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Episode 6


Author: Pamela.


Marco stared at the tears rolling down her cheeks.He recalled how lovely it sounded when she laughed at Diego’s joke.He badly wanted her to stop crying.


“I didn’t steal from you.I wanted to visit my mother but you said I shouldn’t leave the house without telling you so I asked Ximena about your whereabouts,she said she didn’t see you leaving the house so you might be at your study,that was why I went there,I had knocked but no one answered,I held the knob and I realized that it wasn’t locked,I walked in but no one was in your study so I left and called you but you didn’t pick up”She explained, tearfully.


Remorse started creeping into his heart,he didn’t like seeing her tears one bit. “Believe it or not,I don’t know how these got here,they weren’t here when

I took out my clothes this morning”


She sniffed and wiped her cheeks.Story from Topster Stories


“My father is not a thief,he only made one mistake which I’m paying for right now.If I had taken your money, would I leave it that exposed so you would see it easily?”


Marco grimaced,that made sense.The money wasn’t even covered up.


“I have no idea who placed it there but that doesn’t warrant you to insult my




“Aurora, I’m….”


“Good night”She snapped and lay on the bed, backing him.


From where he stood,he could hear her soft sobs.He wanted to move closer to her and hurl her into his arms,then wipe those tears away….No!he shouldn’t do that.He had never felt this bad seeing anyone’s tears.


Not wanting to hear that sound anylonger,he left the room.


“Did you tell Aurora to go into my study?”Marco asked Ximena.


“Yes.I didn’t know you left already so I gave her directions to your study but she came back almost immediately and said you weren’t there.The lady seem really disturbed so I was prompted to ask what the matter was.She said she really needed to see her mother. I also suggested she gave you a call but you didn’t pick up”Ximena explained.


Marco sighed,he didn’t pick up because he was in a meeting and he thought she didn’t have anything important to tell him.He wouldn’t miss her calls for anything again.


“Did you see anyone else going into my study?”He asked.


“No sir”


“Did she eat lunch?”


“Yes sir”


“I don’t think she’d come down for dinner, send the meal up to her bedroom” Ximena nodded and walked off.


Marco waited at the kitchen, hoping she would accept the food from Ximena.


Minutes later,the woman walked in with everything intact.


“She said she’s not hungry”


“Was she crying when you got there?”He asked, curiously.


“No,but she looked sad”


Marco nodded, relieved.At least she wasn’t crying.Tomorrow,she would definitely eat.


Marco walked around his study,he stared at the CCTV footage again.Someone had messed with it and a computer genius had done it.

Aurora couldn’t have done that.


The lock of his inner room was broken expertly and the password of his safe was hacked.


She couldn’t have done any of those at all.


Why hadn’t he thought about all these before insulting her like that and making her cry?


But who would have any motive of framing her up?He had sometimes heard some of his workers gossiping about his womanizing lifestyle and how much they hate the women.


Did they think Aurora was like the rest?Was one of his employees stealing from him?


This was the best deduction he could come up with.One of his workers had stolen the money so he had to be extra careful.


A knock sounded from the door.


“Come in”


Diego walked in.


“Evening, Marco. I just got back”


He turned around.


“Someone broke into my inner room”He announced.


Diego gasped.”Do you have any idea who did it?”


“No but I found the money in Aurora’s closet”


“Damn! She’s stealing from you already?”Diego asked in disbelief.


“She didn’t take the money.”


“What makes you say that?”


“The CCTV was messed with,my lock was expertly broken and my password hacked,she couldn’t have done all that.I think someone wanted me to find the money in her room,it wasn’t even hidden properly.She’s not a thief” Diego’s jaw dropped.”She might’ve had an accomplice”


“Ximena saw the only time she came into my study,she was looking for me and if anything unusual had happened, Ximena would’ve told me”


Diego shook his head.


“Why are you acting as if you know this woman for a very long time now?” “When I look at her,I just can’t picture her as a gold digger, she’s just so



“So you fully believe that she didn’t steal your money?”


