Fri. Feb 9th, 2024



(Mi Corazon)




After a couple of minutes,she became aware of musky scent and sweat-slicked skin clinging to her body.A chill on her skin made her shiver slightly.


Marco lifted up his head,he tucked some tendrils of her silky hair behind her




“A child is the only thing I want from you.Always keep that in mind.Don’t fall in love with me”He warned, seriously.




Don Marco Ortega Gutierrez is a Mexican aristocrat through and through.He has been living his life without a care in the world…. loving his womanizing lifestyle to the fullest until he is diagnosed of brain tumor.


Now all he wants is a child to carry on his family’s name.





The mind of someone unknown.


He has everything.I’m like his shadow.


It’s not fair that he would live in luxury all his life,I want it all and I want it now.


Plan A was successful.


Now for plan B, Camilla would conceive his child.


And when that happens, I’ll strike hard.


My ultimate triumph is at the end of everything.Anyone who tries to get in my way would cease to exist.


NB:Mi corazon (My heartbeat)


So Amigos, who’s ready for this Mexican tale?

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