Fri. Jul 19th, 2024



Love Conquers




It all started from when Adrianne Lizbeth Eduardo the daughter of a popular millionaire called Albert Eduardo, was abducted by a group of notorious hoodlums.


The leader of the gangs was Ivan Mario, he was the one who plan the kidnap of Adrianne Lizbeth.


For a reason he had no attempt to release her, just want to keep her with him forever, what could be the reason?


Drawn between all climax,the notorious Ivan who is regard as cold hearted found himself attracted to her, could this be the reason for keeping her.


Will this Love he have for her conquer the cold heart he have. Will she return the feelings


Will he release her from hostage after falling in love with her.


Find out the in this intriguing story full of tragedy, detest, action and romance.






Love Conquers

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