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Episode 4


Author: Pamela.


“Why are you getting so worked up about it?”Marco asked, curiously.


“I just think that she can’t be trusted”Diego replied calmly.


“If you think about it, Rico has never stolen anything from me before,he was desperate to save his sick wife, though I won’t let him work here again but his daughter would pay for his mistake”


“You blackmailed her?”




“What do you even see in this girl? What’s so special about her?”Diego asked trying to be as calm as possible.


“She’s different from the rest of my past women.The fact that she doesn’t want to be with a man like me makes her different”


“She might be pretending”


“She isn’t”Marco retorted and stood up then patted Diego’s shoulder. “Aurora would concieve my child and nothing can change that”




“Rico Castillo, you’re free to go”A police officer said opening up the cell. Rico stared at him shocked beyond words.The boss he knew would never


allow him to go scot-free.He was pretty much expecting to serve a long jail term when he stole the painting.


Now all of a sudden,he was free… just like that.


As he walked out of the police station,he found Aurora waiting for him.


He walked up to her, hurriedly.


“I’m supposed to be happy about this sudden freedom but it’s freaking me out”He muttered.


She looked away.Instantly,he knew something was off with her.


“Do you have something to tell me?”


“No… nothing”


Rico turned her around to face him.


“What did you do?Did you tell him you’ll work for him without pay?”


“I…I….He wants me to live with him and give him a child”She announced.


Rico’s jaw dropped.He let go of her and turned around to walk back into the station.


Aurora quickly held his arm.


“What are you doing?”


“I’d rather spend years in jail than agree to this”


“Please Papi.This was the only option he gave me to set you free”


“You’ve got other things you want in life, Aurora.Having a baby for that man is like….”


“I know what it’s like but I’ve got no choice,I don’t want you to be separated from us…”


“I’ll be okay”Rico cut in, frustratedly.


“What about mother, she’s awake now and she wants to see you, she’s still very weak and I’m scared how she’ll take this news”


“Even if we want to keep this from her,she’ll find out eventually” “Then,she’ll be strong enough and you won’t be in jail so she won’t be

burdened with guilt”


“How would you explain the months you’ll be staying with him?”


“I can tell her I got a job somewhere far and…well…I’ll just come up with something”


Guilt consumed Rico’s heart,he held her shoulders.


“You don’t want this,I don’t want you to go through this phase because of




“I’ll be okay and he said we’ll part ways once I take in,I think he just wants a child to bear his name since his womanizing lifestyle is unbreakable”


“Do you think it’ll be easy to live with him till you part ways without emotions getting involved,he’ll be intimate with you and only that would….”


“Papi,I know you’re saying all these so I would go back on my words and let you go to prison,I already called him and even if this is a tough decision for me,I won’t let you go to prison. I can handle this”She assured.



Marco smirked, looking down at Aurora who in turn was staring at the floor.They were at the sitting room.She had arrived some minutes ago and Ximena had taken her things into her new bedroom.


“So what would you like to do first?Would you like a tour around my




“No”She declined without staring at him.


“Would you like to eat something?”




Marco frowned.”I’ll assume you ate before coming but I won’t allow you go on hunger strike here,even if you don’t want to be here,you have to stay healthy for me… for the baby you’re going to conceive”


She sighed getting tired of his sermon. “Do you have a boyfriend currently?” “No”


“That’s good then,I wouldn’t want you sneaking off to see a man because that would leave me in an uneasy situation about the baby’s paternity.You can leave the house after informing me of where you’re heading to.If you need anything,feel free to tell me cause I can see that you’re badly in need of good clothes….”


“I have good clothes, just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean that they’re not good”She snapped.


Marco laughed.”I was starting to think that ‘No’ was the only thing you can say to me”


“Ximena”He called.


The woman walked in.


“Kindly show Aurora to her bedroom”He turned to face Aurora slunging her a devilish grin.


“I’ll be with you shortly”


“Do you need anything ma’am?”Ximena asked as soon as they got to her new bedroom.


“No”Aurora replied.


Ximena nodded curtly and walked away.


Aurora stared at the bedroom,it was spacious and her old room couldn’t be compared to it but she preferred that more than this.


Seeing the bed alone and picturing what would be happening in it soon enough sent chills down her spine.



Her heart raced almost an hour later when Marco walked into the room clad in a bathrobe.


Aurora tensed,her legs trembling beneath her.He didn’t even give her enough time to prepare for this.


He sat on the bed, facing her who was standing.


“I can never forget the day when you spilled that drink on my face.I felt so humiliated.Now,how does it feel to know that I’ll get to explore every inch of you?”He asked, coldly.


Aurora’s fingers curled into a fist.Tears were burning her eyes in earnest now.


“Take off your clothes”He said, throatily.


She looked at him,cold horror trickling through her.”Can I….”Her words


halted seeing him inclined his head, barely leashed patience reaching out to envelope her.He drawled.


“I won’t accept any excuse tonight,nena”


Aurora knew she couldn’t stall again, knowing in every fibre of her body if she pushed him too far tonight,there would be consequences of her actions.She knew she couldn’t leave now.To do so would cause irreparable damage.


Marco sat back like an ancient king, surveying his concubine.With heat flaring in her belly, Aurora reached for the zip at the side of her dress under her arm.Finding it,she started to pull it down,her fingers grazing her too sensitive skin making goosebumps pop up.


