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Episode 11


Author: Pamela.


@Pamela’s fiction world.


“Shut it!”Marco thundered.


Feeling so pathetic, Aurora stood up and fled out of the dining room. “How many times will I tell you that I don’t want to see you in my

house?Is that so difficult to understand?”He asked, angrily.


“Marco, it’s high time you realize that I’m the only one for you,why is it so difficult for you to see that too?”


“James”Marco called.


James hurriedly walked in.


“On no account must you allow this woman into my house ever again”He warned then turned to face Camila.


“She’s not a plaything and I definitely don’t see her as one.She’s ten times a proper lady than you’ll ever be.Now,get out!”


Camila grimaced,at least she had succeeded in making Aurora feel bad about herself.And very soon,Marco would run to her for help.


James came by her side warning her to start leaving now.


Camila stood up.


“I don’t know when to give up, Marco”With that,she walked away.


“She’s a pest”Diego commented.


“Tell me about it”


Marco rubbed his temple thinking about the look on Aurora’s face when she left the dining room.Fuck!Why did that bitch have to ruin the evening?


“I know you said Aurora is different from your past women,but I noticed that when it comes to her,you behave differently too,you treat her like an egg that needs no crack, I’m just curious….are you falling in love with her?”Diego asked hyper curiously.


Marco’s heart raced,he knew Diego was right about the way he treated Aurora and he also knew that it wasn’t only because she was someone who would give him a child….but also…she drives every rational thought from his mind whenever he was with her.


“I don’t and I can’t love her even if I want to because I can’t be by her side” Diego’s strong jaw line clenched.


“It’s funny and sometimes upsetting when I look at her, I start to wonder why now?Why do I have to feel this way for a woman for the first time?I know I shouldn’t love her and it breaks my heart that I can’t”Marco confessed.


Diego sighed.He knew Marco more than anyone and he also knew that Aurora had stolen his heart.


He winced inwardly.This had just gotten more interesting.


Aurora sat on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water brightened by the lights on the walls underneath.


Was there anything more frustrating than wanting something that you can never have?


“Don’t you ever outsmart the guards again!”


Startled by the voice, Aurora gasped, flinching at the same time as she sharply turned her head towards the direction where the voice had come from.


She swallowed hard meeting Marco’s angry gaze.


He was standing in the doorway that led into the back porch and overlooked the swimming.


He gestured at her bodyguards to leave, apparently they had been looking for




She turned away from him when she saw a frown crossed his face.


He had gone to apologise to her, just to find her bedroom empty,worse part was that when he tried calling her,her cellphone was in her bedroom.He had been thrown into a panic state again.



“Please don’t go anywhere without me or the guards again”He started towards her in a calm concern.


“If it’s about Camila,she left already”He added, stopping beside her and towering above her, hands on hips.


Aurora gazed down at the sparkling water wishing he would just leave her




He skeptically regarded her for a while before speaking again.


“I’m sorry about what she said, you should know that I don’t see you as my plaything”


“It’s fine”She said in a hoarse voice still not looking at him,she gently kicked her legs in the water causing several ripples that enlarged and disappeared.


He sat beside her and sank his legs into the pool too,he glanced up at the dark sky sprinkled with stars.


“Honestly, after our brief encounter at the restaurant,I used to stare at you when you came to pick up your father.It was crazy though, anytime I found a woman attractive,I just had to go to her,but with you,I couldn’t just summon the courage to approach you again and lure you into my bed.You always look so pretty…clad in anything at all.There was a day… I don’t know what kind of f**king work you did but your boots were so dirty”


Against her will,she laughed and his heart gladden. Aurora stared at him.Was he some kind of monitoring agent?


“But then you smiled on seeing your father and you were suddenly glowing… looking so sΒ£xy in dirty boots”


“They weren’t that dirty”She argued.


Marco huffed.”They were appalling”


She nudged him and he laughed.


“Why are you telling me this?”She asked, curiously.


“I just don’t want you to ever degrade yourself, you’re beautiful just the way you are,princesa”


Her cheeks flamed.”stop flattering me”She warned.


“I’m just saying the truth”He pointed out.


He had to say something, just anything to make sure she doesn’t fall for him. “And also,I don’t want you to ever forget that I’m a bad person,I won’t

change for you or anyone so don’t do anything to break our agreement”


Their eyes locked and she knew he was indirectly warning her not to fall in love with him.



