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Episode 12


Author: Pamela.


He moved closer to her, he had to stab her deeply so that she wouldn’t survive.



A sound made him flinch backwards, putting away the knife into his pocket.He looked up to see Marco approaching.


‘What the f**k!’He thought.


“Marco,I thought…”


“I cancelled the trip.The moment I left the house,I was feeling so uneasy, even if I got on the plane,I know I would only be slacking off with the investor since my mind wasn’t settled.”He averted his gaze to a drunk Aurora.


“Mierda! Where are her guards?And why the hell is she drunk?”He asked, pissed.


“When I got here,the guards weren’t here, so I decided to stay with her till they return from wherever they went to. I’m sorry, Marco. I brought the wine here but she kept on insisting to drink too, you know how stubborn she can be”Diego explained.


Marco sighed.Thank goodness he had returned home,so this was how the guards behaved when he was away.


“Just tell them that they’re fired when they get back, I’ll reinstate new men who wouldn’t dare to leave her side, thank you, Diego for staying with her”Marco said, gratefully.


Diego grinned.”It’s nothing.So the deal with Juan Pedro is cancelled then?” “Yes.Right now,her safety is more important than anything else.” Diego’s fist clenched.This woman practically has Marco wrapped around


her little fingers.


He forced a smile out of him.”See you tomorrow, goodnight”With that,he walked away.


Marco stared at Aurora.Why was she so stubborn? What was her reason for getting drunk?


He bent before her.


Aurora’s eyes slowly opened,she giggled stupidly.


“Why do you always appear in my dreams? Can’t I be safe in here for once?”She drawled.


Marco snickered.She thought she was dreaming.Damn!She always dreamt about him.


“Dummy, I’m back”


“Mi papacito rico(my handsome and hot guy)”


His heart fluttered,he had heard that alot from different women but hearing it from this woman made his heart take a more urgent beat.


“Let’s get you to bed,Nena”



He lifted her into his arms and instantly her giggles stopped and turned into hiccups.Her head spun ominously but cleared again.


As he descended the stairs,his body stiffened feeling her fingers running through his hair.


Every reasonable thing disappeared from Aurora’s head and all she knew was that she was in Marco’s arms…be it dream or not.Any concern and inhibitions were dissolving like snow on hot coals at the feel of his body so close to hers.


He walked down the hallway heading for her bedroom.


She pressed a finger against his mouth,a core tightening in her belly.She could feel his chest contract and move against her.


“I love it when you kiss me, Marco.”


Being drunk was turning her into something else.


Marco moved his head away and Aurora’s hand fell to his neck.She started to pull at his bow tie to get to the bottons of his shirt.Frowning in concentration,she was barely aware of Marco walking into her bedroom,she was so intent on her task.


When the bow tie proved impenetrable to her clumsy ministrations,she gave up with a huff and started to undo the other buttons of his shirt.Sighing happily when she could slide a hand in and touch the warm skin of his chest.His heart was beating heavily against her hand and she felt unbearably hot all over.Waves of heat were coming and going, gathering intensity.


Swaying dangerously,she giggled when Marco stood her on her feet and




“I’m pissed at you for getting drunk so don’t even think that I would f**k




She swayed again unsteadily,sighly voluptuously.”Then I would f**k you”


Marco frozed.”Where did this dirty mouth of yours come from?”


She replied by pushing him to the bed.He quickly sat up on the edge of the bed. “Aurora, you’re drunk and….”


“Shhh”She pressed a finger to his lips.


“Relax… you’re gonna like this”She assured.


His jaw dropped.Was this really Aurora?


She bent down between his legs and started working on his belt.


He swallowed.


Shit!She wanted him and there was nothing he could do when he was damn hard already.


Lifting his hips,he let her tug off his trousers and briefs.


“You’ve got one hot d**k,you know”She muttered, stroking him.


He just stared at her, speechlessly.


Someone really needed to answer this question.


Was this Aurora?


She bent her head and ran her tongue through his cock in a slick, erotic slide.


“Cagado!”He exclaimed when she suck him.


She hollowed her cheeks and sucked harder, taking more of him into her sweet mouth.


“Aurora”He groaned not wanting her to stop and at the same time he wanted to touch her…to feel her.


“Don’t stop…no.. stop”He begged.


She shook her head and tortured him by moving her head up and down at a mind-numbling speed.It felt so incredible watching her worked her tongue around him… swirling and flicking.


“Nena, please…”He moaned but felt her laugh.


A deep vibration rumbled through him until luckily,she stopped before he was about to come down her throat.


Aurora grinned, sheepishly and wiped her now swollen lips with the back of her hand.


“You taste so f**king good”


“I never knew you could say these things”Marco muttered, amused as she got up off her knees.


Sexily,she started taking off her clothes… throwing them at him.


She fell on the bed spreading her lips.


“Come here, baby”She instructed.


Marco grinned,he partially liked the fact that she was drunk.She could say anything she wanted without fear of inadequacy.He knew she would feel embarrassed by this drunken act tomorrow and he would surely tease her with it.


He got between her legs and began assualting her womanhood with his




“Oh my God…Marco!She moaned.


He loved that sound.She whined and squirmed under his tongue as he paid special attention to her most sensitive bud.He knew how much she loved being touched there.He slipped one finger inside her, sliding in and out.. and she whimpered.



“More…Marco… please don’t stop”She begged and he gave her more.Expertly circling and curling both fingers inside her before pulling them back out and giving her his tongue.


Her legs quiver and he pulled back rubbing his finger on her clit till she comes with her eyes screwed shut.


He smiled thinking that was all for the night but then she moved and climbed onto his laps.


Marco sighed, silently hoping that she would get to a satisfactory point soon.