All of a sudden,she couldn’t bear his cool regards,she turned around.For a second,tears pricked her eyes.The zip of her dress gave way with a sound that was unbearable loud in the quiet room.With a deep breath, Aurora let the dress fall on her waist baring her back to Marco.


Taking another breath,the tears prickling ominously and making her throat clog.Aurora pulled off her bra and let both the dress and the bra drop on the floor at her bare feet.Closing her eyes for a long moment, feeling completely naked in just a pair of panties,she crossed her arms over her br**sts and turned around.


Marco was like a stone statue,not moving a muscle.Just his eyes moved…all the way up from her feet.


Aurora’s skin prickled as she stood there.


“Take your arms down,I want to see all of you”


Bitting her lips so hard, she let her arms dropped, clenching her hands into fists. Marco’s gaze rested on her br**sts,her tits were small but he loved how the

they were on her chest and those mesmerizing nipples.



She felt as though he’d touched her with a physical caress.The tips grew tight and she could feel them puckering hard.His phallus hardened.He held her hand and made her sit on his laps.


“I hate taking unwilling women to bed.You’ll enjoy every bit of this,so relax, okay?”


Not wanting to annoy him,she nodded.


He turned her over making her lay flat on the bed,he came atop her and lifted up her chin with one finger.She drew in a breath and tried to look away.He didn’t allow it.Their eyes locked as their contained heartbeat counted off a private eternity.He nearly lost his own breath then.Her eyes were extraordinary…he could have drowned in them.She felt his erection, prodding her stomach and wriggled slightly making it even more harder.


He bent his head and his mouth covered hers hotly,she couldn’t stop herself from responding.And now, with his mouth claiming hers,his lips moving in erotic possession…his tongue sweeping inside to stroke and tangle with her own.She was good and truly lost.


He trail kisses down her neck to her br**sts then he took one nipple into his mouth.


“I love your tits”He growled against the tight bud.


She gasped….. tossing her head back


He released her nipple and moved down her body, looking up,he could see her panting as she looked down at him.Her pupils were dilated and her mouth opened.


He smirked, even if he knew she would never admit to wanting this,but right now…..he knew he had awakened all the s£xual desires in her.


He tugged down her panties and parted her legs.


“Eres hermosa(You’re beautiful)!”He exclaimed.


I dropped his head and swiped his tongue around her clit.


Her eyes widened and she moaned.


Hearing her sounds…. knowing he was forcing them from her,had his d**k,




He spread her wider and reach around with his hand to pull apart her lips.The pink flesh was drenched in her juice and the sight had him dipping down for a better taste.


He groaned, loving the flavor of her pu**y.He nipped at her clit before sliding his tongue inside her. He felt her walls trying to grip his tongue so he



pushed it in as far as he could.Her legs began to quiver and she tried to arch her hips but he forced them back down.


He latched his lips around her clit and sucked hungrily.


“Uhmm…..ahh!”She moaned and clutched his hair.


He shook his head back and forth at the same time he inserted two fingers into her tight sheath.


She got so tight around his fingers as he drew them out and pushed them back in.


She sucked in a deep breath, before letting it out on a loud cry.He ate her away and f**ked her with his fingers as she settled into her orgasm.


Her hips unconsciously started pumping against the mattress,he pulled back…. watching her cum was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


“Eres tan carnosa(You are so sweet)”He muttered taking off his robe. Her eyes went wide at the sight of his perfectly muscled torso.Ridges of


muscle led down to his lean waist…her eyes stopped between his legs… where his erection stood huge.


She stared at the tattoo on the side of his waist making him look so s£xy.God!No!She shouldn’t find him s£xy.


He smirked seeing her eyes exploring his body.


“Don’t worry you’ll get to explore me next time but tonight, I’m in charge” Fitting himself between her legs,he let her feel the fullness of his broad head

against the entrance of her cunt.


“Mmmm”She moaned when he tilted her hip and with a growl,he executed a deep satisfying stroke.Their bodies locked,he was still for a moment, savoring the feeling of been inside her….so wet…warm and tight…. just the way he wanted.


He leaned down and kissed her shoulder…her neck.


She gave a sharp, desperate cry of release…he was so hard inside her….


filling every inch of her.


He fumbled…surging inside her.He grinned as she released moans of pleasure.Lifting her lips,he filled her again and again…. deeply.


She shuddered and wrapped a leg around his waist… holding him tightly. “Marco”She whimpered as he stroke upward inside her…it was hard to


breathe.She kept on calling his name, sometimes telling him to go slowly but he couldn’t help his movement.He moved more deeply into her… digging in and out.


Her hands gripped the sheet when he moved into her so deeply that she felt as though he touched her very soul.Her inner muscles spasmed.A hot,deep orgasm spread like lava through her veins.She grew weak…. spent and claimed.



Dimly,she felt a warm release inside of her and he pinned her to the bed with his deliciously heavy weight.


Her father’s words ran through her head and right there,she knew being intimate with Marco would not be easy at all.


After a couple of minutes,she became aware of musky scent and sweat-slicked skin clinging to her body.A chill on her skin made her shiver slightly.


Marco lifted up his head and tucked some tendrils of her silky hair behind her




“A child is the only thing I want from you.Always keep that in mind.Don’t fall in love with me”He warned, seriously.


“Fuck!”Camila cursed, angrily.


“How can he prefer the daughter of a gardener and thief over me?”She’s going to ruin everything”


“She’s ruining nothing!”A voice yelled from the other end of the call. “What do you plan to do now?”


“I just have to make Marco see her as the trash that she is”








(Mi Corazon)


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