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“Brother!!!! “, Rowland yelled hugging me.


Florence did the same with Kate, my wife then me. The elders came and same was done.


Tinas expression was out of this world. I know what’s she’s thinking right. I hope she forgives I and her mother.


Let me start by introducing myself.


Am Randy,from the true lineage of Adren and Alita. Actually, am the fourth descendant.


After Arden and Alita got married, they birthed a son and a daughter, Dylan birthed a son with his vampire wife, while Derek and Elna couldn’t give birth because of Elna Sire, which was done by Derek to bring Elna back to life.


So the descendants of Arden was next inline to rule the kingdom after the death of Derek and Elna. when we first heard of the prophecy, I went in search of answers. But before leaving, I asked Rowland, my cousin brother which was of Dylan lineage, to hold unto the throne, cause I feared I would never come back.



I know am a monster for wanting to kill Tinas lover and my brothers son, but I was afraid that am gonna lose Tina.


“Isn’t that Tina? “, Florence asked coming to embrace Tina. “Yes. Our daughter”, Kate stated.

“Your daughter?!!! “, exclaimed the whole elders including Rowland and Florence. I told the eveything that has occurred and Tina was shocked as well as Cherry.

“Hope you forgive us Rowland and Florence for wanting to kill your son. We are deeply sorry. And you Tina, please do forgive us”, I begged.


Rowland hugged me as well as Florence. Tina was weeping. Our eyes met and I feared that I would ever be forgiven by my daughter, who I have lied ever since.


“Papa, I forgive you”, she breathed as she hugged me.


Her tears soaked my shirt and both Kate, Rowland and Florence joined in the hug. “Wheres that Shane of a boy”, Kate asked.

“Well sorry to announce but He’s almost dead. You can’t help it”, The white haired witch appeared.


With no further alarm, we ran off to search for my daughters happiness.




Instead of him to drive us home he headed another way. I was curious. “This is the way home “, I said.

“We are heading to the hospital to see if you are truly pregnant “, he announced.


Well am not afraid. Though I haven’t run a test, I know am pregnant cause of the early morning vomiting, the regular fever and dizziness. It all started after my affair with him.


“Kk then. What would we name the girl? “, I asked but he didn’t answer.


We got to the hospital and I went through some test and was asked to wait outside. After some while, the doctor came out and called Shane into his office.

Oh Dracula, let it be a girl, I prayed. I was distracted by the heavy footstep just some foots away.


I raised my head to see a smiling Shane as he dropped the lab test result on my hands, which I took happily. Now I and Shane gonna live happily with the thought of Tina.


My eyes read the result as my head swung. This can’t be happening. No, Dracula. How could this be fibroid. I felt the signs of pregnancy.

“No. I felt the signs. Doctor!!! “, I yelled at the top of my voice.


Nurses surrounded me, trying to calm me but that’s not possible. This must surely be a mistake.


“Get me the doctor “, I requested in pain.


My only ticket to be with Shane. No, this isn’t possible.


I immediately took hold of the doctors collar as he came near.


“Tell me this isn’t true. Tell my love that it is a joke. I felt the signs, the early morning vomit, dizziness, fever and headache. Arent them signs of pregnancy? “, I asked as tears streamed down.


“Ma. Calm down. Those were caused by worms and the fibroid in your stomach “, the doctor stated.


Am finished. How’ can this be.


“Honey “, I called looking at the last place I saw Shane but he wasn’t there.


My legs gave way as I fell on the floor. My last card backfired. I thought I was with a baby.


“Please ma, stop your noise or we will be forced to throw you out”, the doctor said.


My heart was shattered. The idiot had no heart to feel my pain. I lost everything. I lost my Shane.




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