“Yes, and I’m gonna insert a hidden camera here,it would eventually catch that bastard who framed her up”


“Christ!”Diego exclaimed.





“She probably stole that money,you don’t want to open your eyes and believe what’s clearly the truth,I don’t want you to make a mistake,Marco.This is someone who would bring forth a Gutierrez for crying out loud”


“I always know when I’m about making a mistake, and right now I know I’m not.Aurora isn’t a thief nor a gold digger,she didn’t even want to give me a child,I was the who forced her into this. I want you to look at her with respect, okay?”


Diego’s teeth clenched.”Okay”


“She said she’s not hungry”Ximena announced the following morning at the dining room.


“You should’ve talked her into coming down for breakfast”He said, getting annoyed with this hunger strike.


“She didn’t even open the door,sir”Ximena replied.


“Just give her some hours, Marco.When she’s highly famished,she would eat”Diego said.


Marco rubbed his hand on his temple.Did she f**king has to always stay without food each time she’s upset?


When Marco got home that evening,the first place he headed to was the




“Did she eat lunch?”He asked immediately he saw Ximena.


“No sir.She still didn’t open her door”


That’s it!He had lost his cool.


He hurried up the stairs and held her doorknob,it was indeed locked.


He knocked on the door, angrily.


“Have you gone nuts, Aurora? Open this door!”He yelled.


“Ximena,get me the spare keys!”He ordered.


Ximena quickly got him what he needed,he opened the door and walked in.


Marco saw her sitting up in bed staring into space.


He suppressed his lips in a tight line trying to calm down then he walked closer to the bed and sat down,facing her.


“If it’s your hobby to stay without food when you’re upset,you had better stop it now”He warned trying to be as calm as possible.


She ignored him.


“I’m sorry”He muttered knowing that might soften her a little.


Aurora slowly turned to face him.



“I’m sorry for what I said about you and your father,you can visit your mother tomorrow.I won’t hurl insults on you again, please forgive me”He pleaded.He couldn’t believe he was pleading with a woman.


“Do you know who did that?”She asked, finally. “I don’t but hopefully I will soon.Am I forgiven?”


She looked away from him.


“Princesa(Princess)”He called holding her hand.


“Don’t call me that”She snapped.


“Tu eres mi princesa(You’re my princess)”


She swallowed,her insides was in chaos already.


“Why?”She asked.


“Why what?”


“You have so many women you could’ve chosen for this,why do you want me?”


“I told you before, you’re not like them and I respect you for that. I know you are still to come to terms with your new life and you despise me,but please,I don’t want you to fall sick,I really need you to stay healthy for me,so please no matter what I do, don’t starve yourself,you don’t really need to be a drama queen everytime”


“I’m not”


“I know you’re so hungry right now, I’ll tell….”


“I’m not hungry”She cut in.


“Fine”He said standing up,”I’ll tell Ximena not to prepare any meal for




Aurora’s jaw dropped,she thought he came to beg her to eat,her stomach growled,it had been growling since morning and she felt so weak.


“I thought you came here….”


“I’ll only tell them to prepare something for you if you admit that you’re hungry”


Aurora rolled her eyes but she knew she would only be punishing herself more if she still refuses to eat.


“I’m hungry”She said so quietly that he had to strain to hear.


“Now, repeat after me, ‘I’ve forgiven you for insulting me,Marco,I promise not to ever go on hunger strike again so please tell Ximena to prepare dinner for me”


She frowned.”Seriously?”





“I’ve forgiven you for insulting me,Marco,I promise not to ever go on hunger strike again so please tell Ximena to prepare dinner for me”She met his gaze.


“And lastly,stop being a big bad jerk”She added. He cocked an eyebrow.”You’re one difficult woman”


“And you’re one arrogant man”She fired back.


He chuckled as her boldness.


“I’m going to punish for that tonight,so you need to eat alot and invest all your energy in me”He threatened and smirked seeing her eyes widened with shock.


Aurora consumed plate after plate.God!She would never starve herself




Marco wasn’t worth turning down these meals for.


