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Chapter 1


by Authoress Promise


Adrianne Lizbeth


Damn this traffic ” I cussed angrily, hitting my steeringwheel.


I’m almost late for the represention in the office. I woke up a little bit late, now am stuck in traffic.


I called Nicole my personal assistant awhile ago to tell the board members and Mr Antonio the one that made a contract deal with me, that i will be there by fifteen minutes, but now I ran into traffic. I’m twenty minutes late already.


I don’t wanna miss this contract, it very much important to me, it worth millions, and Dad will surely scold me if I don’t win this contract. I lost a contract a month ago, my dad remind me that am incompetent and not worthy of handling a business.


My phone rang in my pocket, I struggled to get it out from my bag, my fingers were shaking out of fear, so you can wonder why I was struggling. I manage to pick it up with trembling fingers and answered it. I always do that when am feeling stressful. I stammer too. I’m not worried about the money, but dad taunting words, my ears are full of hearing them.


It was Nicole


Ma’am the board members and Mr Antonio are tried of waiting. What shouldI tell them coz they are angry ” sheinform.


Jus… Just tell them I’ll…. b.. be there soon, am stu.. ck in traffic. ” I stammer trying to adjust myspeech.


ma’am you said ” Nicole ask, obvious she didn’t hear what I said coz I was stammering.


I inhale and exhale. It seems to work.


I repeated what i said to her, and she said ‘okay ‘. She ended the call.

The traffic doesn’t look it will clear soon, if only I didn’t wake up late, I didn’t even properly dress. I just wore anything, didn’t even comb my hair. I glance at my car mirror, I saw the mess I was. Gosh, holy shit, I look like a mad woman.


I brush my hair with my hands, that help a little. But my hair was still messy, I wonder what Mr Antonio will think of me, why should I care of what he thinks of me, he so rude and if not I wanna prove to dad that am not incompetent, I would’ve shown him the other side of me. I knew for sure I have lost the contract, but I hope he will be able to hear me out.


A traffic man was going for car to car , probably to inform them of what coz the traffic. I couldn’t wait for him to be done with them, I wave at him.


He came to my car and told the reason of the traffic, that a accident as occurred, they are trying to clear the road. He advice me to take another turn. But there is no other shortcut apart from this one , the other road are long , I will have to pass three streets to get to the office. Damn!!! It seem I have no choice I have to take the long part.


I made for a u turn and angrily drive away, driving with speed, but a limited one, don’t wanna get into the cops trouble.




I got to the office, and met the angry board members and the sternly Mr Antonio. I knew for sure I have lost this contract.

He stood up just as I came in.


Ms Adrianne Lizbeth, you are so late, the representation start ahourago ” Mr Antonio fired atme.


I was trembling now.


When I open my mouth to speak, the words didn’t came out.


Sorry to say ms Adrianne Lizbeth this deal is over” he spill thebeans. Oh my Goodness, I can’t loose thiscontract.

Pl… Please, I was stuck in traffic that why, I decided to take another turn, but it was longer that the reason I didn’t come here earlier” I saidfirmly.


He looks sideways and roll his eyes back.


Just take a good look at yourself, you ain’t properly dressed, look how your hair is messy, you don’t look fit for this contract, and if you had wake up earlier you won’t have meet the morning traffic” he said, ratherimpolitely.


This guy isgetting on my nerves, how dare he. I know am not properly dress, but he could’ve say it politely. But I have to control my self from bursting my anger . I clenched my fist controllingmyself.


“Sorry, you’re incompetent from this contract ” he finally said before going out.


The board members only shock their head and went way.


I was thinking about dad now, I will have to face him with his never ending taunting words. One thing my dad loves, is just how to make money, more money and nothing but money. And millions are involve, gosh am good as doom.





I arrived home and alighted, I sigh before walking in. No one was in the parlour, mum and dad must probably be in their room. The servants must be somewhere in the house, whatever.


I walk to the stairs, but when I raised my eyelids I caught mum and dad descending the stairs, so I stop on track, and swallow hard.




Ivan Mario


The siren of the cops car was all over the atmosphere. We were been chase by two police car.


We just robbed a bank and we took the money successful, but the cops came. I was on the steering, moving with speed.


My team was in the car with me, not all of them. Ricardo,Marina and Juan were with me, they were the best.


Marina go for the tyres ” I said to Marina, staring at the car mirror to see ifthe cops were closer, they were, she was in the backseat.


she’s good at aiming. She sat at the back, Ricardo at the front with me and Juan at the back with Marina.


She didn’t say anything, but she understand what i said, and go for it.





He told me to go for the tyres, and I understand what meant that I should shoot the tyres of the cops.


