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Episode 10


Author: Pamela.




She couldn’t and shouldn’t feel loved.


And she really had to stop letting his


words get to her.She should start turning


off these unwanted feelings because he


would never reciprocate them.


She moved away from his arms, stood up from the bathtub.


Grabbing a towel,she wrapped it


around her body and walked out of the




Marco sighed, wondering why she


had walked out like that, wordlessly.


He had wanted to hold her for a


while.He knew he shouldn’t keep on


breaking the boundaries between them,he


couldn’t overcome the urge to make her


feel happy but he silently prayed that she


shouldn’t fall in love with him.He didn’t


need her love.


Almost an hour later, found them


sitting on the bed, watching a movie.


Marco stared at his bandaged


knuckles,she had been alarmed when she


saw it and immediately made sure she


took care of it.


He averted his gaze to her


direction,she was staring at the TV.


Was there anyway for this woman to


get less pretty?A part of him wished he


had met her sooner then he would get to


be with her for a while and the other part


thought that this was for the best.Getting


too attached to her would only hurt her at


the end.He turned to face the TV and


swallowed hard on seeing a sΒ£x scene.


They both turned to face each other.


Aurora wanted him to take her.


Marco wanted to take her but he was


scared that she might hurt her throat


more if he thrust too deeply which might


result to a scream.


He looked away from her and


grabbed a pillow,he covered the bulge


already tipping up from it confines.


Aurora rolled her eyes in disbelief


at his action.He had turned her into a


horny mess and now,she couldn’t control


her urge for him so he has to tame it.


She moved closer to him.


“Don’t even think about it”Marco




She pout looking so cute and




“Nena”He groaned when she


tossed the pillow covering his crotch




She was giving him the “you want


me” look.


“Even if I want you,Nena, I don’t think




She palmed him through his shorts.


“Ah…f**k”He gasped and sealed


her lips with his.He nuzzled her lips apart, seeking the inner sweetness of her mouth,his


tongue touching the tip of hers.She kissed him back, fervently.She placed her hands on his head, pulling him closer to her,her tongue plunging deeper and deeper into his mouth.


Within seconds,the kiss grew


heated,his lips sucking at hers… biting


them softly… pulling them between his


teeth, running his tongue over the sweet


swell of them.


He made her lie on the bed and


suddenly he was on top of her.


He had never been gentle with a


woman,he loved going fast and hard but


today,he had to be so tender with this




His hands pulled her skirt down


and she arch her back, letting him remove it.


He rubbed her clit through the


fabric of her panties,she gasped holding


his forearm tightly.


He pulled off her panties and let his


finger slid into her wet and hot core.


She whimpered as he circled her




He removed her shirt and kissed her


br**sts, cupping them in his arms.Noticing her legs stiffening,he stroke her nub vigorously and pleasure blinded her.


“Hermosa (Beautiful)!”He exclaimed


watching her come.


He got out of the bed,long enough


to rid himself off his clothes.


When he mounted the bed again.He


kissed her and let his member graze her


wet pu**y.


They groaned at the same time,he


grind his hips against hers and the


feeling left her breathless and wanting




Her eyes rolled to her head when he


thrust into her.


Ever so slowly he withdrew and


thrust in again.He felt tortured f**king her so carefully but he willed himself not to move faster.


Aurora shot her eyes feeling so


good by his sweet…slow… sensual stroke.


“Cum for me,mi querido(my


dear)”He urged.


And with that,Aurora’s body


convulsed in multiple spasm.Marco


cursed under his breath and released all


of him inside her as electric waves of


pleasure shook through them.


After they had both recovered.Marco snuggled Aurora closer to him and kissed


her hair.


“Satisfecho(satisfied)?”He asked,




She smiled against his chest and




The following day, Aurora was


feeling very happy,she could say a few


things now, though her voice sounded


raspy and deep but she was very excited


that at least she could say something.


As she walked out of her bedroom,she


was startled to see two hefty men at each


side of the door.


“Good morning, ma’am”They




“Who are you?”She asked.


“We’re your bodyguards.We’re not


to let you out of our sight”


Aurora swallowed feeling so




“Where’s Marco?”She asked.


“In his study,ma’m”


As she headed towards there,they


followed suit.


She got to Marco’s study,they waited




“I don’t want any bodyguards”She began.


His head snapped up surprised at


that raspy voice.


“You can laugh if you want to”She


snapped holding her neck.


He grinned.”I wasn’t going to. I was


just surprised that you can speak now and


I’m happy about it,but don’t worry I know


your sweet voice would return”


“You still haven’t answered my


question”She reminded.


“There’s nothing you can do about


the guards.You just have to get use to


it,do you think I’ll be comfortable when I’m away,I still haven’t found the person who attacked you so till then,I won’t do anything about your bodyguards”He moved closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.


“These men are the best in their


field,I can’t risk losing you, I would really go crazy if something happens to you


again. please




She bit against smiling… feeling so




“And don’t worry,each time I’m


home,I would send them away from you


because you wouldn’t need them when


Superman is by your side”


She scoffed.”Superman my ass”


Marco laughed.”For now,let me finally take you on a tour around my house,we


could use a scooter”He suggested.


Aurora grinned.”Okay,that sounds nice”


Towards evening, feeling extremely


tired… hungry and happy all at once.


She ate dinner together with Marco


and Diego.


Marco stared at feeling so glad


that she enjoyed today.


They had visited his ranch,she had


seen how the cattles were milked and had been really intrigued.After that,they took a ride on a horse and the excited squeals that came from her lips was priceless to him.


He had taken her around the land use for planting and told her about Rodeos,she had said she wanted to watch one with him but he knew that wouldn’t be possible because he didn’t have the time to prepare for a rodeo.


“Hello Marco”He heard a familiar


voice and he looked up to face the door,






Fuck!He thought she had given up on


him so he didn’t bother to tell the guards


never to allow her in again.”What are you doing here?”He asked through gritted teeth.


“I’ve missed you, baby”She said


sitting adjacent to him.


“Hey Diego”She said to him who in


turn nodded curtly.


She turned to face Aurora.


Aurora felt intimidated at this


woman’s presence,she was a drop dead


gorgeous lady with a face like that of a


goddess and her boobs were big and well




Aurora sent a self conscious glance at her own small features and what curiously felt like jealousy cut through her chest.


“And you are….”Camila drawled,




“Aurora”She muttered.



Camila laughed.”What’s with your voice?You must be Marco’s plaything”She turned to face Marco.


“I thought you loved women who


were sΒ£xy,this plainjane is….”


“Shut it!”Marco thundered.








(Mi Corazon)

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