Marco stared at her as she ate,Diego had retired to his room so it was just the two of them in the dining room.


She was crazy.Starving herself when she was hungry,who does that? He stared at her face,it felt so good to just look at her, first….it was the


corner of her lips that fascinated him….her cheeks…her eyes and the way her throat


flex as she swallows.


He had told Ximena and the other maids to prepare different delicacies for her and with the look on her face,he was glad that she was loved the meals.


Soon,she was finishing off a snack food.


“These tacos and salsas are so delicious”She hummed.


Marco shook his head.


“Will you go on hunger strike again?”He asked, mockily.


She eyed him.”If you make me angry,I might”She gulped down a glass of water. He huffed.”I can’t believe you’re threatening me with this”


She belched and quickly cover her mouth.


“Sorry”She murmured,quite embarrassed.


Marco snickered.”I can see you’re greatly satisfied.”He said standing up.


She wiped her lips,she was more than satisfied.


Marco walked closer to her and leaned down.


“Now,we should get down to business”He announced.


She gulped.”You want to make love to me in here?What about your workers, someone might….”


He held her up and placed her on the table in a sitting position.


He stood between her legs.



“The door’s locked and they all know when to stay away”He replied, placing one hand on her waist.


The other hand came to her cheek,he moved his head closer to hers.


Just staring at his eyes made her body grew warm with need.


He kissed her and waves of heat flowed between her legs.Her fingers fisted his hair as the kiss deepened.Her lips parted with a sound of pleasure as his lips moved over hers hungrily.


She didn’t want to get addicted to his kisses but she craved for more,she was starting…. scratch that…. already love this man’s kisses.


He ran his hands through her body in a blatant possessive exploration.


He let his hand slid into her skirt then her panties, feeling her wetness…he stroked her clit.


“Marco”She moaned into his mouth.


He took his hands away and quickly pulled off her shirt,thankful that she wasn’t wearing a bra,he went after her br**sts and took a nipple into his hungry mouth.

Her moans added fuel to his desire.


His teeth skimmed the bud,his tongue quickly soothing the bite.


She whimpered,her finger pulling his hair for more.Marco moved to the other nipple,his tongue working and swirling around it, vigorously.


Moving backwards,he took off his shirt.


“Put your hands on me,Princesa.Touch me”He ordered.


She moved forward and caressed his chest,her touch nearly drove him




She reached up and placed a kiss on his lips,then began to move to his chest, using her mouth to drive him closer to the edge.


His breathing was ragged.His hands roamed her soft body so passionately that she couldn’t help but feel his desire.


He couldn’t get enough of her.He cupped her br**sts, squeezing the luscious weight in his hands.


“Eres muy s£xy(You’re very s£xy)”He whispered and moved his hand back into her panties,toying with her erect nub.


“Do you like this, nena?”He growled.


She bit her lower lip not wanting to respond to that but when he slid two long fingers into her body.She moaned loudly knocking away some flatwares to the floor.


“If you don’t keep it down, everyone’s gonna know you’re getting f**ked in here”He warned and moved his fingers faster….in and out of her wet core.A



sensation was growing in the pit of her stomach and it was overwhelming to the point of no return.Her legs trembled and she covered her mouth with her hand muffling a scream.


“Do you like this,Nena?”He asked, again, rubbing her clit,hotly, making her squirm on top the table.


“Yes…Marco”She groaned.


Unable to stand the hardness of his d**k anylonger,he took his hand away from her body and tugged off his trousers and briefs.


He took her hand and brought it down to his rock-hard shaft.


Her fingers closed around him and she grew so eagered to have him buried deep inside her body.


“Do you want my cock,princesa?He asked, huskily.


There was no need denying it.


“I want you,Marco”




“I can’t believe that plan failed so easily”Camila muttered,her phone was on speaker as she applied makeup on her face getting ready for a casual hook-up.


“I had formulated this plan on how to take down Marco for years and that bitch would not ruin it.Since Marco doesn’t want to see her as a gold digger and kick her out of his house….then I would have to get rid of her from his life.” Tbc…






(Mi Corazon)


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