I stood up and poke my head out and aim for the right tyre of the car that was near, the other one was coming from the back, close one of my eyes in a gesture of balancing my aim.


A cops did the same and shoot at me, before I could shoot. I went inside back and I escaped his trigger.

Careful girl ” Juan warned. I smirked athim.

Don’t worry I got this” Ireplied.


The cops kept on firing, but it won’t touch the car, because Ivan was wiggled the car, obvious doing that to avoid the cops buttlet touching the car.


I poke my head again, the cops aim the trigger at me, but I aim for the tyre and shot it successfully.


The car wriggled and the cops fell out of the car, the car ran into the bushes surrounding the road. It wasn’t over yet, the other cops car were coming.


I aim at the tyres and shoot, but it miss coz the car was too far. I wanna shoot but the cops poke out and fired.


I return my head inside and the bullet almost hit me. ” That was a close one ” I gasped.

I think you have become a bad aimer ” Ricardo said. I frowned.



Nut head, I almost got shot ” I yelled, I kinda of hate him.


Stop this shit now, the cops is still on our noses, and y’all are thinking offighting ” Ivan reminded, not removing his eyes from the steeringwheel.


I wanna prove to this nut skull am not a bad aimer.

“This time am aiming at the cop if he poke his ugly head out ” I stated furiously. ” Whatever, get that damn cops off our trail ”

I poke my head angrily.


The cops poke his head out, and we fired the same time, I got in quickly to avoid the bullet.


That was a nice shot. You shot him ” Ivan complemented. I put on asmile.

Ricardo made a mocking sound, instead of complementing, gosh I really hate him, he always get on my nerves.


The cops was still chasing, I wanted to fired again, but Ricardo stopped me.


Don’t worry, I got this ” he said, poking his head out and shot at the cops car, it hit the front glass, the car wriggled and fall to the floor with the top and the tyres were up.


I shook my head and fold my hands angrily. ” I would’ve done that ” I mock.

Whoa, you’ve become a bad aimer” Ricardo replied. I had my fist clenched. ” Stop this, save your fight for later ” Ivanyelled.


Any way nice shot ” Ivan complement Ricardo, and I rolled my eyes away mockingly.




I drove to our secret hide out deep in one bushes in leon’s city. There was a abandon building there and that was our home. I got another secret hide out in another street deep in the woods, in case this one is busted.





We got in and met the rest gang placing cards. Aimee and Marco, Diego probably must have gone somewhere. Aimee and Marco were both dating each other, so when you see the Marco, you’ll surely see Aimee. But that is no business of mine. Marina have been giving me green light,but am not interested in her at all, not that she was ugly, Marina was beautiful, slender, have nice eyes, nice pitch lips and a very s£xy shape, I had hook up with her severally , she always seduce me, she was irresistible and I fall into her, we both have been getting intimate for a year now. I just attracted to her s£xy appearance, not her heart. I don’t wanna love any woman.


Those feelings makes one weak, but I love been cold hearted, that gives me joy. We all have our separate rooms, so I went to mine.

After freasen up, went to have dinner prepared by Aimee, Aimee was a good cook, I retried to bed.


I was awaken by a creak on my door, without looking at the door, I knew it was Marina.


Can I ” sherequest.


“Yeah” I replied, sitting up in the edge of my bed.


She came and sat down close to me, putting on a s£xy outfit. She likes showing her cleavages and it was more obvious now


She touch my cheek, bringing it to her face.


I knew what she wants, so am thank her stars am in the mood.




I called my gang together and we sat on our planning table. It was big enough to contain the seven of us. I told them we have a new mission.


Our next mission, so soon, It was just yesterday will escape the cops ass” Ricardo pointedout.


Oops are you too lazy to go for another mission ” Marina scoffed. ” Hey, watch out, seductive siren ” Ricardofired.

Seductive siren ” she echo, fuming with anger. ” How dare you ” sheyelled.

Is that not what you’re ” he fired back. They were both getting on mynerves.

Stop it the both of you ” I commanded both of them, hitting the table angrily. They kept quiet after that and Isighed.

So, what the new mission ” Juaninquired.




They was a laptop on the table, Ivan was pressing on it. I was curious to find out the next mission and I hope I’m selected.


He turn the laptop to us, a pic of a a woman appear, she looks rich coz of her elegant dressing.



I erected my eye brow wondering what he needs the woman for. He sighed softly and clear his throat.

This is Adrienne Lizbeth Eduardo ” heinform.

What are we gonna do with her ” Diego enquired. ” Our mission is to abduct her ” he spill the beans. ” Abducting ” I whisper insurprise.



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