Aurora felt every self preserving instinct jumping into action.”I don’t love you, Marco”


This was what he wanted but he felt his heart being ripped out of his chest. Marco was still as a statue, just looking at her.And then he said…so quietly

that she almost didn’t hear.


“I wish money can buy life”


Finding no meaning in his words,she averted her gaze from him. Marco sighed, regrouping his mind,he had promised himself not to live

pathetically with his remaining months on Earth,so he shouldn’t allow anything…


anyone to keep on affecting him.


He splashed water on her body.


Aurora eyed him.


“I’m not in the mood for this”She snapped.


“Mood?Did I say anything about f**king you in here?”He teased and laughed on seeing her eyes dilate.


“I wasn’t talking about that”She retorted quickly.


“Oh really?”He sneered and splashed water on her face.


She gasped and meant to splash water on him but he jumped into the pool.


“Come here, you”Aurora jumped in too swimming towards him.


He swam around the pool teasing the way she swam like a greenhorn. And that was how they found themselves, swimming around the pool,


splashing water,pulling each other into the pool and laughing….all other thoughts


fled…. and at the moment, just the two of them mattered.


He moved closer to her.


“It’s getting really late”Aurora breathed feeling so happy and at the same time tired.


Standing on the pool with the water reaching his stomach,he tucked some loose strands of her hair behind her ear,he hauled her into his arms,her slender body pressing against his muscular frame.


She wrapped her arms round his neck and within seconds,he was kissing her with a hot, driving hunger that left her dizzy with it’s intensity.


Her breath ragged in her throat.


He bent his head and the hunger he roused in her with his second kiss was fierce and relentless, every plunge of his tongue sending a responsive quiver through her slight body.


His huge erection prodded her stomach and she wanted nothing more than to feel his thickness and length.



“I can’t wait till we get to the house,Nena,do you want me to f**k you in here?”He muttered,thickly, kissing her neck.




The following evening,Marco got dressed to leave the house for his three days business trip.


Aurora stared at him trying to hide her sadness,she was already missing him when he hasn’t even left.


He reached for her and she went to him, ducking her head below his jaw in a warm embrace.


“It’s just three days,will you miss me?”




Marco snickered.”I’ll take the first answer.”


“Do you really have to go?”


He gently pulled her away from him.


“Yes,you don’t have to feel scared at all, just please, don’t go anywhere without your guards”He warned.


Aurora nodded.


He hugged her again… feeling so reluctant to leave.Should he cancel this business deal and stay with her instead?


That same evening,Marco had left and she was sitting on a couch in the living room watching a movie.


The male lead’s face suddenly turned to Marco’s face and she found herself thinking about the previous night at the swimming pool.


“May I?”A voice snapped her out of her thoughts.


She looked up and saw Diego holding a tray containing a bottle of wine and two glasses.


“Of course”She urged since he wanted to sit beside her.


He sat down.


“You seem so uncomfortable with these bodyguards”Diego began filling the glasses with the wine.


Aurora grinned.”Like hell I am”


“Should I send them away for awhile?”


She nodded, gratefully.


“Dante…Bruno,you can go and eat dinner”He said.


“We’ve eaten,sir”Bruno replied.



“Just go ahead and take care of whatever you’ve been neglecting, and don’t worry, I’ll be here waiting till you return”Diego assured.


Dante and Bruno stared at him with uncertainty.Then again,Marco had introduced him as his right hand man so nothing could go wrong.


“Thank you, sir”They chorused and walked away.


“Thank you, Diego.No matter any excuse I give them,they would still stick to me like leaches”


Diego laughed.”You just have to get used to it”


“Care for a drink?”He offered stretching a glass of wine towards her. “No,I don’t have a head for alcohol”


“C’mon,it has low percentage of it”He coaxed.


Aurora stared at the glass,this could really help her bring her mind out of its roller coaster state.


She accepted the glass from him and drank,it didn’t seem like it had low percentage of alcohol at all,she was already getting intoxicated by just a glass.

He continued filling up her glass and made sure she got so drunk.


Her head felt heavy and she was seeing things in twos,she slowly lay back on the couch, muttering gibberish words.


Diego smirked quite satisfied with her drunk state.


He stared at her closely,she was beautiful, and from what he gathered,she was the only child of her parents.He shook his head.Too bad for them but their daughter had to die and this was Marco’s fault not his.


He delved his hand into his pocket and brought out a knife which glittered.








(Mi Corazon)

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