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Episode 3


Author: Pamela.


Her eyes dilated.




“I’ll assume you don’t have any problems with your ears”He sneered. “This is absurd.Why would you want a child from me?”


Marco shrugged.”I don’t have to explain anything to you.We ain’t getting married,I just want you to live with me for the meantime until you take in.Then we’ll go our separate ways”


Aurora just stared at him speechlessly.What kind of dumbass offer is this? “I would work for you without pay… please just….”


“I have more than enough workers already.This is the only way you can save your father from jail,nena.And believe me…if you know what you stand to gain at the end,you wouldn’t be protesting right now… I mean… this is a golden opportunity…. you’re going to bring forth a Gutierrez…. women would kill for this opportunity”


“Then chose from your numerous women.Please can’t I be offered another proposal?”She asked getting frustrated.




“Why do you even want me to bear your child?”


“Because I think you’re different from my other women and I hope you won’t prove me wrong”


“Mr Gutierrez, please….”


“Marco”He corrected, dryly.


“Marco, I’m begging you.I don’t want….”


Before she could say anything more,he closed the distance between them,then leaned down and cupped her cheek.


Butterflies swarmed in massive circles in her stomach when his lips crashed down on hers.


She moaned,his tongue flicked hers and she jerked with the rush of heat spreading through her and then sinking right down between her legs.


God!He felt good.This man was a kiss lord.


Aurora opened her lips and kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck, standing on her tiptoes and leaning into his body.


His arm circled her waist and his other hand went straight for her ass, pressing her into him hard.


The action of his hand on her buttocks brought back her right senses.


Abruptly she pulled herself from his arms, breathing heavily.


Marco grinned, mischieviously and moved back.


“I can already feel the heat between us and it’s so refreshing,nena. I think making a baby would be so much fun, don’t you think so?”


Aurora shut her eyes briefly feeling disgusted with herself.How could she respond to him like that?


“If you don’t want this,I would press charges and make sure he’ll be behind bars for years”Marco assured, seriously.


She opened her eyes meeting his cold eyes.


This man was a devil!




He slashed an impatient hand through the air.


“I’ll give you tonight to think about it.I’m not changing my mind,so if you don’t have anything pleasing to my ears to say,you should make use of the door”He said,coldly and walked away leaving her in a confused and desolate state of mind.


Marco stood beside the window in his study staring at the horizon.


It was twilight and this was the time,he loved to stare at his painting.


He sighed deeply.Soon,there would come a time….very soon…when he won’t


get to see anything.


He shook his head willing himself not to think about it.


A face popped into his head.


He smiled, wanting to kiss her again.


He didn’t care if he was being selfish and blackmailing her into something she didn’t want.


She was the one he wanted,he knew she wouldn’t want her father to go to prison so she’ll fall into his bed eventually.


Just picturing her,…. writhing….. begging and moaning underneath him


made his pant feel so tight.


Fuck!This had to being just a s£xual chemistry he was feeling.All other chemistries couldn’t get involved.


“You have a visitor,sir”Ximena announced bringing him out of his thoughts.




“Camila Rojas”


Marco frowned.’Pest’He thought.


Camila adjusted her dress at the bust making the top of her br**sts and the furrows between them visible.


The last time,she was here,Marco had said he was tired of f**king her and she had gotten angry and yelled at him.


Now,she had to pretend like she knew nothing about his quest and warm her way back into his bed.


Marco walked in,he sat on a couch and crossed one leg over the other,he wished this lady had her own pesticide so he could get rid of her from his life.


“Marco”She called, seductively.


She walked up to him and tried to sit on his laps,he moved away and stood up. “I don’t remember giving you a call”


“Marco, I’m sorry for the way I reacted.I just couldn’t believe that you were actually tired of me”


“I am. I made that clear to you,why is it so hard to get you out of my life?”He asked.


His past women didn’t hold onto him like a leach.He just have to tell them it was over,they also enjoyed the s£x too.They leave and move on with their f**king lives but this woman refuse to go.Each time,he pushes her away,she would seduce him and they would end up in his bed over and over again.


“Just leave, Camila, please”


She moved closer to him.



“I know you warned me that you didn’t want the love of a woman,so I understand if you won’t accept my feelings,but I sincerely care about you, even if you want other women, just let me stay by your side,I just want to see you everyday”


“Wow!”Marco exclaimed and clicked his tongue.


“Did u practice all these? Don’t play dumb with me, Camila.You don’t love me,no woman does, and by the way,I made it clear to you from the very first day we met that I have no plans of those shit”He rubbed his hand against his temple.He shouldn’t waste any more time with this woman.




“Get out,if you show up here without my consent again,you would hate yourself for it.Now leave before I have the guards kick you out”With that,he ascended the stairs.


Camila’s fist clenched.


Aurora stared at her mother lying on the hospital bed.


The surgery was successful and the doctor had assured her that she would wake up soon.


She released a breath in a rueful sigh.


She didn’t want her mother to wake up and find out about what her father did.Even if she was to find someday,at least she would be perfectly okay to welcome that news.


Becoming the mother of Marco’s child would practically ruin her life.And worse part was that he wanted a child out of wedlock, something she and her mother hated with passion.


But then…right now she had no choice.


Just one mistake shouldn’t break her family apart.


She had to resolve that mistake.




Diego stared at Marco gulping down a glass of wine and humming his favorite Mexican song.


“You seem to be in a good mood,Marco”He began.


“I think I might have just found the perfect woman to give me a child” “Who can this lucky woman be?”Diego asked, smiling.


“Aurora Castillo…. Rico’s daughter”Marco announced.


Diego’s smile faded.”Why would you stoop so low?”


Marco frowned.”Pardon?”


“She’s the daughter of a thief!”Diego thundered.







(Mi Corazon)

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