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Episode 7

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]



β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

We came down from the van and headed inside.

Kora has been quite since the incident that happened in school.

I have also been thinking what he meant by all that.


I’ve never seen or talked to him before so how come he acted that way?

And he said he was gonna fix another meeting for us.

Its not as if we planned any meeting in the first place.

We entered and I headed straight to my room to have a bath and clear my mind from everything.


I went in and had my bath and came down to look for something to eat.

I went into the kitchen and met a maid there.

“Hey! Could you please prepare something for me to eat?” I asked.

Alright you can wait in the sitting room while I prepare something for you, the maid replied and I smiled and went to the sitting room.

I went to the big sitting room.

Its lovely and where are the boys by the way?

“Aren’t they back from school?”

Lemme go and check.

I stood up from the couch I was sitting in and headed towards the rooms.

I passed my room and stopped at the first room after mine.

I exhaled and knocked on the door.

I think this is Rico’s room.


I heard no reply and I knocked again.

Hmm isn’t he in?

I touched the door knob and the door was unlocked.

Hmm he didn’t lock it?

I opened the door and peeped inside but couldn’t find anyone then I looked left and right to see if anyone is coming in the corridor but everywhere was quite.



I exhaled and got in, then closed the door.

I turned and starred at the room.




This looks like a King’s bedroom.

This spoilt kids are sure enjoying.

I ran my eyes around the room and went to the bedside.

I saw a laptop and three phones on top of the table beside his bed.

Hmm he has such expensive phones.


Three for that matter or maybe more.

Do I even have phone?


I can’t remember when last I held a phone.

I sat on the bed and aw!

Its damn soft.



I love this.


I turned to the other side of the bed and saw a pack.

I took it and read the content.


“Geez! What??”


I dropped the pack back.


“F**k! This boys.”

I heard cars driving in and I went to the window to take a peep.



Three cars drove in.

Two red and one black.

“Oh, my goodness!”


They are the ones.


Lemme quickly get out before I get into trouble.

I left the room and headed down immediately.

I was on the stairs climbing down and what I saw made me freeze.

“What in the name of Christ is this??”


I quickly used my palm to cover my eyes.

What are they doing??

I think Mason or Jason was making out with a red haired girl right in the couch.

While the other twin was undressing another lady.


Another girl was sitting on Rico’s lap kissing him like there is no tomorrow.


I can’t seriously watch this.


I turned back and immediately ran to my room.


They don’t even care that people might be watching.

Right in the sitting room?


I’ve never seen this kind of thing before.

Oh no!


“What have I gotten myself into?”

I sat on the bed and a knock came to my door.



I stood up and went to open the door.

And there was the maid whom I told to prepare something for me.

She was carrying a tray.


I couldn’t find you in the sitting room so I figured out that you might be in your room, she said and I nodded and collected the tray from her.

She turned to leave but I called her back.

“Miss…uh, I said and she turned.”


“Yes, any thing?”


“Are..are the boys still there?”I asked and she chuckled.

“Of course, they just started there mini party more people are still joining them, she replied.”

“More people?” I asked puzzled.


“What mini party?”


I suggest you come down and watch them yourself, she said and left.

Oh my good lord!

Please save me from this boys.

I can’t stand them.

I closed the door and went to sit down on the couch.

I placed the tray on the small table and started eating slowly.

Things are becoming worst for me.

I thought I’ve hit jackpot but no am getting myself into a different kind of trouble.

“What if they truly do it?”


“What if they force their self on me?”


“Then who will save me?”


I continued eating until I finished the meal.

I opened the door to take the tray to the kitchen but started hearing loud music.



Is this a club house?

What shit?


I summoned up courage and went down.

More boys were with them.

Even girls that dressed with tight clothes, bum shorts, bra and pant are there.

“How they all this happened within minutes?”

“How did they get in here? ”

I went to the kitchen and dropped the plates in the sink.

I came out and started eye searching to see if I could see Rico or the twins.

A guy suddenly approached me.

“Hey beauty!” I’ve never seen you here before.

“Are you perhaps new here?” He asked as he puffed out smoke.

I shook my head and ignored him.

Such idiot!

I sighted Rico and he was now taking shots with two girls holding him tightly.

I think he was playing cards with another guy.


Oh geez!


I have to stop this madness.


I have to do it.

I told Mrs Rebecca I’ll help change them.

I can’t watch this continue.


I went to where the loud music was coming from and exhaled deeply.


I’m going to switch this shit off.

Please don’t let them kill me lord, I muttered to myself.

My hand was already shaking but I’ve gat to do this.

“Yes, I’ll do it and send everyone f**king one of em out.”

At least am taking their mother’s place and I have a little bit of power to do this.

I reached for the switch and boom I turned it off.

Everywhere died down as all attention concentrated.

“Oh, I’m shivering!”


Please don’t let em kill me.


Everyone kept quite watching me.

I coughed slightly and wondered how am gonna ask them out.

Rico and the twins kept watching me without making a move.

I looked at them and throw my face away before I faint.

Um…I said and coughed again.

What should I say?

How should I begin this?

“Everyone please leave, I said in my mind and wanted to say it out but couldn’t. ”

Oh holy!


I think I’m sweating already.



I wanted to talk but kora dragged me away with her.

“What are you doing?” I asked as she dragged me to a corner away from them.

“No, what are you doing?”

“Do you have a death wish Kendra?”

“For God’s sake I’m doing my job, the reason why I’m being paid, I replied.”

“No, do you see those ladies dressed in pant and bra beside Rico and the others?”

They are the ones that are gonna kill you.


“They will kill you and bury you under their armpit, she said and I wanted to laugh but controlled myself.”


“But I need to stop them, I said.”

“You have to look for another way, not this, she replied.”

You can go to your room and think of something better.

They don’t like being disturbed especially by someone like us.

“Okay,I’ll go.”


I took a corner and headed for my room.

The music was playing again and more loudly this time.

I got into my room and shut the door.

“How do I go about all this?”

Babysitting is supposed to be one of the easiest job but this seems like the hardest of all jobs.

I stayed in my room still thinking but nothing came to my mind.

I looked at the time and it was getting to 7 pm.



I stood up pacing up and down and heard noise in the corridor.

“What’s happening there?” I opened the door and saw Jason.

He was holding a bottle of alcohol as he staggered due to the alcohol.

I can’t imagine how many bottles he has taken.

I continued looking at him as he got to me and stopped.

Hey babysitter!


Geez! He reeks of alcohol.

I ignored him and wanted to close the door but he put his leg in pushing the door back.



“What’s he doing?”

“What are you doing Jason?” I shrieked.

I pushed the door with all my might but he still opened it.

He got in and closed the door.

“Now I got you, he grinned and walked towards me.”

I moved back speedily.

“Get out, I yelled.”

“You mean I should get out from my father’s house?”

He stopped and gulped down large quantity of the alcohol and kept the bottle aside.

Then he came towards me and I ran to the other side.

He seems really smart and climbed the bed.

He held me from moving and threw me straight on the bed.



“Let go!! I shrieked but he didn’t listen as he sat on me removing his trouser.”


“Oh no, please!”

Somebody help!



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