really soft.”

I also starred at him.

“And like that our eyes locked into each others.”



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