She gripped his length and lowered herself into him.


He groaned in immense pleasure as she rolled her hips against his.


She moved slowly in circles, creating the sweetest rhythm.The shape of her body, her lovely hips,is mesmerizing and s£xy as she rode him.He knew he won’t last long so he lifted off the bed slightly to meet her movements and bring his mouth to br**st, sucking hell out of her nipples.


“Fuck…Marco”She whimpered.


Bringing up his head from her chest, she kissed him deeply and moved down scattering hot kisses all over his chest, sucking on his skin harshly.


He wrapped his arms around her waist and started to move forward at a faster pace.


She placed her hands on his chest, feeling completely ecstatic.


He reached down to where their bodies were joined,she was soaked and his cock glide more easily into her.


“Ohh”She purred.


“I love it when you f**k me,Marco.I love how it makes me feel”


“Who’s the only one who can make you feel this way?”He rubbed her clit in tighter circles and continued thrusting into her while she moved on her own.


“You”Her eyes rolled back in her head so lost in her passion for him and he was joining her.


He watched her comes completely undone above him….it was such a beautiful


sight.He loved the passion between them.


With a final jerk of his hips,he spilled into her with a groan of her name. She sighed and slumped on top of him.Her chest falling and rising… falling

and rising.


He kissed her forehead feeling so overwhelmed.


He felt her place her hand on his chest.


“I love it when you call me ‘nena”She confessed.


He smiled,he knew she had always loved any sweet names he calls her.



“Quiero ser tu princesa para siempre(I want to be your princess forever)” Those words made his heart stopped.


He shakily stared at her,she was drifting off to sleep.


No! She shouldn’t want that.He couldn’t be with her forever even if he wanted to.


He was suddenly becoming everything he was scared of being.She had control over his heart.She could make him the happiest man on earth but if she keeps on wanting more,she’d would end up shattered when he dies.


The morning sun woke Aurora up.


Her head hurt like crazy.And her whole body ached.


She tried to sit up but she was weighed down by someone…..




How did he…when did he….she thought he was on a business trip.


Untangling their legs and waking him in the process,she moved away from




“Morning, s£x maniac”He began.


“Don’t call me that”She snapped holding her head.


She grabbed the mattress and wrapped it around her body.


Marco scoffed.”Don’t even try to act timid when last you nearly killed me”


The image of her sucking and riding Marco played through her head.


Was that her?


“Even if I loved your wanton display last night but why the hell did you drink?”


She bit her bottom lip trying to remember, Diego had suggested she had a glass…


after that she couldn’t remember much of what she did or said.


Her eyes ran through his chest and neck, littered with red spots.


Did she do all that?


“I thought you were on a business trip?”


“I cancelled it because I didn’t want you to miss me too much”


She averted her gaze, willing herself not to let his words affect her but they already did.


“I don’t have a head for alcohol,I probably didn’t do anything much….”


“Didn’t do anything much?”He snickered.


“I told you that I wouldn’t f**k you but you say you would f**k me and you indeed f**ked life out of me”


Aurora gasped.”I would never say anything like that….”



“I guess you don’t remember much but you were so energetic and I was like…..God Aurora, you’re gonna be the death of me…. it’s okay for tonight”He said, dramatically.


“And you were like…Die a little Marco cause I’m f**king you till dawn”He said, mimicking her voice.


She threw a pillow at him in dismay.


“That didn’t happen!”She exclaimed.


“It did,nena”He argued and laughed seeing her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.


“I’m never going to get drunk again”She sworn getting out of the bed,she hurriedly walked into the bathroom shutting the door.


Marco grinned.


“You don’t have to worry,princesa.I love how wild you were last night” “Stop talking!”She yelled.


Marco shook his head and put a call to Ximena to prepare a hangover soup. He stood up from the bed, staring at his hand on,the next thing he could


picture was touching her soft body again.


He had said she was wild but he always turned into something feral within touching distance.


He walked into the bathroom, watching the water from the shower run through her delicate body.Could he ever get used to seeing this?


She was too beautiful.


He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her stomach pulling her in for a backhug.


“Marco!”She exclaimed, surprised.


He rested his chin on her shoulder.


“Let’s stay like this for a while, I want to hold you”He said, gravelly.


‘And never let you go’He thought.


How could he possibly part ways with her soon?


It was nearly one month since she had gotten into the agreement with Marco and Aurora was starting to feel differently physically and emotionally.


Emotionally because she had gotten used to Marco… drowning in his sensuality almost every night,she wanted more and she wished he would have a change of heart about their deal….the idea of getting pregnant now sounded


appealing to her because she had always loved kids but she wished he would want her in his life permanently.



Her physical changes were in her boobs which had gotten bigger and she found herself sleeping alot and feeling tired even when she practically did nothing.


She slowly washed her face and dried it with a towel staring at her reflection on the mirror after throwing up.She placed her hand on her stomach and stared at the pregnancy kit, preparing her mind to check it out.


Did Marco too suspect that she might have conceived?Had he noticed that her menstrual cycle had not kicked in since they started sleeping together? Surely,he must have noticed even though he hadn’t said anything.


Could it have happened so fast?


Well,now,it seem so fast to her because she didn’t want to leave him.


They had s£x alot.Some days,they barely got out of bed.And even now,she could hardly keep her hands off him.It shocked her how much she craved him,how often they could make love and for how little time that fierce hot arrow of desire would remain satisfied.


So,it was not beyond the bounds of belief that she might already have fallen pregnant.She was excited and apprehensive….. excited at the prospect of a baby,but


apprehensive that conception would mean the end of all intimacy between her and Marco.







(Mi Corazon)

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