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Episode 1


Author: Pamela.


Don Marco Ortega Gutierrez could not sleep.


Could anyone possibly sleep after being diagnosed of brain tumor earlier that same day?


He sat up and looked around his room,it hurts to know that one day he won’t get to see this room…or see the sunrise…. twilight….or even feel anything.


He had been having bad migraines and after a nose bleed,he passed out in his office just to wake up in a hospital.


The doctor,who had been his family’s doctor since he was twelve had walked in sullenly with tests results which confirmed that he had brain tumor.


“The tumor had gotten worse, you might not experience much migraines anymore but you’ve got a maximum of three months to live”


Doctor Carlos Antonio’s words reeled through his mind.


He had found it hard to believe.


How could he….the great Marco have a maximum of three months to live?


He was just thirty-two.There was still alot of things he plan to do with his life.


Tears stung his eyes.


God! How could he escape this fate?There was no way out of this.


He bit back the tears.


Crying or feeling shattered wouldn’t change anything.


People always die suddenly but he had time to prepare for his death.He had to look okay.He had to enjoy the remaining months of his life.


His parents were dead and he didn’t have any close relative except Diego Morales who was like his brother.


At least he didn’t have anyone close to his heart who would mourn him terribly when he was gone,that would have been so burdening.


Now the Gutierrez’s name couldn’t go down the drain.He didn’t want his wealth to go to charity.


Getting married was never in his plan anytime soon,he didn’t want a woman always clinging onto him like some sort of limpet.


A child…. preferably a male child would carry on his family’s name but he


didn’t want just any woman to carry his child.


His mind reeled through all the women he had been with.Almost all of them would just squander his money and run down his business when he was no more.

He needed someone he could trust…. someone who could maintain or appoint a


suitable person to run his companies till his child was old enough.


He knew he shouldn’t be picky right now cause he had no time.


He needed a good woman as soon as possible but who could that woman be?


Aurora Castillo slowly came to a halt in a hospital’s parking lot.She got down from her car and headed straight to the doctor’s office.


She knocked on the door anxiously.


“Come in”


Aurora bent the doorknob and walked in.


“Good morning,doc.I’ve got some money with me, though it’s not up to half the amount for the surgery but please just get it started already,I’ll pay up,I promise”She begged, frantically.


The doctor frowned.”Your father paid up everything already”He announced. Her jaw dropped.”What?”



“Yes, just few hours ago, I’ve invited one of the best surgeon in the country to operate on your mother, and as we speak now, she’s currently in the operating theatre”


Aurora just stared at him, speechlessly.


As at the previous night,she and her father hadn’t been able to come up with half the payment for her mother’s surgery and now,he paid everything?


What kind of miracle happened?


She hurriedly brought out her cellphone…dailing his number immediately.


Diego walked into Marco’s study.


“You sent for me”He began.


“Hermano(brother)”Marco began reaching out for a glass of wine.


“When I got to the hospital,I was told you wanted to be discharged and they couldn’t stop you.Marco,you passed out, you’re supposed to rest,I think it’s stress….”


“I wish it was”Marco cut in suppressing his lips in a bitter line.


“What did the doctor say?”


“Brain tumor….I’ve got brain tumor and I have a maximum of three months


to live”He said, nonchalantly.


“What?”Diego choked out as his eyes watered.


“You’re joking, right?”


“I’m not”


“Then why do you seem so cool about it… it’s as if you’re talking about a mere headache”


“What am I supposed to do?Weep?Will it change anything?If I’m going to die, I’m not going to spend the remaining days of my life pathetically.”


Marco stood up and walked up to Diego who was already crying.


“I’m not dead and you’re already crying?”


“It just hurts to think a time would come and I’ll never get to see you again, you’re the only family I have ever had, Marco”


Marco sighed deeply.


“Isn’t there any way you could get cured?”Diego asked wiping his cheeks. “There is but there’s a very low chance of surviving and even if I survive,I


would be disabled so I’ll rather die than go through all those shit”




“No but, Diego.I have to face my fate, I’m not the only one who’s the first to die young, anyway”


“No one prays for that, Marco.You could get….”


“I don’t want to talk about my illness anymore.And I don’t want you to talk about it either”


“I can’t believe how easy you’re handling this problem”


Marco grinned uneasily,he had to conceal his inner meltdown.No one should know how devastating this is for him.


He patted Diego’s shoulder.


“Hermano.I know this is saddened for you but I hope that when I’m gone,you won’t mourn me,I don’t want to cause anyone pain when I die,so please for the meantime, let’s pretend I’m okay”


Tears pricked Diego’s eyes.


“Don’t even think of crying again”Marco warned.


Diego sighed, ruefully.


“What do you plan to do now?”


“I want to have a child.A Gutierrez blood has to take over my empire”


“Do you plan on getting married?”


“No,I don’t want any woman to get too attached to me,I’ve had enough with women who want more in a lifetime.I just want someone who I can come to a mutual agreement with,she doesn’t have to know about my illness though,she just have to conceive my child”


“I’m sure most women would kill to give you a child,Marco”Diego chipped




“That’s the problem,I don’t want just any lady.”


“How about Camila Rojas?”


Marco grimaced.Camila was slightly better in bed than all the women he had been with.


But he couldn’t picture her carrying his child.


“I’ll think about it”


“Well I think Camila is more acceptable than the rest, and she studied business administration,she can manage your empire till the child is old enough to take over”


Marco stared at him, confused.”How do you know what Camila studied?”


Diego swallowed discreetly.”I was opportuned to have a chitchat with her when she came visiting the last time”


“Oh, very well then,I’ll just need some days to think over who would give me a child,I don’t want to make a mistake chosing a money hungry fellow”


“I think chosing Camila wouldn’t be a mistake”


“Why are you so bent on making me choose Camila?”


“I’m not. I just think she’s right for that role but the decision is yours…


totally”Diego retorted, quickly.


“Okay then, you can go back to the company now”Marco replied and sat on a swivel chair.


“Make sure you have a good rest and take your pills so that you wouldn’t feel those terrible migraines for the time being”


Marco smiled touched by his concern.


“I will,you don’t have to worry about me”He assured.


Camila walked into her bedroom on hearing the ringtone of her cellphone.


She sat on the bed gracefully and picked up.


“Speak of the devil”


A deep dark chuckle welcomed her.


“I want you to go to his house tomorrow,you have to make him see you as a treasure,you must conceive his child as soon as possible”


Camila smirked.”Yes sir”










(Mi Corazon)


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