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Episode 5


Author: Pamela.


When Aurora woke up the next day,she was relieved that she was alone. She had barely slept last night because he wouldn’t stop holding her close to


him.As much as she would like to relax fully against his warm and inviting chest,she couldn’t.She shouldn’t get used to sleeping in his arms.


She felt pressed and also badly needed to wash off Marco’s scent from her




She stood up and walked into the bathroom.After relieving herself.She noticed a huge bathtub.It was tempting and without a second thought,she had the warm scented bubble water ready.



She stepped into the warm water, sighing in relief as it helped her tired muscles relax.


Aurora leaned back with comfort.A long time passed as she lay in silence,day dreaming of a perfect life when suddenly the door to the bathroom pushed open.

Marco entered.He stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell upon her.


She sat upright in shock and looked down to see the water clear with all the bubbles gone, making her naked body visible to him.


Quickly,she covered her br**sts with a hand, and another hand came over her pu**y.


Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment.”You should knock before entering next time,now, please leave”


Marco grimaced.”What are you hiding from me that I haven’t seen already?”He asked sarcastically.


“I’m having my bath, please excuse….”


“We could have our bath together, that usually is mind-blowing”


“No! I’m almost done here,can you leave me alone for a minute?”


He nodded without saying a word and with a stone hard look plastered on his face making way into a frown.He left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.


She quickly decided to get out of the tub.She stood up and her foot slipped by the end of the tub,making her fall back into the water, splashing it everywhere.


Thankfully,her head didn’t hit the stone tub but her back hit the ceramic and she let out a scream.


Instant pain shot up her back as she tried to get back up, failing to do so.


“Hmm…Marco”She called praying he was in her bedroom.




“Can you please come in?”She requested, her hands covering her private areas again.


He stepped inside making her fluster.


“I…hm…fell”She said from inside the tub as he gaze down at her. “I heard”He replied, mockily referring to the way she screamed. “I… I can’t get up,can you help me?”


He nodded.”Sure,nena”


As he lowered down,she felt her nipples harden and she tried to convince herself that the only reason that happened was due to the cold water.


His hands wrapped around her arms, pulling her up and then his hands slid down her waist and he lifted her up and sat her down on the sill of the tub.


Her cheeks flamed again as she saw his eyes rake over her hard nipples.

Story from Topster Stories


After a minute of dwelling on her nipples,he finally noticed she was cold and quickly grabbed a towel and passed it over to her.


She wrapped it around her body and tried to stand on her feet but again found herself falling but he caught her.


As Marco tried to balance her,her body automatically leaned onto him,his body heat slightly drawing her in as she shivered.


She tried to move away but he wrapped his arms more tightly around her and scooped her into his arms.


“I can walk”She muttered.


He ignored her and walked out of the bathroom.


Gently,he placed her on the bed,she quickly sat up.


“Klutz”He teased.


She eyed him.


“Did you hurt yourself?”




He leaned down.


“You shouldn’t lie to me,it might get worse if we don’t get it treated” “Just my back hurts a bit but it doesn’t need any treatment”She snapped.

“Then it needs a massage”He suggested.


“No, I’m….”


Her words were cut off when he turned her over easily so she could lay on her stomach.


“I’m fine… really”She said trying to turn around but he wouldn’t let her.


He pulled down the towel.


But she reached blindly for it and covered her buttocks baring just her back to him.


Marco snickered.”Why are you so uncomfortable around me?As if you can do anything to stop me if I want to f**k you till dusk.”


She suppressed her lips in an uneasy tight line,that wasn’t possible, right? He placed his hands on her back and slowly started massaging it,side to


side…..up and down.


God!His hands felt so good….so warm and tender.It was as if he was


caressing her.She didn’t want this to stop.


“Tu ternura me encanta(I love your softness)”He whispered, messing up her brain.


He moved his hands down and squeezed her ass.



“Marco!”She exclaimed turning around instantly and covering her boobs with the towel.


He laughed standing up from the bed.


“That didn’t need a massage but it was just too tempting”


At that moment, her stomach growled loudly.


She looked away from him, embarrassed.


“Someone is famished.Get dress and meet me at the dining room, don’t make me drag you there.You really don’t have to be dramatic everytime”


“I’m not dram….”


“Argue with the bed”With that,he walked away.


“Jerk”She murmured.




Aurora walked into the dining room trying to hide her admiration at the long dining table and chairs fit for royalty.


Marco was seated and adjacent to him was a young good looking man who she had never seen before.


She sat down salivating at the food in front of her.


“Nena,this is Diego Morales,my right hand man but you can simply see him as my brother,he lives here”Marco introduced.


Diego smiled at her.”Nice meeting you, Aurora”


She smiled too, loving the warm look in his eyes,which was something that Marco didn’t possess.


“Same here”


She started eating,the meal was so delicious that she didn’t know she was eating too fast.


Diego snickered.”I guess Marco didn’t give you a chance to eat yesterday”


Marco sighed.”Believe me,hermano,I tried but she’s so stubborn”


Aurora eyed the two of them.


“She’s going to kill us with her eyes”Diego joked and she laughed.


Marco stared at her,amused by that sound,it was so lovely.


Marco headed towards his study,his footsteps halted seeing the door,slightly opened.


He always made sure he locked the door whenever he left for work.


He hurried inside and found some of his documents on the floor.



“Fuck!”He cursed and quickly pick them up,he opened his filing cabinet and heaved a sign of relief seeing that all his documents were intact.As he turned around,he found the lock on the inner room broken.


Senses alert,he walked in just to find his safe opened.He hurried towards it and discovered that some bundles of money were missing.


Apart from his numerous bank accounts,he had always love storing some cash here in case of anything urgent.No one knows about this safe except Diego who has never and would never steal from him.


He would crush whoever dares to do this?


He hurried up to his CCTV footage which only captured Aurora walking in.The rest became blur.


He quickly shook his head refusing to believe that she is a thief.


He brought out his cellphone and dialed Diego’s number.Within seconds, Diego picked up.


“Where are you?”Marco asked.


“I just finished purchasing the new cattles you wanted for the ranch, I’m on my way home now”He replied.


The two of them had left the house together that morning.As expected, Diego would never steal from him.


“Okay then,see you later”He hung up.


Was he wrong about Aurora?


There was only one way to find out.


Aurora stared at Marco walking into her bedroom.


She sighed deeply still not prepared for another night with him.


“I think I left something here”He began, opening up her drawers.


He didn’t find the money there,he stared at her closet, walking closer to it,he yanked it open…lo and behold, some bundles of money lain at the bottom of the closet.


He gathered them up and turned to face her.


Aurora frowned.”When did you leave all these here? they weren’t here this morning”She said, recalling vividly when she had brought out her clothes to wear,there wasn’t any trace of these bundles of money.


“That’s such a stupid thing to say, Aurora.You just got here and you’re stealing from me already”He said, disappointedly.


Her eyes widened.”I didn’t steal from you”


“How can explain how these got here?”


“I… I don’t know”She choked out, standing up.


“Stop lying to me! You were in my study, weren’t you?”


“Yes but I came to…”


“How did you get in anyway?”


“The door wasn’t locked…..”


“Stop lying to me!”He yelled and she backtracked seeing his eyes flash dangerously.


“Marco,I didn’t….”


“You’re just a bloody thief like your father”


Pain ripped through her chest and tears dropped from her eyes.





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